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3. The Precious Ornament of Bliss


The Precious Ornament of Bliss

    I bow before the blessed and glorious Samantabhadra!
    Since the mind has no edges and no middle, no inner and outer, it is not free from primordal wisdom! Since in the mind there is neither acceptance nor rejection, [it is] an ornament of bliss!
    Since one abides in nature beyond birth as the essence of spontaneous realization without effort, [this is] the ornament of bliss!
    In the great enlightened mind that has no birth, everything changes in the realm of bliss, the most perfect of perfects. And the absence of room for foundation, the freedom from objects of attachment, the essence of the absence of cyclical existence, is the ornament of bliss!

    Since nothing is attained, the fruit is attained spontaneously! Since there is nothing to be attained, the deities [are in] nirvana! Since there is nothing to point to, in words nothing is connected! Since one is free from all fetters and generating [all acts], bliss is manifested in oneself! As one enters the level of the absence of birth, then initially there is none of that which comes or goes!
    The absence of edges and middle is the ornament of bliss of vastness [of space]! The intrinsic nature of the absence of duality [is] the ornament of bliss!
    As invisible awareness arises, it is free from all material things! As one encounters the sphere of absence of birth, there is no manifestation (in the text - radiation)! By virtue of the naturalness and spontaneous realization in oneself, awareness arises!
    Enlightenment, the body of the Teaching, the highest body of the realization of the Teaching, the essence of the five sources in the foundation space are designations of that which is free from desire and anger. Therefore, by virtue of the absence of change, one is immersed in strong mercy. Such fruit is the ornament of bliss of the truly Enlightened One!
    The essence of the path of suppression is to follow the path to full completion. As one arrives in the space of equality and non-divinity, one abides in an enlightened mind that has no birth and no basis for description! Discarding the five poisons ornaments the bliss of the five bodies!
    There is nothing [in conduct] for realization, for one surpasses the objects of attachment and anger! There is nothing attainable through realization, for no foundation for deity is established! There is nothing for meditation in meditation, for one is free from the objects of contemplation. In the guarded moral discipline there is also initially nothing for realization. If one adheres to the original protection, one attains the state of enlightenment! [The realization of] effortless activity is [the unity of] nirvana and cyclical existence. Since the mind lacks birth and death, [it is] the ornament of bliss!
    Since you abide in an unshakable space, whatever manifests itself, there is no change. Since all the manifested being is embraced, there is neither middle nor edge! Since there is nothing that is cut off, [this is] the ornament of bliss!
    As one abides in the space of bliss, one is free from suffering. Because the body of the Teachings is acquired as fruit, nirvana is indicated. Since originally the fruit is spontaneously acquired as the body of the Doctrine and is explained through insight, originally there is no error. Because manifestation arises in itself, there is no disappearance in the mind. When one arrives at the top of the victorious banner that does not descend, there is no level for the fall. If there is no object to contemplate, no foundation, free from locality, free from attachment and anger, then one is free from suffering. since everything is constant and acquired spontaneously, one abides in the realm of bliss. Since one comprehends equality as essence, [this is] the ornament of bliss!
    Because you have surpassed the extremes of realization and meditation, you abide in the sphere of equality. By virtue of the spontaneous attainment of one's own nature, there is no cause and no fruit. Since without suppression everything is encompassed, [the ornament of bliss of the original vast [space] is manifested]! Awareness emerges from oneself in the unborn realm! If one definitely comprehends the absolute level, one comes to the space of equality! If one rests in the nature of equality, one recognizes the unity of the three times. If you [are] subject to sensation, dullness and laziness, you will not find the path of liberation. Abide in the two as objects that are absent in meditation. From the unborn realm arises the essence of awareness.
    Since one is free from all particles, manifestations arise by themselves. Because one is free from the mind-constructions and [duality] of the perceiver and the perceived, bliss arises in oneself. Because one is free from attachment and anger, the absolute level of realization-perception appears. Since there is nothing in the mind for meditation, one surpasses the extremes of words. Since there is nothing for attainment, one is free from the sounds of words. Since there is nothing to protect, one manifests the ornament of original protection.
    Thus completes the Precious ornament of bliss from the section of the enlightened mind.
    Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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