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1.16. Beginning. Extraction of the terma from Badongva in Shinje Dongkha

Library - First volume of Lama gongdu

Extraction of the terma from Badongva in Shinje Dongkha

    On the evening of the thirteenth day of the middle month of the summer of the year, the Iron-Woman-Pig withdrew thirty-four scrolls from the base of the lower ledge of Shinje Dongkha1 such as the tantra of the peaceful and wrathful lord of life Yama, the not complete text [of the meeting] of mother and son, additionally separate additions and actions. Countless earthquakes, noisy sounds, visions, magical manifestations, magical manifestations of the eight classes, the twelve Tenma, the magical manifestations of Dorje Dragtsen, etc. arose at this time.
    This is the sixteenth, the chapter of the extraction of the terma from Badongva in Shinje Dongkha.


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