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8.3 Stones of the day and year

8.3 Stones of the day and year

     The third. Two stones moving anywhere and staying somewhere deadly enemies and demon eaters. [Here] it is asked what yar of death of its own and what planet of the day of death.
     Food demon-eater of the year Rat: mirror, etc. [Appear] based on the hidden in substances that possess light. Enemies - [present] on the land of four husbands and wives.
     Blue Horse - moving in the direction of the black calf. You 're guided again by Horse 's year, Dragon 's year.
     Demons eaters of the year Bull - leather bags, multicolored handbags and multicolored substances. Hiding in the substances of offerings, water cups, etc. Enemies are spotted dogs that exist in five couples. Heading to a place where bulls and yellow cattle exist. Guided by the Year of the Snake and the Year of the Sheep.
     Demons-eaters of the Tiger year - hiding in pans. Enemies follow to the middle sister. If you are a girl, you move towards brothers and sisters or father status. Guided by Bird and Bull.
     Demon eaters of the Hare year - hiding in black substances. There are three enemies: one a year Tiger; One at the statue of a girl of saffron color; One when moving with a useful name [or status]. You are also guided by the year of Pigs and Sheep.
     Demon-eaters of the year Dragon - hide in jewels, turquoise, animals. Enemies are southbound or girls moving in clouds. Guided by the year of the Snake and the year of the Bird.
     Demons-eaters of the year Snake - stay, hiding inside the black heart gnoy vessel of feathers, etc., wool clothes, black wool, purple substances, jewels, etc. Enemies are girls with red body color. When you move in their direction, you are guided by Bird and Pig.
     Demon Eaters of the Year Horses - hiding in metal vessels. Enemies - move to the level of girls with marks, [that come] from crossing the Lunggu rivers. Also rough [kinship] ties with younger brothers and father. Guided by the year of Rat and the year of Hare.
     Demons-eaters of the year Sheep - hide inside feathers at the heart, in blue-coloured food, boats, wool clothes, etc. Enemies - surround and come from the water in the western direction, move to the places of three families and girls.
     Demon Eaters of the Year Monkeys - move northbound and hide in metal pans. Enemies - [appear] in the form of girls with a melodic name from the places of crossing rivers to Lunggu or move to the red color of the face of the Dog 's year. Also guide the year of Tiger and the year of Pig.
     Demons-eaters of the Year Birds - hide in small bags, boats, wool, patches. Enemies - comes from other countries and are directed to man. Be guided by the year of Bull and the year of Hare.
     Demons-eaters of the Year Dogs - hide in the base of the house. If they show up, go to the priests of Buddhism and bon. Enemies are five couples or five brothers. Gate - indicated in the east or south. The conversations of people in the house are stopped and you have a name of glory. You walk to a place where there are multicolored horses and cattle. You are guided by the Dragon, Bull, Sheep born in the year.
     Demon Eaters of the Year Pigs - hiding in metal utensils. Enemies - sneak in the form of men and women, or in the flow of great girls. Subsequently, [you will] be guided by the Year of Hare and the Year of Pig.
     If you die on the day of the Sun, then [the direction]: the east of the house. Demon eaters hide in a mirror or in jewelry on the girls 'head. The genus is generally bad.
     If you die on the day of the moon, then [the direction]: the west of the house. Daemons-eaters hide in multicolored substances and inside bags and handbags. Enemies - girls will follow to the baby.
     If you die on Mars day, then [the direction]: the lower part of the east of the house. Demon eaters hide inside their hair, with force inside ceramic utensils. Enemies - stay, being called for siblings.
     If you die on Mercury Day, then [the direction]: southeast of the house. Demon eaters hide in bags, skins and dedicated cotton in place of the feather element. For the expert of crafts there will be numerous deaths of invitees.
     If you die on Jupiter 's day, [direction]: intermediate, northwest. Daemons-eaters hide in strings, clothes bags, caps and other woven black [products]. [Enemies] are called upon by an old family such as father, male-line uncle, etc.
     If you die on the day of Venus, [direction]: intermediate, north-west. Demon eaters hide in black clay products. There will be a bad point that is called for old people.
     If you die on Saturn 's day, then [the direction]: northeast. Demon eaters hide in metal jewels. Friends of the house, people of the area and cattle are invited.
     In addition. Way of submission of enemies. Having clarity in the birth and completion of a bonus or Buddhist, or yogin deity with heart obligations - must subdue enemies, in accordance with their own texts, thanks to magical manifestation, deep concentration-samadhi and destroying activity.
     Additionally, carry out the disgust of enemies, establish protection against enemies. Perform a procedure to eliminate Kongze 's failure, disgust [failure], perform a ritual of four hundred [offerings], etc. Analyze using the science of the ceremony to unfold the lick. If you do not free yourself from your enemies in this way, you will stop the way up and fall into low-lying states. Get everything out of the way that 's done as a virtuous. Loved ones will turn into enemies and demons-mara. So it 's important to eliminate enemies. At best, give the teacher-guru three-part [places where] the demons-eaters and substances to which the mind is tied are hidden. On average - give to those who are depressed by poverty. At worst, link to the sutras of the three tracks.

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