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9. Conclusion

9. Conclusion

     Such is the necklace of true obligations. Possessing peacock clothing (Yeshe Valmo), which protects the Teaching, where the continuity of [explanations] and heart obligations are united! You keep this text safe, which in short form explains training in the essence of completion of this holy and deep astrological science!
     Also the first of the five main points - appears to everyone as a basis. How to practice under it? Appear as a vessel that is capable of storing [this teaching]. The tradition of establishing a procedure together with the way in which qualities arise - is combined by five points.
     First, the basis of the actions of this method. In past times, someone who knows three times (one of the names of Schenrab) proclaimed Kalachakra oral instructions. Comments on its essence - proclaimed in China the Kongtse together with followers as the numerous gate of calculations of astrological science.
     Transmission line sources are also present. Numerous sages of Shang-shung and Tibet, such as the translator Namkha Jungdrung and others, translated three, external, internal, and secret Chinese calculations. [These translations] covered China, Tibet and Shang-shung. In particular, these Bon causes were originally known as "Early" in Tibet. Some [say] that [they appeared] after Songzen Gampo, but say that "There are no records in Tibet." Therefore, the lack of use of conventional science and sublime training is claimed. All these are false words that have nothing to do with it. In the past, logically, the ruler and schenpo spread sutra and mantra. At this time, the way of liberation was explained by all in practice in the gates of the bon cause and fruit by the Tibetan. Everyone showed the essence of the deep truth. The Tibetan people who did not follow this are like birds and monkeys.
     How was the practice of characters of the desired essence formed? If you understand the essence without relying on records, how could the Victorious this country be subjugated by wisdom and criticism of dharani spells by all? If symbols were distributed without the necessary records, what is the feature of animals and Tibet? Who is acceptable as a training vessel? Therefore, if the number of followers is analysed in proportion to what clearly [gained knowledge], the obligations disappeared.
     In any case, the Extensive Game says that "What has been suppressed in the past from the knowledge and records of a noble country, explained [earlier], is not known in Tibet." What has been said is not disputed that way. Some, because of darkness, forget about questions about the foundation, which was done in their own tradition. [Therefore] there is also a self-given and own irritation relative to the designation in the form of a defect on the true essence, etc.
     How can some understand the essence of bon due to lack of training in bon? Therefore, the words regarding the correct meaning of achievement and something on the part of external [persons] are doubtful. It 's like the noise of a drunk old man or dog. Although they are numerous, they are equal.
     On the basis of science from ten such methods, an understanding of the apparent existence, enumeration and source of five small sciences is formed. But dark people explore constellation calculations and Chinese calculations. Also, happy voids, absence of manifestation in equal taste, three, external, internal and other, as a face of understanding of absolute level, are studied. Since the understanding of bad and good when possessing thoughts [regarding this] is not suppressed, this way is explained as the essence of that. We purify [our] existence with these explained texts. The wise men relate well [to him]. Because he listened to many traditions of texts and brought the highest sublime deity closer, he gave birth to wisdom, which proclaims astrological science. Also gathered a lot in small, illuminated what is hidden separately, connected together all scattered parts. [Although] did not appear a very extensive assembly, cleared the extremes of a very compressed one. [Why?] Because having done so, [showed] happiness, for all who immerse themselves [in this knowledge]. Like the way of practice that Pha Norbu is carried out, [compiled] instructions on the heart-essence of all who come to follow [this science].
     How to practice holy astrological science, what is similar? First we have to find a teaching guru. Having read the essence of nectar-amrita instructions, to train, having come to the given procedure. In the middle, follow the path of the order of external, internal and secret with respect to everything known in the apparent being. Develop understanding until the blackout about the essence of this disappears. In conclusion, everything from oral instructions, texts and tantrums will be acceptable due to throwing a great arrow of knowledge in the misfortune of the bow of wisdom. Stop inappropriate sides and achieve harmonious directions. Having analyzed well the absence of falls in directions, denote individually clear predictions that have no contradictions.
     Thus, such is the vessel that relies on this deep tradition of text, and is not a vessel. [Someone who] moisturizes the flow of [his own being] by following love and mercy. [It is someone who] is good in nature, stable in faith, who has little marring-claws, such as lazy, etc., who serves the teacher-acharya, is able to [understand] instructions, who has great diligence in what is difficult, clear wisdom, sharp senses, who from the heart honor the teaching and beings. [Someone who] possesses [such] flow [of being], guide in holy science. If a bad vessel, [it] has an acharya teacher secret, does not serve the head of the guru teacher, steals various methods of instruction, feeds on doubts about the tradition of texts, reduced in derogatory deceit, great laziness, concealed diligence, does not throw away anger and affection because of dogmas. This [should] be famous and bright, guided by the goals, does not believe in the teaching and small goals of others. [This teaching should be] secret to anyone who is not a vessel of this kind, etc. If not made secret, it would destroy a deep essence. Having done so, will bring a flaw to all meanings of words and itself and others will not touch with benefit. With arrogance, you will be content with a low-lying existence. It is therefore important that the wise man be well informed of the essence of who is the vessel and who is not.
     Then follows the tradition of establishing a procedure for this heart of astrological calculations. After presenting the defects of the science of calculation experts (Due to wine or rough nervous [tension]), at a favorable time at dawn and further in a secluded place and clean house, turn your face in a clean direction. Put the white and black base on the left and right for calculations. Put down the individual plaque cutoff stones. Before you install a multicolored table for calculations. If the mind is captured by the gods because of the amount of time for the year, month, day, time, parch, meva, planets, stars, Sadags, the lord of the place, etc., because of the possible disgust from the clear prediction of the fruit of calculations, set below [the offering], pronounce [the word] truths. By raising the golden drink, [concentrate] on the key points of the calculations without distraction (Three Gates).
     Also, rotate the order [of calculations] multiple times. It is necessary that small clear predictions of the fetus be indicated to a small extent. Use it separately to get a lot together. All explanations in extensive form gather in the heart. All collected in small quantity is divided into particles. Everything said in rough form is calculated in subtleties. When diligence is born, say what you see. It is said that good great understanding is good. They say bad understanding is bad. If you balance the bad and the good, they say about the average. When the good comes, don 't be proud. Also analyze small and small obstacles. Don 't rely on the balance of the bad. Work hard in combinations of chapters in the processed order. Higher, small and middle in calculated, good, bad and middle in clear predictions, vast, compressed, equal in order - is clarified in the text, which is clearly explained. When you throw the arrow knowledge that is not clear, explain well, possessing wisdom.
     Qualities of it are that. Through the calculation of interdependence and time states, happiness is eliminated, as higher ones, in the absence of diligence, which corresponds to the all-defying, king of lecturers and any desired hope-aspirations.
     When the future comes, what makes the immediate [explanation] clear will become hidden. And a good prediction for all will not be [presented] as any method of bodhisattv practice. All these [explanations] will cause their spread. [And bodhisattvas] will head directly to the level of the Enlightened!
     Thus ends the ninth, substantive chapter of completion from "Mirror of Being," Chinese calculations.

