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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). Third volume


Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

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Number in the volumeNameTibetanLocation html
Detailed explanation of heart obligations-samaya "Sealing knot"dam tshig rnam bshad rgya mdud1-53html
Offering of merit "Wish-fulfilling Jewel"bsngo ba nor bu bsam 'phel55-71 
Practice of preliminary actions. Seven branches "Keys of magic that open the gate"sngon du 'gro ba'i chos spyod yan lag bdun pa sgo 'byed 'phrul gyi lde'u mig73-80 
Practice. Instructions on the movement to Refuge and the of the generation of the attitude "Land of Precious Gold"nyams len skyabs 'gro sems bskyed kyi gdams pa rin po che gser gyi sa gzhi81-139 
Sevenfold Ritual of Mandala Offering "Jewel of Wish Fulfillment"maN+Dal 'bul ba'i cho ga tshul bdun yid bzhin nor bu141-179 
The transformation of food and drink into ganachakra. Yoga of food and sustenance "Drop of Nectar"bza' btung tshogs su bsgyur ba 'tsho ba zas kyi rnal 'byor bdud rtsi'i thigs pa179-190 
Oral instructions on the daily practice of walking aroundbskor ba chos spyod rgyun khyer gyi man ngag191-195 
The sequence of daily torma. Torma Ritual "All-encompassing Nectar"rgyun gtor gyi rim pa gtor chog bdud rtsi kun khyab197-211 
Lines of the mandala "Net of Brahma"dkyil 'khor gyi bri thig tshangs pa'i drwa ba213-220 
10 Perfect purity of the mandala "Perfectly Shining Light"dkyil 'khor rnam dag rab tu gsal ba'i 'od221-238 
11 The correct size of the body "the Precious diagram"sku gzugs kyi chags tshad rin chen drwa mig239-255 
12 The procedure of the dance "Cup of Magic"gar 'cham gyi lag len 'phrul gyi pa tra257-302 
13 Correct dimensions of the heart of the mandala "Precious Staircase"dkyil 'khor blo bslang gi chags tshad rin chen them skas303-319 
14 Oral explanations that clarify the essence of the examples "Decorated melody explanations"dbyangs kyi pra khrid dpe don gsal ba'i man ngag321-345 
15 Ritual procedure of the mandala. Direct instructionsdkyil 'khor gyi lag len dmar khrid347-370 
16 The ritual procedure of offerings. Direct instructionsmchod pa'i lag len dmar khrid371-393 
17 The ritual procedure of Torma. Direct instructionsgtor ma'i lag len dmar khrid395-407 
18 Ritual procedure of symbols and signs. Direct instructions, detailed divisions "Chakra Decoration"brda rtags kyi lag len dmar khrid rnam 'byed rgyan gyi 'khor lo409-434 
19 Practice of implementation of Teaching. Direct instructions "Garland of mirrors, Jewel head bead"chos spyod lag len dmar khrid me long phreng ba nor bu'i mdo 'dzin435-446 
20 Direct explanations on the daily practice of Interdependence " The Hidden Peak of Awareness, [unity] of Manifestation and Emptiness"rten 'brel rgyun khyer dmar khrid snang stong rig pa'i gab tse447-472 
21 Clarification of the essence of the torma "Treasury of Nectar"gtor ma'i de nyid gsal ba bdud rtsi'i dkor mdzod473-509 
22 Clarification of the essence of the rosary "Cresset of the Mantra"phreng ba'i de nyid gsal ba sngags kyi sgron me511-527 
23 Explanation of the essence of the cap and clothing "Magic Line of Liberation"zhwa gos kyi de nyid gsal ba thar pa'i 'phrul skas529-540 
24 Clarification of the essence of the action "Decorating the clouds of perfect liberation"spyad pa'i de nyid gsal ba rnam grol sprin gyi rgyan541-551 
25 Clarification of the essence of food "Nectar of the path of enlightenment"kha zas kyi de nyid gsal ba byang chub lam gyi bdud rtsi553-559 
26 Clarification of the essence of the usual behavior "The Heart that collects the essence of prevention"spyod lam gyi de nyid gsal ba 'gag don 'dus pa'i snying po561-572 
27 The root tantra of Lama Gongdubla ma dgongs 'dus rtsa rgyud573-575 
28 The king of tantra, collecting the essence of the mind "The structure of lotus stems"thugs bcud 'dus pa'i rgyud kyi rgyal po pad sdong brtsegs pa577-604 
29 Tantra of the body "Mountain of crystal"sku rgyud shel gyi ri bo605-658 
30 Tantra of the speech "Sounds in the precious rock"gsung rgyud rin chen 'brug sgra659-697 
31 Tantra of the mind "Width of space"thugs kyi rgyud nam mkha' klong yangs699-772 
32 Tantra of qualities "Tree of life force of teaching"yon tan gyi rgyud bstan pa'i srog shing773-854 
33 Tantra of activity of the powerful mantra of guru, Deva and dakini "Blade cutting off by contact"bla ma yi dam mkha' 'gro thams cad kyi drag sngags phrin las kyi rgyud spu gri reg gcod855-894 


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