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7. Chakra of life


Chakra of life

    The Blessed One, the glory of all without exception, has come to complete the purpose of beings by compassion and methods! The essence of Bliss and omniscience [appears as] the sphere of phenomena and the proper nature of body, speech and mind! I prostrate before the treasury that unites [in itself] the equality [of all things] through the enlightened mind, the chakra of life-force!
    Through the union of body, speech and mind with the body, speech and mind [of the Enlightened One], samsara is discarded in the great mystery of the Victorious.

    Through the great treasury of perfect yoga, dharma space, the vajra chain, and the heart commitments of nirvana, one who possesses the destiny of the great treasury of mind and oral tantra abides in the appearance of the perfect that does not fade away. By this heart that unites the deeds of body, speech, and mind, [is shown] the treasury of all oral precepts as the good of beings, the essence of the equality of body, speech, and mind, the dharma space of the triumphant three times. May the lord, the self-awareness that is commensurate with the possessors of destiny, clarify the vast mandala of the mind for the highest son of the heart that lives following [this lord]!
    Dharmic space is an entity that is not born, does not abide, and does not appear as nirvana. Samsara, that which is neither born nor cut off, is neither discarded nor seized. The absence of the self, the freedom from the self, is the mind of the victorious one. Yoga is the infinite heart of the mystery.
    The victorious one who gathers a treasury of jewels is not blinded by utterances. Abide in the nature of space without discarding or attaining.
    If you analyze the three spheres [of being], there is no samsara or nirvana. If play directions and arising are the heart of Sugata.
    The intrinsic nature of everything is absent, being like a rainbow.
    Since emergence is like absence there, it is like the ocean.
    Dharma space is the unborn space of the mother.
    The Mudra of the Victorious possesses the magical manifestation of emergence.
    Because it appears as samsara and nirvana, even without deviating from the space of self-generated wisdom, compassion appears, which equally correlates with the perfection of the sphere of a thousand [worlds]. Thus [is shown] the perfection of the heart that has no self and is free from selfhood. Such is the great perfection of the space of original wisdom, the absolute level. The heart, like the sun, [appears as] the highest of all kinds of light.
    Everything, whether birth, movement, external or internal forms, [appears as] a vast chakra that is adorned with inexhaustible higher bodies.
    All the ordinary strong and weak sounds of speech are completed in the chakra of inexhaustible adornment of the higher body.
    Since one tastes in the space of absolute level, indivisibility, the possession of the chakra of inexhaustible embellishment of the higher mind is completed in perfection.
    Since everything is inseparable from body, speech, and mind, it is like an ocean, the vast expanse of unborn space.
    In the immensity of the higher space, where there is no unification and separation, there is no counting of the magical manifestations of the four great ones. Therefore everything is gathered in the form of the fruit of the elements, even as it is analyzed or contemplated.
    This nectar, the great medicine of immortality, is originally perfect. Therefore, initially there is no need to search for it.
    Also, everything [appears as] equal in nature, dharma space, the only stream.
    And there is no possibility of going anywhere higher and no emergence [from somewhere] from another [place].
    Everything [becomes] clear as an enlightened mind.
    The revealed being, the intrinsic nature of the methods, [appears] as the father of the victorious one.
    The absence of one's own nature there is the space of the mother.
    When one possesses methods and wisdom, there is nothing that is not united.
    In one's own nature, where methods and wisdom are connected, the wisdom of body, speech, and mind is not embraced by the mind.
    Dharmic space, being the only cause, manifests the diversity of its own nature.
    Everything is gathered in the nature of the two aspects of the enlightened [mind].
    In the vast ocean, the perfect purity, the sphere of space, [manifests] the many clusters of constellations of elements not encompassed by the mind.
    Like [manifesting] the mind of Maheshvara, which is equal to space, the ocean of qualities [appears as] the nature of all the Enlightened ones. Essencelessness and dharma space, which is free from aspects, is equal to space.
    That which leads all sentient beings appears as the path of enlightenment. Tantras from the scriptures and the important ones are completed in the [enlightened] mind. That which is acceptable as aspects of the sublime and the small possesses an enlightened mind. Dharmic space is like a pure ocean. The three beings are the great lord that has no comparison. This chakra, which is commensurate with the union of the perfect life force, is self-awareness, the ruler. The energy of the good vajra purifies that which is proclaimed as the goal of perfect yoga.
    The oral precepts of non-dividedness are called the Life Force Chakra.
    I offer for the perfection of beings that which arises from the mind.
    This is how the life force chakra is completed.
    Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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