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The Precious Ornament of Bliss

    I bow before the blessed and glorious Samantabhadra!
    Since the mind has no edges and no middle, no inner and outer, it is not free from primordal wisdom! Since in the mind there is neither acceptance nor rejection, [it is] an ornament of bliss!
    Since one abides in nature beyond birth as the essence of spontaneous realization without effort, [this is] the ornament of bliss!
    In the great enlightened mind that has no birth, everything changes in the realm of bliss, the most perfect of perfects. And the absence of room for foundation, the freedom from objects of attachment, the essence of the absence of cyclical existence, is the ornament of bliss!


The supreme King

    I bow before the Blessed, glorious Samantabhadra!
    [The teacher of] the peculiar yoga, the deity of deities! [You are] the highest yoga of [all] yogas! The most noble of the Noble ones! Father of all the vajrah Victorious ones! The supreme king of Samantabhadra! The victorious Vajradhara, the refuge from the fears [of being]! There is no other protector and saint when impure non-existence arises! Destroy it with the clouds of offerings! As you abide everywhere, [manifest] methods! By means of actual attainments and non-returning to nature-perfect in the wisdom-sealing of all [accomplished] goals [of self and others]! Even as one naturally attains Great Bliss, one is truly Enlightened, a teacher in all! Then the highest of [kinds of] purity is also generated! Learning the great texts from the hero who teaches the true texts, restore the heart commitments by coating with skill the oil of the tantras that correspond to the texts! When the recognition of the useful by virtue of the possession of methods and compassion arises, all aspects will be united in purity. Having done so, I will open a chapter here for entry.
    Even a small number of words unite the vast and great [in size] meaning, the essence of the texts and the oral precepts. [Why, because] everything is explained and the essence of countless chariots is shown. 
    Thus concludes [the text called] the Supreme King, the true king, the meditative immersion [of the section] of the enlightened mind.

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