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16. Infinite bliss


Infinite bliss

    I bow before the blessed Vajramahasukha!
    In the bosom there is no division into suffering and the lord of space of infinite bliss, for great is the essence of space and bindu, which is naturally perfect.
    Since it possesses no fluctuations, it [is called] the original jewel.
    Since there is no action, [it appears as] the great bindu that is spontaneously perfect.
    Since everything is without discontinuity and without separation, [appears as] the great essence that is without discontinuity [appearing as] everything from unborn space.
    And even clarity, which has no radiation and gathering in the three times, [appears as] the great sattva, due to the transformation into the space of the absolute level.
    Since there is nothing attainable on the basis of reason, it abides initially.

    Since there is no effort, the interiority [appears as] directly [perceived] space.
    Since there are no aspirations, everything becomes perfect in itself.
    Since there are no ordinary words, [it is] the essence of great yoga.
    Since there is no level, [it appears as] the space of all perceptions.
    And even as all actions and all acts of bindu are performed, [it appears] as a special happiness that is not destroyed on the basis of manifestation itself.
    Since there is nothing to be discarded because of the bindu itself, even the indigenous passion, anger, and stupidity are not discarded. And so [appears as] the path of great enlightenment.
    The clarity and original wisdom that is absent in thoughts [is] the essential space and the space itself, since there are no enumerations.
    Since there are no forms, [it appears as] the essential body of enlightenment.
    Since the thoughts are pacified, [it appears] as the special great original wisdom.
    Siddhis that are originally unborn [appear as] the space of nectar because of the absence of death.
    In the heart's commitment to the originally clear bindu, there is no imputation in the form of ordinary words.
    As a thousand suns appear from the summit of Mount Meru, [it appears as] the warmth of the rising of the only Sun of the heart, the primordial wisdom.
    The rays of light at the appearance of everything in itself, have no disappearance in the three times because of the rising itself.
    As there is no place of abiding and concentration, [it appears as] clarity.
    Because the very essence of absence for meditation [appears] as absence in meditation, [manifests as] bliss.
    And even the clarity that corresponds to the original absence of meditation, through meditation one does not find the Teachings of the Triumphant, [that comes] from others.
    Through the rising of the vajra sun from space, everything and everything is clarified as such.
    Since there is no change, the view [appears as] a black wool [lack of preparation].
    Since everything changes, it is like the white wool of compassion.
    If we analyze, everything is black wool, the space of such.
    As it abides naturally, it is cut off from the level of the gaze.
    Because it is originally pure, it is like the lotus of being.
    Since there is no change, [it appears as] bliss in the space of bindu.
    Since there is no action, [it appears as] softness in everything.
    Since there are no three times, [it appears as] immeasurability in the essence of bindu.
    When initially there is no zeal in the heart, the space of the absolute level is not swayed by zealous thoughts.
    Through the very essence of the net [is shown] bliss in the ten directions of the circle.
    Through the very essence of the bindu [is shown] bliss as nine subtle bindu.
    If one comprehends the king of the apex, [it appears as] the bliss of the great abode of achievement.
    The bindu is the vajra space of original bliss.
    In the bhaga of perfect purity, which is indestructible, [appears] the great space of bindu, spontaneously perfect and undivided.
    The appearance of the mind and the three bodies - [appears as] the bliss of the mandala of the circumference.
    Because it is perfectly pure, it [appears] as the blissful body of enlightenment.
    In the purity of space, the width of the great path of beings, [manifests] vajra space and primordial bliss as bindu.
    The vajra sun has no radiation and gathering in the three times.
    Therefore, all bindu [appear as] vajra space.
    There is no emanation and gathering in the vastness itself throughout the three times, for the enlightened mind is the original clarity.
    Thus is completed the infinite bliss, the great mandala of space.
    Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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