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1.18. Beginning. Conclusion. Part One

Library - First volume of Lama gongdu

Conclusion. Part One

    I, Sangye Lingpa, a novice monk [of] Uddiyana, in accordance with the tradition that has arisen according to the predictions, extracted termas that have no falsity. Even when [doing so], many virtuous friends of the present time, the bad time, the decline of the age, [appeared as] a great supreme sign. And the assemblies of lowly men rejoiced in the pernicious. The assemblies of the noble, who follow the Doctrine, have strived for pleasure. Most fell under the power and might of Mara. As a consequence, [individual [sectarian] doctrines that are separate from outlook and conduct began to appear. In this hour, when persons deviate from doctrine, no one abides in the cutting off of doubt and conceptual analysis, forgetting the formation of faith and devotion. [Being such,] one again manifests secret thoughts about the teachings of the terma.
    How, then, do they sing hymns to the miraculous [manifestations]? Some men listen when they say such things. Through these cunning and deceptive speeches of the termans, people's heads turn because of the chakra of magic. Thanks to the extraction of the terma they say about the lack of essence in the texts. How are charlatans present, if there is truth from the extraction of the term? On the basis of the creation of lies, they forget about all the essence of the texts. All they hear are numerous empty talks. If false things are expressed, why do they not speak of these [true teachings]?
    And because of the happiness of happy talk, soft speech and twisted language, all the city gates and drums gather. They distort and forget the customs from the speech of the higher siddhars. [Those possessing] the three kinds of dharmic garments will wrap themselves up as individual women. Will discard as phlegm vinaya, laws and heart commitments. Will look upon preceptor, acharya, and parents as angry enemies. They will rely on records of various sayings [instead of] teachings and precepts. They will especially kill those who follow the cause and effect, the roots of virtue and the practice of teaching. Rumors and babblings about vision, meditation, conduct, and fruit will spread. Those who act as charlatans will lie about the benefactors who possess the faith. Friends who practice doctrines, mixing higher and lower, will be looked upon with condemnation and contempt because of passion, anger, and darkness. If they say lies, why don't they talk about it?
    Some say, "I am a manifestation of [a teacher from] Uddiyana. They write down on poisoned paper perverted teachings with herbs that are boiled in water. On a piece of cotton they correct the higher teachings. Changing cemeteries and rocks as [equal] to one direction with the base of Gyalgong. Hiding [in the rocky hermitages] for several years, they speak of the appearance of the treasury of the box. Retrieving these keys, they say, "I am a terton. Gathering the fools, they form their faith and devotion. How then not to contradict the Teachings of the Victorious One of Uddiyana?
    When such talks about the sayings [of a teacher from] Uddiyana abide, [then acting] for the benefit of beings of the time of decadence, I, Padmasambhava of Uddiyana, manifest limitless tens of millions of manifestations. I conceal boundless tens of millions of treasures. In the time of decadence, the age of the future, an infinite number of tens of millions of tertones will appear. On the basis of this, even the Mara will enter the parts of those who are like me, but are not me. As they enter, they will deceive beings with the lies of substance and terma. My, Lotus, tertons will appear as three, five, or seven. Most but these will not be tertons. How is it not to contradict the teachings of the Victorious One in this way?
    Now and in the future they will say, "There are tertons above, below, and in the middle. They will say "[There are] twenty, thirty, etc., which guard the good of beings. There will be wandering in such many statements. Those among them who possess knowledge will see the good. But if there is a lord of the Doctrine, they will be comprehended as not being. When the treasury is pure, there are no methods, [what] to remove in purity?
    Some say, "Possessing comprehension, siddha." But they do not move as naked, being clothed in various dog skins. They say, "Footprints are marked with a seal." But rely on theurangs or use blushes.
    They speak of clairvoyance or say "being a siddha". But are exposed to hunger and explain how to practice ascesis. Even if they haven't practiced for one year, they claim to have found realization. Even if they haven't meditated for one day, they say they have "possessed the realization. For persons who use a variety of [methods] that are not teachings, offerings are made with devotion on the basis of gathering beings, their parents. How can one not be deluded by perverted friends who are like these?
    Even if they say, "Terton is content with earth and stones," this is a representation of the essence of the teachings [of the teacher] of Uddiyana. Even the sages and preceptors of Utsang, who possess the good, said, "No [good] friend will appear from a barbarous country. Even if some number of blasphemers of the teachings appear, what is the tradition of those who arise from the side of Utsang that is not important? For even there those who possess knowledge ask for the essence.
    In times of the decadence of the age, of the present time, those who conform to the Teaching are like the Udumwara. Those who act inconsistent with the teachings are like summer herbs and fruit. Magical manifestations of Mara are like a snowstorm. Those beings who do evil things are like the stars in the dark ages. Charlatans of both sexes are like a garden of herbs and trees. The lives of [good] friends are like ice at sunrise. The noble forms of monks and nuns are like the unrest in an ant hill. Cheaters who seek jewels are like clusters of insects. Guru-teachers who hold monasteries are like promiscuous women. Teachers who expound teachings are like knowledgeable conversationalists. Great meditators in mountain retreats are like bees gathering honey. Those who are free from private actions are like birds coated with seed. Followers of the bon mantra are like butchers with red hands. The divine lords and healers are like merchants waiting for a boon. Siddhis and possessors of comprehension are like butchers who are versed in songs. Offerings to gurus and connoisseurs of readings are like unmarried women of assemblies. The knowers of writings and divine crafts are like threatening protectors. Men and women who meditate and [take] monastic [vows] are like thieves who seek jewels. Householders and benefactors are like the tears of Mara. All these similitudes and lack thereof, are clear and well seen. In like manner looks the majority, which has approached a perverse [vision]. So how does everything appear in the decline of the Doctrine? Is not my countenance also impure?



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