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8.6 Stone cleaning skandhas for cemetery of five elements.

8.6 Stone cleaning skandhas for cemetery of five elements.

    The sixth. Throwing out stone cleansing skandhas for cemetery five elements. Following the mountain is the tree cemetery, burning in the fire is the fire cemetery, burying in the ground is the earth cemetery, dissecting with weapons is the metal cemetery, drowning in the water is the water cemetery. What are these five cemeteries? There is a conflict between these thirteen - four, Sog, Lu, Wang and Lungta deceased, three, element, meme of birth and own parkha (Tiger, Hare and Zin, Horse, Snake and Li, etc.), four, year, month, day and hour of time of death (own Wang), two, day of death and constellation of death.
    If at this time meet inside - one white. There is a mother - two white, a son - multicolored. There is an enemy - two black, a friend - one black (So the conflict in Vaidurya karpo is shown. All traditions of throwing stone away in conflict - manifest themselves in a small conflict between each other). In general, seventy stones are indicated here. For a woman - thirteen stones analyzed (If the conflict of five cemeteries is determined on the basis of black calculations and three close traditions of Tsurphu, it is said that the fruit of sixty-five stones is explained. It is not acceptable. It is very absurd, because one corpse cannot have five cemeteries. Also, speaking of sixty-five lists of stones, cut off the stone of the hour. It is thought that this occurrence of fetus time is not pure).
    These clear predictions of this kind are shown as follows.
    If the black stone of Sog - read the stothik, read a vast, medium and brief [sutra] section. If Liu 's black stone comes contagious diseases. Perform the ritual of white Ushnisha. If Wang 's black stone is a failure. Repeat sutra of golden light and dharani Vasudharini. If Lungt 's black stone, sticks will gather. Throw away the mare demons to Dutrisu.
    If the black stone of the element - dissipates the male side.. Protect welfare, do things for the nien. If the black stone is a mew, throw away the mare demons. If the black stone parkha - perform a ceremony to eliminate the failures of eight. If the black stone of the year is bad for father and uncle in the male line. If the black stone of the month is bad for a girl. If the black stone of the day is bad for an adult man. If the black stone of the hour is bad for a little son. If the black stone of the planet is bad for the head of the family. If the black stone of the constellation is bad for friends at home. Act according to the repetition calculation section for all bad. With ease [define] suppression [of negative forces] for skandhas on any white. If everything 's black, consult about five cemeteries.
    Whatever the sections of stones of this kind, one white is an increase in the essence of seeds, good and happiness. Two white - an increase in the tan with cattle, such as horses, etc. One black is sorrow and suffering. Two blacks are preliminary rituals for a corpse. In case of multicolored - diseases will arise.
    In the case of a briefly essence, a heart-essence of that: Sog is a demon mara, filling the corpse of the lord of the corpse, a demon mara; Lu is a demon mara that knows the land of the land bon cemetery; Wang is a demon mara will follow to the aunt 's maternal food; Lungta is a demon mara as the son of a maternal uncle; An element of the family - demon-mara as the gla of the line of the paternal side; The king of this year is a demon mara that knows the calculations; Minister-month - demon-mara, which forms a council; Military day - demon mara as messenger; The hour is the demon mara that hunts the deer; The planet is a demon mara that fills the family 's home; Constellation - demon mara close to home; Meva - analysis of widowhood and orphans; Parkha - analysis of the coverage of everything. All others - [appear] as some essence of calculation of clear prediction. Since this is important, this meeting is explained.
    Four opponents and line three (Kung and element ground. Year is similar that are born in a year of four opponents, four opponents of the parkh and four opponents of month - the parkh's opponent. Follow what later) - does not remain on the mountain. Bird, Monkey, and Line Three are not burned in flames. Rat, Pig, and line three are not buried in the ground. Tiger and Hare and line three are not dissected with weapons. Horse and Snake and Line Three don 't sink in the water.
    Whoever is killed by wild animals, damaged by wood or stones, relaxed in welfare, insane - not acceptable for leaving on a mountain.
    Whoever suffered from epidemic diseases, with a tumor in his throat, smallpox, bile, poisoned with shaya poison (sha ya), suicide, cancer, leprosy, whistling [wounds], corpse due to planets - is not acceptable for burning in fire.
    Dark grey, nervous, beaten by a sheep whose mind was raised by porridge, who died under the cover, died after the expulsion of his son and mother - stop the buried in the ground.
    The corpse of an unclean caste suffering from bad contagious diseases, a leper who died of a knife - is not acceptable for gun service in the cemetery practice.
    Whoever died of water, tumors covered by water, prolonged chronic diseases, diaries - is not acceptable for immersion in water.
    Also, if a year, an element of the year, a parkha, a meva, a planet (deceased), a constellation, a month and an element of [genus] from the western direction, say "All metal. It is not burned". If burned, it will be bad (alive) for the Birds and Monkeys born in the years. If the northern direction, they say "All water, Do not hide [in the ground]." If to cover, then it will be bad for given rise in days of the Rat and the Pig. Eastern direction - they say "You will not pass everything to the tree." If you pass, it will be flat for those born in the years of Tiger and Hare. The southern direction - everything is fire, does not dive underwater. If you plunge, it will be bad for the year-born Horses and Snakes. Four intermediate - everything is land, you won 't take it to the mountain. If you carry, it will be bad for the opponents born in a year.
    Higher, secondary and ordinary cemeteries [such]. The tree that dives into the water is higher. The fire that goes to the mountain is the highest. The land that is burned in the fire is higher. The metal that hides in the ground is higher. The water that is dissected by the metal is higher. All this the highest [views of the cemetery], cemetery mother and cemetery son. His own cemetery is middle from below, his friend 's cemetery is middle. All cemeteries of the enemy are ordinary.
    Similarly, the understanding of production and discarding is realized.

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