     [You] collect a hundred thousand rays of moonlight knowledge and love that arise near the ocean of all knowledge! Protect the pure original wisdom of the manifestation of all beings! Again and again I bow before the Lion of Speech!
     The perfect leader that [is] in the middle of the vast lotus of the heart of three kinds of faith, where someone in the view of wisdom explains this way, some work hard, and others do not immerse themselves [in your] kindness! Oh Sun of Speech, please give a hundred answers!
     I will stick and follow in the power of great love, the treasure of wisdom of those who keep this text! Sticking to, let me be filled with a shine of wisdom from the spell-dharani and criticism! Let me find a body like an indestructible swastika!
     This is a finding and a concomitant condition for veneration! Let pride, anger and passion not flourish! Let the feast of happiness and benefit for creatures and clouds of offerings spread, which rejoice the teachings and holders of teachings!
     This foundation of the pure "Mirror of Apparent Being," which derives from the ocean of perfect astrological science, is called patience because of saints that have come to pride and equality, the absence of errors from some great darkening!
     No matter how much virtue and completely pure, which is connected with all this and the right efforts, which is found at the conclusion of the sea of the era, I give so many times as conditions of sustainability!
     Fully commanding the armor of a hundred kinds of patience by virtue of awareness and fearlessness, [you sail on] the boat thanks to the wisdom that completely plunges into the ocean of many texts! Thanks to the good full arrival to addictions and the absence of them, [you] gave the higher, this way of Bon that exercises the desired!

     This "Mirror illuminating being," a complete classification of Chinese calculations, is heard many times on the threshold of astrological calculation science. She has virtue by virtue of wisdom, which explains all this according to the method. Acharya Shen, sage and siddha Lungtog Gyamzho Chhogle Namgyal made up entirely for the great school debate of Pal Namgyal Kundrag Linga, the seventh place pure assembly in Yehru. Yes there will be a benefit! Let will be successful!

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