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8.2 Stone Parkha Charges and Guilt

8.2 Stone Parkha Charges and Guilt

     The second. Obtaining charges and guilt. Analyze the falling parkha of the year of death, which is carried out for all.
     If you die in contact with Li, buy a red substance, install a hearth for burning at the intersection of rivers in the north. There will be diseases commensurate with the upper body, etc. Sog - suppressed by the spirits of the trustees1 and damsi. The protection of deities by the veils of widowhood will be dispelled. They say "La and longevity are overwhelmed by the time of the yellow marsh. Lick will die if he looks south or north, there is no cap or horse. " Mind I 'm passionate about red clothes and cows.
     If you die in contact with Khon, you will receive food from Khon, the old man, the provision of the widowers. The charge - the sky will collapse the step. Diseases are the severity and disease of the left side of the body. Life force - will be cut off by gardens and demons-mara. Protection of deities due to contamination, dirt and corpses will dissipate. Multicolored stones (talk about prosperity and decline) - will tie La during the black lick-mouth. Face the west, north or east. They say "Mind will be with passion towards animals of old people."
     If you die in contact with Dva, the hearth will be devastated or you will receive a visit to the land with corpse powder and food of unclean [people]. Charge - buy copper armor in the forge. Diseases are diseases (bile) from gun pressure and diaphragm. Sog - will be cut off by Price spirits, Mara demons, ghosts with Drimo knives. La will be tied up during ice ringing. If the face looks west or east, you die. It is alleged that "Sister will have cordial conversations." They say "You meet your mother and sister again." Mind will be passionate about the manifestations of jewels, things and food.
     If you die in contact with Khen, everything will be filled with wolves and you will get food of old people or widowers. The charge is to buy the houses and the dog. Diseases - diseases of the head, bones, severity of the body. Sog - will be cut off by gyalpo, theurangs, vow violators. Prices, various demons of the bride, will also be cut off. You die if you turn the face southwest or northwest. Mind is a passion for clothes, boots, expensive things.
     If you die in contact with Kham, you will get the devastation of the hearth, and the taste of food from bad meat, pigs or fish (also goats). The charge is you get a black increase in crossing rivers. Diseases are anger, arthritis, the lower part of the cake. Sog - will be cut off by nugs, Man, mamo. Deities will be scattered by dirt and unclean. La will be oppressed during the spill of ordinary rivers. [Die if] face turn north or south. They say "No shoes and no sons." Mind is also passionate about manifestations of wine or drinking.
     If you die in contact with Gin, you get great meditation, food because of meat and bone marrow of cattle. Charge - buy good silk and parts of offerings. Diseases - colas will arise in the right side, hands and legs will be sharply compressed and paralyzed, purulent wounds will appear. Sog will be cut off by Pekhar, cave lords, rocks Tsen due to actions on the ground without clothes and useless friends. La - will be captured while the ground and water freeze. You die when you look north-east and young-west. They say "Don 't meet your brother and girl." The body and mind [will aim] to increase deadly food or to three white from a vessel of feathers.
     If you die in contact with Zin, you will get conditions if you eat the meat of the hare, the food of the dead from the knife. The charge - there will be jewels due to cutting off parts and species of trees. Diseases - liver, bile, kidney diseases. Sog - will be cut off by rakshas of the ground, violators of vows. La - [will] be damaged during kidney opening and the course of tree resin. You die when you look west. They say "You want to meet a little child, a brother and a sister." The mind stretches to possessing jewels, white things, characteristics, rotten clothes, belts, skirts, dresses.
     If you die in contact with the Zon, you will receive because of eating cow meat, food of widowers, meat of wolf corpses. You will also get a taste of food of mad and prostitutes. The charge is, you buy thin silk and you 'll fit in shoes. Diseases are colouring pain in the upper body, heart and lungs. Sog - will be cut off by the demons of madness, the lord of the treasure. You 'll also get the provisions of vow violators. La will wander through life during harvests. You die when you look north-west or south-east. They say "You want to meet a little girl." The mind is said to be tied to multicolored things, gold, silver, female jewels, turquoise, emerging livestock jewels.
     Such is a brief will regarding the parkha prosecution and obtaining guilt.

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