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14.  Unification of all (kun 'dus)


 Unification of all

    I bow before the blessed one, the nature of bliss, free from action!
    Because the body of the Teaching has departed from the objects of words and thoughts, being originally separate, nine particular views are manifested concerning the only sphere [of the highest reality], the only sphere that abides, being empty of being and non-being.
    The mind that yearns [to interact with] phenomena and [manifests] effort is sick with suffering. 
    Its own nature, which abides as essence, the supreme reality, embraces [everything] like the space of great compassion.

    The glorious one, which transforms all desires by the manifestation of methods, manifests itself according to the variety of phenomena.
    The path of the supreme enlightenment and all the words that emerge from there definitely appear as the heart-essence, the supreme enlightenment.
    How, then, can there be an object that follows [the dual perception of] the perceiver and the perceived? There is not even a particle in the object that is considered dense, that is distinguished in words.
    If the clear and non-existent is manifested as a dense object, then such an object, even though it is dense, is absent like heavenly space. In the great methods and mercy that transform all desires, the spontaneous realization of all thoughts is realized.
    But even then, the spontaneous realization of the non-acquisition of the highest level through yoga, which has arisen in the realm of original wisdom, is realized spontaneously. Since all the imperfections that sleep in habits arise of their own accord as clear light, original wisdom, this great chariot is like the sunrise in the heavenly realm.
    Initially, the absence of the darkness of extremes is manifest. Because the state of clinging to the object of meditation is absent, meditation itself can be the suffering of clinging to something.
    Even when meditation is performed in the case of [having] one's own power of awareness-guidance without the state of meditation, through the absence of imperfections, the sphere of heavenly space, the sphere of desire in the absence of clinging to something and through the great treasury of oral instructions about their equality - everything is covered and everything is completed at its level.
    There everything is gradually cut off without fixation, which is originally the great nectar of immortality.
    Through the search for something else, realization is not achieved. When there is the space of spontaneous realization without effort, [the path of enlightenment is shown] in virtue of greatness in all aspects. When one's thoughts and deeds with regard to everything are initially pure, there is no harm from delusion or lack thereof. Because everything is united and nothing is manifested, the mind of the Victorious of three times arises in this way.
    Thus is completed the unification of all things, [text from the section] of the enlightened mind.
    Translated by Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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