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8.4 Invitations and no invitation

8.4 Invitations and no invitation

     The fourth. Thirteen stone hour-time for invitation or no invitation for deceased. Year, month, day, hour and logmen - five stones of the beginning of the cut-off or elimination cycle. Planet, constellation, parkha, meva, year, month, day and hour - eight stones calculating the shore.

8.4.1 Five stones from the beginning of the cycle

     The first. Four, Sog (deceased), Lu, Wang and Lungta - conflict with Wang year, month, day and hour of time of death. [Accordingly] four stones are laid out. If there is an internal meeting between mother and friend, the land and water are white. If inside the son and enemy is wood, fire and metal are black.
     If Sog 's black stone of the year, it will be difficult to cut off as death blossoms. It will be bad for father and uncle in the male line. Be zealous in service. Get the dedication of longevity, carry out four hundred [offerings], repeat nyeu.
     If Lu 's black stone of the month is the eye of death, you look at the deceased. Badly for girls. [Repeat] a collection of dharani spells, [tray] water peat, disgust the cemetery, suppress the cemetery demons.
     If the black stone of Wang 's day is a failure will come to the jewels in the male part of [the family]. Bad for the rising Tiger. Perform the ministry of Sanghe, [repeat the sutra] of the Golden Light, read Ushnishavijaya.
     If the black stone of Lungta's hour, you 'll have the screams of the dead. Badly for the child. Give a small ransom, [repeat] dharani of the tops [vajra] and make the torma.
     If [meets] white there as a aggregate stone, it will be good, because there are no mistakes in the deceased. Analyze what the logmen of the deceased is. So the sky gate is cut off by the skull of the Dog and Dragon. The gate of the earth is suppressed by the skull of Pig and Snake. The death is established and the face of failure increases. The gate of their own network and the separation are revealed. Carry out the procedure of eliminating misfortunes, calming scandal, cutting off parts. There is no need for an accident recovery procedure for the property.

