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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). First volume


Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 Vol. 5 Vol. 6 Vol. 7 Vol. 8 Vol. 9 Vol. 10 Vol. 11 Vol. 12 Vol. 13 Vol. 14


Number in volume Name  html
1 Stanzas about the origin of the terma html
2 The emergence of the terma of trulku Sangye Lingpa "Great"  
3 The root practice of gathering thoughts." A garland of precious lotuses."  
4 The addition of the "precious Garland of lotuses". Sequence of drawings.  
5 The Practice of the Three Roots " Iron Hook of Compassion"  
6 The practice of a single hero. External, internal and secret practices "Heart of the Jewel"  
7 Meditation on the body of the deity  
8 The practice of the most perfect mind "The Unity of the Sun and the Moon". A true visualization of the practice that corresponds to the texts of anu Yoga and the Great Perfection of ati Yoga  
9 The practice of the common unity of all "The Jewel of wish fulfillment"  
10 Hidden separately oral instructions on mantras from the practice " The Jewel of wish fulfillment"  
11 Practice separately guru, deva and dakini " A piece of magic"  
12 Clarification of the most secret root heart practice guru, deva, dakini " Jewel of the Mind"  
13 Explanation of the heart practice of the Three Roots "Mind Practice" and Yogic activities  
14 Method of drawing the chakra of the life force of the three Roots  
15 Brief activity practice "Beautiful garland of flowers"  
16 The liberating acts of the eating section of Ganapuja from the "Beautiful Garland of Flowers"  
17 Instructions on the practice of longevity "Purified heart of nectar". Practice for yourself  
18 Instructions for practice with embellishments of longevity for others  
19 Body Protection  
20 Practice of the Healer "Ocean of nectar"  
21 Great practice, practice of the Healer, the empowerment of the vessel with embellishments. Description of the enumeration from the practice method, which corresponds to the practice  
22 Practice of the living dead "Purified Nectar" and small records  
23 The practice of Torma "Milk of wish fulfillment from the nectar"  
24 Practice of the living dead " Purified oil from nectar"  
25 Dharani practice "Water flow of nectar".  
26 Structure of all practices, decorated guide "Shining Mirror".  
27 Fifth. Establishing kilaya on the border  
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