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The King of Space

The King of Space

    I bow before the blessed, glorious Samantabhadra!

    King of celestial space, dharmakaya and primordal wisdom!
    Through change in dharmas, the nature of mind [appears as] bliss!
    Through the inconceivable dharmatha [appears as] great space [of dharmadhatu]!
    Through the inconceivable space [appears as] the essence of the Victorious One!

    Out of reality, unthinkable space [of dharmadhatu], 
    appears in itself the essence of the invisible Victorious!
    Space [of dharmadhatut] ranscends all characteristics.
    And also space is not spoken of as space.

    The essence of space [dharmadhatu] is absence of meditation.
    Inexpressibility and absence in thought is meditation itself.
    That which surpasses expressions and thoughts,
    is the essence, the essence of the triumphant three times.

    Space [dharmadhatu] has no body, space [dharmadhatu] is free from mind.
    Space [dharmadhatu] surpasses expressions of equality and lack of equality.
    Due to the absence of space, space [dharmadhatu] is also not covered.
    And it is not possible to say "This" about the characteristics of sameness.

    Absent in words, embracing everything, free from the sounds of expressions.
    How then can the heart of the medium and the extreme, of the good and the evil, abide?
    Since the objects and actions of the [senses] are absent,
    then [it appears] as a delusion of self-consciousness due to illusory actions, cause and fruit.

    Since there is no meaning that follows words and the absence of words,
    then even if one creates the good of beings that are entirely illusory,
    the comprehensions as a sequence of parts are incipient.
    [Such is] the great burden for the effort that increases initially.

    Through the absence of constancy and nihilism in that which is free of words,
    [shows] the final essence of the texts on the great samadhi.
    In the primordial equality, the absence of birth and the absence of suppression,
    [presents] the mind of the victorious one, the bindu, which is absent as a symbol.

    What do the Victorious say about the symbol there?
    Even the essence of the realization of comprehension and symbol
    appears as the incipient capture of proportionality and comprehension.
    Therefore, in the absence of the symbol, the mind [appears as] the chakra of tantra.

    Even if attached to the enjoyment of bliss and samadhi,
    [shows] the essence that is not seen as the cause of existence and non-existence.
    In the state of appeasement one does not go into nirvana.
    [For] the burden of suppressing the manifestations of objects is great.

    In the primordal dharmata, the absence of fabrications of one's own mind,
    it is important to be diligent in purifying illusion and samadhi. 
    Since one does not rely on the power of self-generated primordal wisdom,
    then one calms the aspects of the characteristics of hope and apprehension.

    When everything is embraced like the edges of space,
    [shows] the essence of the qualities of enlightened seeing.
    The space [dharmadhatu] that has surpassed aspects, vision and hearing,
    does not primordal exist as constancy and nihilism in a state of appeasement.

    Because it is embraced in all things, it is free as the essence of permanence.
    Since it is singular, there is no cutting off of ordinary words because of inseparability.
    Since there is no birth and destruction, there is no initial extremity of permanence.
    Since it surpasses body, speech and mind, [it appears as] the highest of the great.

    As it has surpassed the objects of mere words, there is no damage.
    Since gone from mantra and mudra, there is no change.
    As there is no broad and narrow, door and depth, 
    then [there appears] the very essence of the innermost great width.

    Because it surpasses everything external and internal, [it appears as] the essence of the heart of mystery.
    As there is no happiness and suffering, [it appears as] the heart of equality.
    Inasmuch as there is no arising, entering, and destruction, [it is] the shire.
    As surpassed by gathering, separation and time, [it is] the dharani of the giving of the broad and the narrow.

    Since [is] the dharmic space, the nature of mind, everything [appears as] the body of space.
    Because it surpasses thought and account, [it appears as] the face of great original wisdom.
    When clear light is spontaneously attained through original appeasement,
    then even in the one essence of the enlightenment of the heart there is no created.

    When it surpasses the objects of passion in the absence of changeability,
    then there is not in the form of a symbol as the essence of the original wisdom of the Enlightened One.
    Since there is no appearing and entering, it surpasses the objects of the senses.
The body that has eliminated characteristics does not abide [anywhere] and is primordially pure.

    Empty of the faculties [of the senses] that seek the absence of the object of their food.
    Everything [appears as] one taste, inseparability, the space of bliss.
    In the essence of the equality of the three tenses there is no appearance and interaction [of the senses].

    In primordial freedom and clinging without grasping -
    The essence of everything does not fluctuate in the space of the three times
    Locality in the ubiquitous absence of parts and aspects 
    [is shown] as the essence of the three times, Vajrasattva.

    When one acts without this insight, one becomes entangled in illusion.
    Enlightenment that does not turn away from error,
    surpasses the extremes of dual thoughts. 
    [And appears as] a mahasattva that is free from reflection.

    The essence of the enlightened mind, which is like space,
    is not expressed, not seen as being, not being, and not being in the middle.
    When there is no expression even in the form of space alone,
    then who can utter words like word and space?

    Yoga, which transcends mind and words,
    is seclusion because of the primordial emptiness and the immediate absence of locality.
    In ubiquitous clarity, the very essence of primordial wisdom,
    everything [appears] solely as perfect purity.

    Therefore, because of the individual indeterminacy of characteristics and actions
    surpass the extremes of singularity and multiplicity.
    And although it is believed that in the essence of dharmic space one is superior to the objects,
    the characteristics of non-attachment adorn everything.

    What is seen primordially as a characteristic of form?
    What is contemplated when there are no characteristics of thought?
    Through the illusion of the symbol of the rainbow a noble body is conceived.
    Through the illusion of the place of veneration [is shown] zeal for hope.

    But even then, even though in [the state of] spontaneous realization of the great path of perfect purity
    there is no spiritual merit, the Victorious ones say, "Realized [or realized, attained].
    Dharmic space is the great state without hesitation.
    As it encompasses everything, it surpasses words in the absence of sounds.

    Because of the great accumulation of an ocean of numerous manifestations
    there is no possibility of even a particle fluctuating because of the essence of not being acted upon.
    It is difficult to clearly find the smallest [particles] in appeasement.
    There is no possibility of comprehending on the basis of delusion because of objects and logic.

    When there are no thoughts of hesitation and no hesitation,
    [a characteristic is shown] that surpasses even space.
When one contemplates the great method of primordial spontaneous attainment
    as the fabrication of causes, it does not appear as attainment.

    When you transcend extremes and gates of action,
    can there be anything to protect because of delusions and false thoughts?
    The great Bindu without characteristics is manifestation [or emanation].
    And even if manifested only as illusion,
    by virtue of its separation from the space of dharmata, there is no interaction.
    Therefore, the perfect Victorious one is not proclaimed as the way of illusion.

    Having no abode, dharmakaya transcends expression, 
    for it does not initially abide even in the middle.
    Therefore, then, even reading about the extremes and the original wisdom of bliss, which is like this,
    one surpasses the extremes of manifestation and utterance.

    Thus completes the king of space from [the section of] the enlightened mind.
    Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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