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8.1 Time for death or not

8.1 Time for death or not

     The first. Whether or not it is a time of death. Five, vitality, health, success, luck and element1 [of family] conflict with five such [elements] of this year.
     The stone that is discarded corresponds to the above. Establish prosperity and decline, year, month, day and time of four, vitality, health, success and good luck calculated. Establish the basis of analysis of six favorable and six bad. Calculate also the eye of nine and cemetery eye, four obstacles of mew, seven rough stones, [because] the deceased comes to his own obstacles, etc.
     Analyze all this in the appropriate [way]. If the black stone of life force, life is depleted-stopped. If a black health stone, health enters the cemetery. If black for success, then success is punctured with [uncertain] amount of food. If black for luck, the branches of luck break. If black for an element [genus], you follow the plain [elimination] of negative influences. In short, the black stone is the disappearance and destruction of longevity. It is said that with white stone there will be "Untimely Death." These are six bad ones for prosperity and decline, the disappearance of life, the removal of six obstacles favorable by virtue of obstacles. If there are seven rough, four obstacles, an eye of nine, a cemetery eye, then life is depleted, obstacles for others.
     In addition, the question of the amount of time of the deceased and all absence of the rest of life. If he died at dawn in [year] Zayz, they say that "The rest is three years." At sunrise - the rest of five years. In the morning, the rest of ten years. At noon - left due to obstacles. Afternoon is the rest of my life for two years. Early in the evening - the rest of his life is four years6. At sunset - life was depleted, food was depleted. In twilight - the rest of life one year. Late evening is the rest of my life for six months. At midnight - life is exhausted, it is time. After midnight - the rest of his life for two months. Morning twilight is the rest of your life one month. All of this is a calculation or not a time of death.

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