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The science of astrological calculations. The mirror of the existence

The science of astrological calculations. The mirror of manifest existence

Explanation of Chinese astrology

(Black calculations or astrology of the elements)

1. Introduction
2. Preliminary actions. Actions for calculations
2.1 Element
2.2 Year
2.3 Logmen
2.4 Parkha
2.5 Mewa
2.6 Prosperity and declin
2.7 2Month
2.8 Day
2.9 Hour [or time]
2.10 2Planet
2.11 Constellation
2.12 Table of sixty years, garlands of mewa and three - higher, lower and middle
3. Calculations regarding life expectancy
3.1. A brief explanation
3.1.1 Four important stones
3.1.2 One stone for required
3.1.3 Two mandatory stones
3.1.4 Five stones of unchangeable Lungta
3.1.5 one Hundred stones associated with one hundred
3.1.6 Twenty stones for cutting off Luggage
3.1.7 Twenty five stones of prosperity and decline
3.1.8 Eight birth stones
3.2. Detailed explanation
3.2.1. The explanation of the fruit of four important gems
3.2.2. Explanation of the fruit of one necessary stone
3.2.3 explanation of the fruit of the two required gems
3.2.4 Detailed explanation of the five stones of constant luck
3.2.5. Fruit of hundreds of stones
3.2.6. Explanation of twenty cut-offs of Luggage
3.2.7 Explanation of the fruits of the twenty-five main stones of the twelve [stones] of prosperity and decline
3.2.8. Explanation of the eight birth sections Year of birth General statement Private statement Explanation of the birth section. The health element. birth Section. Lungta Cutting off and breaking Sog, Lu, Wang and Lungta Parkha Meva Planet Constellations Houses Interdependence Day
4. The calculation of obstacles-keg
4.1. Six indigenous stones
4.2. Twenty-four stones for cutting off Luggage
4.3. Four of the clearest predictions of the fetus
4.4 the Cycle of the Chinese stones
4.5. Seven rough stones
4.6. Four obstacles of the mark-meva
4.7. Eye of the nine and cemetery eye
4.7.1 Eye of the nine
4.7.2 Cemetery eye
4.8. Cord of the year, peg-frame of the earth, sky wall, earth wall
4.9. Clarification of fruit Logmen
4.10. Explanation of the fruit of the eight parkha
4.11. Analysis of parkha. Other ground
4.12 Clear prediction of the fruit of the twelve prosperity and decline
4.12.1 Six favorable
4.12.2 Six bad ones
4.13 Divisions of some bad years that are acceptable for calculations in the obstacle calculation section
4.14 Six years of small nobility, etc.
5. Marriage settlements
5.1. Fifteen meetings of harmony-correspondence
5.1.1. Discarding the gathering of brothers and sisters
5.1.2 Combinations of inharmonious years
5.1.3 Bad years
5.1.4 lifting Force
5.1.5 Received
5.1.6 Analysis of Nisha
5.1.7 Number of relationships
5.1.8 father's family
5.1.9 mother's family
5.1.10 Month of birth
5.1.11 Parkha
5.1.12 Luck of meva
5.1.13 Prosperity and decline
5.1.14 the Gates of the seat-base
5.1.15 Planets and constellations
5.2. Seventeen of the calculations the way
5.2.1 Family
5.2.2 Twenty failures
5.2.3 Path of parkha
5.2.4 Castle of meva
5.2.5 Year
5.2.6 fortress of the month Tradition
5.2.7 Bad and good days
5.2.8 explanation of the hour
5.2.9 the Bad and the good of the planet-day
5.2.10 the good and Bad of the constellation
5.2.11 Bad and good directions of the fortress
5.2.12 Unusual calculation of sky dogs
5.2.13 Calculation of related conditions of interdependence
5.3 Order of methods used
6 Calculations regarding diseases
6.1 Five main stones
6.2 Fifteen branches
6.3 Sixty small branches
6.3.1 Calculation of four coniferous trees
6.3.2 Calculation of fifteen Golden lines
6.3.3 Calculation of the increase in leaves and softness of turquoise
6.3.4 Calculating the fruit of the wish tree
6.3.5 Calculation of the house of failure and the house of glory
6.3.6 Listing the eyes of death and the eyes of murder
6.3.7 Calculating the intersection or lack of intersection of diagrams
6.4 Three hundred divisions
6.5 Sixty fruits
6.6 Addition
6.6.1 Analysis of descending Logman
6.6.2 Revenge of parkha
6.6.3 Revenge of meva
6.6.4 Revenge of days
6.6.5 Revenge of planets-days
6.6.6 Revenge of the constellations
7. Thirteen cycles of Chinese analysis
7.1 the First cycle. Cycle of Garuda, king of birds
7.2 Second cycle. Cycle of blue turquoise dragon
7.3 the Third cycle. Cycle of the white lion
7.4 the Fourth cycle. Cycle of yellow gold snake
7.5 the Fifth cycle. Cycle of stable bull
7.6 the Sixth cycle. Cycle of multicolored metal tiger
7.7 the Seventh cycle. The cycle of red celestial rat
7.8  the Eighth cycle. Cycle of loving light jewels
7.9 the Ninth cycle. Cycle of blue peacock
7.10 the Tenth cycle. Cycle of four unchangeable nails
7.11 the Eleventh cycle. Cycle of yellow gold pig
7.12 the Twelfth cycle. Cycle of precious vase
7.13 the Thirteenth cycle. Cycle of an adult wild Yak
7.14 Add-on. For those going abroad
8 Calculations about Death
8.1. Time for death or not
8.2 Stone Parkha Charges and Guilt
8.3 Stones of the day and year
8.4 Invitations and no invitation
8.4.1 Five stones of the beginning of the cycle
8.4.2 Eight stones for calculating the Bank
8.5 Six cut-off stones
8.6 Stone cleaning skandhas for cemetery of five elements.
8.7 Location of corpse species
8.8 Tradition of recitation for corpse species
8.9 The roots of virtue for the place of submission [of negative forces]
9. Conclusion

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