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8.8 Tradition of recitation for corpse species

8.8 Tradition of recitation for corpse species

     The eighth. Tradition of recitation for corpse species. A connoisseur in procedures, having the origin and completion, must work hard in offering a golden drink, proclaiming truths, paying for apparent being, the ritual of classifying the paths of a corpse. Must establish the tradition of the chariot Shen apparent, on the neck must be a chakra of ability all in the Teaching. Should mark a turtle on the body inside, inject the head of the cemetery with a rat or wild. I have to hold a skin of antelope that can do anything. All veils of evident being will send into space. Keep eight classes of gods and demons as guests. Read aloud the heart of interdependence. Then go to action with the corpse.
     If the deceased 's mouth is open, it must be closed by clutching his teeth. Eyes - should be directed to the down or side. Head - heading north. Hands like crossed wajras. In this way, you will not make [available] ways to [appear] obstacles.
     The connoisseur that actions are being carried out with the corpse must steal the corpse, etc. It 's bad if the year of the deceased is the same as him. Drop three harmonious and opponents. It is good if you carry out small and large recitals (opponents of four of the two above and below) for the corpse, which is appropriately bitten (it is said about removal of obstacles of the accompanying expert). When there are no obstacles, there is no opposition. Three of the parkha are good - Li, Khon and Zon. Three white and two red are good from the mew. Remained — bad. The direction is the pure direction of the sadags. It is good if there is a white direction of mew, etc. Also, it is necessary to fill chakra of the year, chakra of the month, empty vase, movement Rahu, etc., from some small calculations (year, month, day, time, dog Hal, etc.). Relate your heart to the calculation of the fetus and the essence of the truth (must be related).
     Some others regarding receiving and throwing away, such as a year, etc., [say]: throw away the beginning of the year for two, alive and dead, and throw away opponents, three harmonious, the prosperity of Sog, the beginning of enemies, etc. For example, enemies are Tiger, Hare and West, Horse, Snake and North, Bird, Monkey and South, Rat, Pig, and four Intermediate. So [indicated] died in four opponents.
     In the east, eliminate the vision of the top of people. Stop calling daggers from the upper east for the deceased. Stop the incest and knives starting with Hare. Drop the intoxication, monks for the Dragon. A year, Monkeys are tumors in Snake 's throat. Horse has copper and leprosy. Sheep has a washed deceased. Monkey has a corpse because of contagious diseases. Poisoned bonpo for the Dog. dropsy and diseases of stone - suppressing in the north. Drop the suppression of the genus in the northeast for Bull. All others - starting with the gate parch: if died in Li, relate to the south, etc. Good if there 's the actual direction or the direction of the mother. North, etc. - suppression of enemies. Everyone else is balance.
     So, If you act many times with the face of the deceased, you say "the only corpse indicates the beginning of enemies." Drop the wealth and yaks for the source in Lee. Stop the incest and leprosy for Khon and the knives. For the source in Dva drop the splendour and incest. Don 't stop the flow, which corresponds to yourself, but drop [what corresponds to] the mother.
     Relate to some small comments regarding acceptance and discarding of month, day, time, etc. Drop opponent seven for the deceased, enemy four, three harmonious and month. As for the day - the day of the opponent of seven for the dead. Drop the day of the element of the enemy Wang.
     In general, drop the day of four enemies, three harmonious and decline Sog, separately. Free yourself from the six days of the four first in enemies of the cemetery, the last sixteen of the twenty-six in the four middle, heavenly gates of the cemetery, etc. Living many times will fill a year, such as Tiger, etc. Understand throwing away the sun in his day. As for the hour, throw away the time of four opponents at the beginning of the year both, alive and dead. As for the planet, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Saturn are bad. For La the deceased is also bad all planets-days of the week. See calculations regarding the fruit of constellation production and discarding.
     Also, the master that helps the deceased should not give food when he comes to Lee. When he comes to Dva - he must not light fire. When I come to Kham, I don 't have to dig a hole. Coming to Zin, he don 't have to collect rocks. Coming in four intermediate - should not work with trees.
     In addition. The path of the deceased meva - "Procedure of bringing down in shining lamps." If you place any mew in the center, then take steps on your own account accordingly. For example, the yellow five is located in the center. Five steps are taken in the center. In the east, a blue three and walk three times. In the southeast - green four and walk four times. In the south - purple nine and you step nine times. In the South West, a black double and two steps. In the west - red seven and seven steps. In the north-west - white six and step six times. In the north is a white unit and one step. In the northeast, there 's a white eight and eight steps. Similarly, this is the account of the meva.
     Later steps are set in everything. White is good, yellow is medium. All others, black double, etc. - bad. White unit - throw away multicolored and children. Black double - drop everything. Blue three - a tumor and a water tank are discarded. Green Four - drop the body with leprosy. Yellow Five - give up the monk. White six - give up the child from incest. Red Seven - give up rage and knife towards a young woman. The white eight are bon. Red Nine - don 't give away the old woman 's corpse and great welfare.
     These multicolored paths of the corpse of the meva are established as a procedure of wise Chinese.

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