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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). First volume


Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

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Number in volumeNameTibetanLocation html
1Stanzas about the origin of the termagter 'byung tshigs bcad ma13-34html
2The emergence of the terma of trulku Sangye Lingpa "Great"sprul sku sangs rgyas gling pa'i gter 'byung chen mo35-126 
3The root practice of gathering thoughts." A garland of precious lotuses."dgongs 'dus rtsa ba'i sgrub pa nor bu pad+ma'i phreng ba127-214 
4The addition of the "precious Garland of lotuses". Sequence of drawings.nor bu pad phreng gi lhan thabs dpe'u ris kyi rim pa215-250 
5The Practice of the Three Roots " Iron Hook of Compassion"rtsa gsum gyi sgrub thabs thugs rje'i lcags kyu251-300 
6The practice of a single hero. External, internal and secret practices "Heart of the Jewel"dpa' bo rkyang sgrub phye nang gsang gsum gyi sgrub pa nor bu'i snying po301-314 
7Meditation on the body of the deitylha'i sku bsgom pa315-318 
8The practice of the most perfect mind "The Unity of the Sun and the Moon". A true visualization of the practice that corresponds to the texts of anu Yoga and the Great Perfection of ati Yogayang gsang thugs kyi sgrub pa nyi zla kha sbyor zhes bya ba lung a nu yo ga dang rdzogs pa chen po a ti yo ga ltar sgrub pa'i mngon rtogs dam pa319-350 
9The practice of the common unity of all "The Jewel of wish fulfillment"thams cad spyi dril gyi sgrub pa yid bzhin nor bu351-394 
10Hidden separately oral instructions on mantras from the practice " The Jewel of wish fulfillment"sgrub pa yid bzhin nor bu'i sngags kyi man ngag gud du sbas pa396-402 
11Practice separately guru, deva and dakini " A piece of magic"bla ma yi dam mkha' 'gro gsum bye brag so so'i sgrub pa 'phrul gyi dum bu403-428 
12Clarification of the most secret root heart practice guru, deva, dakini " Jewel of the Mind"bla ma yi dam mkha' 'gro gsum gyi yang gsang rtsa ba'i thugs sgrub gsal byed thugs kyi nor bu429-443 
13Explanation of the heart practice of the Three Roots "Mind Practice" and Yogic activitiesrtsa gsum gyi thugs sgrub gsal byed thugs kyi nor bu'i sgrub pa dang las sbyor445-478 
14Method of drawing the chakra of the life force of the three Rootsrtsa gsum srog 'khor bri thabs479-482 
15Brief activity practice "Beautiful garland of flowers"'phrin las lam khyer bsdus pa me tog phreng mdzes483-518 
16The liberating acts of the eating section of Ganapuja from the "Beautiful Garland of Flowers"me tog phreng mdzes kyi tshogs kyi stobs pa'i skabs su bsgral las bya ba519-520 
17Instructions on the practice of longevity "Purified heart of nectar". Practice for yourselftshe sgrub kyi gdams pa bdud rtsi'i snying po'i yang zhun zhes bya ba bdag don du sgrub pa'i thabs521-552 
18Instructions for practice with embellishments of longevity for othersspros bcas gzhan don du tshe sgrub pa'i gdams pa553-576 
19Body Protectionbla ma dgongs 'dus lus srung577-578 
20Practice of the Healer "Ocean of nectar"sman sgrub bdud rtsi'i rgya mtsho579-668 
21Great practice, practice of the Healer, the empowerment of the vessel with embellishments. Description of the enumeration from the practice method, which corresponds to the practicebsgrub pa chen po bdud rtsi sman bsgrub spros bcas bum dbang dang bcas pa phyag bzhes ji ltar bya tshul gyi sa bcad zin bris su bkod pa669-700 
22Practice of the living dead "Purified Nectar" and small recordsbam sgrub bdud rtsi'i yang zhun dang de'i yig chung701-744 
23The practice of Torma "Milk of wish fulfillment from the nectar"gtor sgrub bdud rtsi'i 'dod 'jo745-770 
24Practice of the living dead " Purified oil from nectar"bum sgrub bdud rtsi'i zhun mar771-800 
25Dharani practice "Water flow of nectar".gzungs sgrub bdud rtsi'i chu rgyun801-844 
26Structure of all practices, decorated guide "Shining Mirror".sgrub pa thams cad kyi khog dbub pra khrid gsal ba'i me long845-980 
27Fifth. Establishing kilaya on the borderlnga pa mtshams phur gdab pa981-984 


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