8.4.2 Eight stones calculation of shore

     The second. It is indicated as a sequence of eight shore calculations, such as planet, constellation, parkha, meva, etc.
     The first. What protected planets?
     Seven deaths are invited under the Sun. In particular, there will be conflict in the disappearance of the Sun and the emptiness of heaven. Mars is a big shore, very bad. Mercury is bad for loved ones when a man dies. Jupiter - Bad for siblings when a man dies. When a woman dies, it 's bad for a nephew and son by law. Saturn - jewels and welfare will be damaged from the cavity [below]. The Moon and Venus are said "No invitation." Carry out Grahamiatrika for the shore of planets and the disgust of planets.
     The second. What coast of constellations?
     Bharani is the shore of six inner corpses. Krittika is bad for six people in the country. Rohini is the decline of jewels and welfare. Punarvasu (rgyal stod), Pushya (rgyal smad) - the welfare of people will be damaged. In Ashlesha - death of small, appearance of demons of babies. Magha (sta chen), Purhwaphalguni (sta chung) - the lick of death will open. Die in the Hasta - the hidden death will be stopped [rgab]. At death in Swati - the heavenly gate will be opened. Death in Višakha - the gate of the earth will split. Anuradha (lag sor) is bad for a young girl. Death in Mula (sog pa) is bad for one. Purvashadha - the cattle drive will be devastated. Death in Abhijit is bad for a girl. Dhanishtha is bad for a herd of horses of human terrain. Revati is bad for himself in his calculations. Ashwini is a shore for three people of the area. The remaining ones are unannounced. But the coast of the constellation [represents] mistakes of friends, home, people of the area. Repeat the mother of the constellations, discard the constellations, do nothing [according to] the constellations. Perform the ritual of constellations, tacia as a tree veil, etc.
     The third. Calculation of the coast of the parkha.
     If [born in the year] Horses and Snakes die in Li - shore for internal childbearing, bad for the head of the family. If you die in Kham, the bad ladder will disappear. If you die in other parkhas - speak about the small shore "Shore of branches." Get the dedication, repeat the mother-prajna-paramita, set up the sachcha.
     If [born in a year] Birds and Monkeys die in Dva - the shore of a man 's heart, bad for men. If you die in Lee, the coast of the knives. Other parkha are the shore of the branches. Repeat twenty thousand, dharani of elimination of failures, perform ritual of crossed threads for Prices.
     If [born in the year] Rat and Pig die in Kham - the heart bank of a snake in his hand, bad for two. If he dies in Gin - "inner shore." All others are shore branches. Repeat the sutra of golden light, eight elements, give water peat.
     If [born in the year] Tiger and Hare die in Zin, the shore of women 's hearts is bad for women. If he dies in Dva, the heart bank. Bad for the head of the family, which is like a heart. All other parkhas are shore branches. Repeat the sutra of longevity, cut off the lower part of death, perform the ritual of eliminating trouble.
     If [born in a year] four opponents die in the parch of four intermediate (Dragon - Zon, Sheep - Khon, Dog - Khen, Bull - Gin), the shore of the heart of four intermediate, bad for all.
     If [born in a year] four opponents die in Zin - bad, because "rot the heart of childbearing." If he dies in others, the shore of the branches. Carry out the procedure of elimination of misfortunes for eight, four hundred [offerings], repeat sutra of golden light.
     Relate in this way to a large bank, such as a heart bank, inner bank, etc. In the bank of branches - small gross mistakes.
     In addition, some elimination of the bank parkha are such. If you die in two, Dva and Zin are bad (unrest will form), because like the heart of the heart bank of the sadags. Death in excess of one prax is two death murders. If the seat comes together, the seat is split. If there is a line connection in the east and west, the line will split. If the gate of heaven and the gate of earth are opened, they will be closed.
     Analyze both, [on the basis of] what has come before (like calculating obstacles), such as the fall of the sky on the head, etc.
     The fourth. Corresponds to the coast of Meva.
     Anyone who dies in a white unit, a white six, a white eight - the shore of a small child. The black double is the shore for the master of the corpse and daughter according to the law. The Blue Three is a shore for children and son by law. The Green Four is shore for receiving water, siblings. The Yellow Five is the shore for receiving a corpse for a bon priest and Buddhism. The Red Seven is the shore for fire-binding deer. The Red Nine is a shore for a maternal uncle and cadaver powder.
     In any case, two, a black double and a red seven, are a common invitation. Therefore, work hard in the ministry (individual mew, corresponding to the calculations of obstacles).
     Similarly, if the three, logmen, parkha, and mew of the death time of the deceased are harmonious, it is the gate of calling for five elements. Calling for land and wood is bad for the gates and fortress. Calling fire - the house and the gate are burned by fire. Calling for water - rain and wind fall on the gate. Calling for metal - war with the lower ones is formed in the gates.
     The fifth. What coast of years? The year of the deceased, two logmen, a bad year, four metals, eight killers, white, six years of his wife, seven bad signs, seven calls of the cemetery, eleven rackshashes, four naked demons, four eyes of the cemetery, three black garudas, two defences, two black years - all this, etc., is acceptable as a bad year. And if you make a choice, it is called bad "banks of the year."
     Also, if you die in the eye of nine, such as ninth year, eighteenth, etc. - the shore of the eye of nine. If he died in a cemetery eye, such as death in Tigre, Hare, Ovz, etc., it is the shore of the cemetery eye. In the bank of the year - there are obstacles to the king 's commands. Hang up the flags of your own color and read the section of the stallion.
     The sixth. Calculation of the coast of month. If you die in Tiger 's month, bad for Pig 's year. If you die in the month of Hare, bad for Horse 's year. So, etc. [it is shown] four bad that rise men 's month. Also bad for the born in four, which is lowered as a women 's month. Fools about the shore of the month discuss with heat in speeches. For all bad people, set up protection.
The seventh. What coast of day?
     If you die on any day of the Sun, it 's a bad year for age-born opponents like this. For example, Tiger Sun Day is like a bad one for Monkey. Emit the servant 's cries for the shore of the day. Start writing sutras and stop the scandal.
     The eighth. Calculation of the coast of hour. If someone dies at Hare 's hour, it will be rude for the child. If he dies in the hour of the Dog, it will be rude for adults. If Tiger dies in the hour, it will be rude for the old. For an hour runner, a military man must tie up the weapon and quickly implement a sequence to throw away.
     If the banks are similarly briefly, if you die as an old man, it is the shore. If an adult dies in an opponent - shore. If the baby dies in the adversaries, the shore. If a man dies in a mew of birth, which corresponds to a mew - shore (It is similar to the fact that born in a white unit, you will meet death in a white unit). If there is (for the deceased) an opponent, an enemy, three harmonious, an opponent, the only basis of his own year - an invitation. Invitation, rude and shore - have one significance.
     For the coast of heart heart is regulated (snying 'dum), the procedure of elimination of failures in heart is carried out, things for sadag prepare, the hundred thousander is charged extra, the spiritual merit collects, service to Saints is carried out and dedication is asked.
     Additionally, the Element of All Living conflicts with the element of the deceased. When Sog wins Sog is a war (of the living). When Lu wins Lu, diseases arise. If Wang wins, things and jewels disappear. If Lungta wins, retribution-reckoning accumulates. Work hard in such ministry (Sog Stone of the Year, etc.) for someone who left earlier.
     In addition. On the basis of parch [you will determine] look or not the eyes of death on the living. Analyze whether or not the death cover is cut off. If die in Li - the eye of death looks at the paternal uncle. Khon - looks at the middle girl. Dva on the nephews. Khen is on his niece. Kham is on an old grandmother. Gin - looks at the girl and daughter according to the law. Zin - looks at male adults. Zon - looks at loved ones and son according to the law. Whoever he looks at is bad for him.
     The man is death at the beginning of Khen. Woman - death at the beginning of Khon. The eldest son is Gin. The Heart Son is Dva. The daughter is death at the beginning of Kham. The eldest daughter is the death of the beginning of the Zon. The average is Lee 's death. When you stick with the younger one, all the dead - eight clipping lands covered death. If others die, an invitation is more acceptable.

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