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7.13 the Thirteenth cycle. Cycle of an adult wild Yak

7.13 the Thirteenth cycle. Cycle of an adult wild Yak

     Thirteen. For three, horses, sheep and flocks - "Cycle of an adult wild Yak". [Define] the conflict by following up from the bull — mother of the calculated, and having received, follow down. Five principles of settlement for freed or not from saddles and reins geiling; burst or no hand from mares; to be slippery or not hair wild yaks; will fall or not in the act of a smile written by the deity; or not break the rope from the wool of sheep.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, since you will not get rid of the saddle and reins of the gyiling, it will be good because of the great power from the use of horses and monkeys. If black, it will be bad for the gyiling horses. Use practice of Yakshas, such as Kubera, etc.
     If the white stone of Lu, then the hands will not break because of the mares. And horse clothing will increase. If black, then because there will be no passion in relation to ungulates, then carry out suppression of demons of horses, bring a ransom for horses.
     If the white stone of Wang, then there will be a passion for sheep. Since the hair of wild yaks will not be slippery, the herds will increase. And it will be good, because there will be no failure. If black, it will be bad for the land of the Yak sheep. Don't do the gifts that you possess signs, chant Dharani of Varudhini.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then it will be good, because the sheep will increase, the flocks will spread because of the lack of images of deities falling into smiles. If black, the sheep's defenses will be polluted by demons. Establish actual achievements-the siddhi of the herd.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then you will be connected to the line of luck, since the rope of sheep's hair will not be cut off. Hidden signs due to deities on the fence and sheep. If black, then poisoned wolves and sharp fangs will fill the stall of sheep. Set up weapons in the West with the blood of a herd of small ones. Sudeste ransom small. To suppress the demons of failure, etc.
This Holy astrological science like this is known as the thirteen cycles of Chinese analysis or the cycle of Nepalese women. Follow the explanation of the procedure for key points.

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