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8.7 Location of corpse species

8.7 Location of corpse species

     The seventh. Arrangement of types of corpses. Three kinds of corpses, such as swallowed shaya, scraped and leached - are located in the water, bitten in the skin of a horse or bull. Corpses of three types of restraint of the family (dead child - white suppression of the genus, deceased girl - multicolored suppression of the family, if neither - black) - are located in a prominent place at the intersection.
     Small corpses and corpses with four extremes (crippled, deaf, mute) - ene are located in their own area, refer to other places. A family of corpses with four errors - not located in the cemetery, remain near. The corpses of five people with chronic diseases (water, tumor, bile, cancer, ulcers) - throw away the fact that they are located in the house. Five bodies of unclean [castes] (killed you because of your wife, etc.), unclean animals (killing a snake, etc.) - do not have in the cemetery or at home. Those with a triangle or a gate to Earth rest in the ground. Five kinds of corpses with knives (piece, weapon, water, welfare cordon from below) - rest in this way. Place with the corner on the left and the corner on the right. Six people with bad nature (one-eyed, hands-free, no tongue, sick mind, falling back, mute) - it is not acceptable to have near a cemetery or house. If there is a lucky corpse (more than eighty years old), with luck - do not bury in a cemetery, make offerings and have [in the house]. The corpses of those on top, such as two, are the highest virtuous friend and king. Burn them and the rest. So you will clean up five elements in the cemetery.
     Directions of extensive analyses of the cemetery - relate to three, white coffin for the cemetery, black and colored (so reference).
     What is the tradition of preparing a cemetery of young, a cemetery for children, that lived less than eight years? If the child [died] at birth or excess blood - hide in a cave in the crypt, wrapped in white silk. If the child [died], when it has not yet passed a month - hide in the ground putting a table of the crypt. If he died at noon, and was born at dawn - put the way from below from the crossed wajra. If he died not before the end of the month - under the house on the left put the boy, on the right the girl. When it 's been a month, put it in the water. Five or eight to twelve - also buried in water. It is so told.
     Two months, bury the gate at the base of the stairs. Three months to the right of the gate. Six is lava from the gate. Four months - buried in the ground, in front of the road. When he died, reaching one year - bury behind the house. Two years - buried on the bank to the left of the river. Three years - bury to the right of the house. Get buried in the ground for four years so you don 't see the sky. Five years, put a bull on the bed. Six years is explained as buried under a staircase. Seven years - buried on multicolored land. From the age of eight, act like this. Prepare everything for the baby, carry out a procedure to eliminate failures, put down child demons. Bring virtue to the baby, bring water peat (torma of karmic creditors).
     In addition. These are the clothes of the deceased and the size of the deceased. If he died in Lee, the black paths are for the deceased. The size of the cemetery is like running horses. In Khon - green clothes for a corpse. The size of the cemetery is sheep. Died in Dva - red clothes for the deceased. The size of the cemetery is a goat 's run. In Khen - red clothes of the deceased. The size of the cemetery is like a dog. In Kham, yellow clothes. The size of the cemetery is a pig. In Gin - clothes blue and the size of the cemetery - Bull. In Zin - clothes white and the size of the cemetery - monkey. In the Zon - also clothes white and the size of the cemetery - cow.
     On silk with your own color parkha mark your own seals-wise. It is said that it is necessary to link to the head of the deceased. When you know the procedure of eliminating failures in jewels at the size of the cemetery, it is important to cut off the decorations of the deceased at burial.

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