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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). Seventh volume


Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

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Number in the volume Name Tibetan html pdf
Enumeration of days, calculate of the time of planets and constellations. Calculation of dakini time combinations tshes grangs gza' skar dus rtsis kyi dang po DAk+ki dus sbyor gyi 'gyur rtsis    
Calculations. Table of days of the month "Perfection of everything necessary" rtsis kyi zla tshes dgos pa kun tshang    
Separation of good and bad fruits that have the score "Precious Amber" rtsis kyi ldan 'bras bzang ngan shan 'byed rin chen sbur len    
Separation of good and bad fruits that have the score "Precious Amber" rtsis kyi ldan 'bras bzang ngan shan 'byed rin po che'i sbur len    
Oral instructions on time calculations dus rtsis man ngag    
Extraction of Essences "Compressed Heart" bcud len snying po bsdus pa: dngos grub longs spyod kyi gnas drug    
Ascetic practice "All-encompassing equality of taste" dka' thub ro snyoms khyab brdal    
Kapala Analysis "Getting the yaksha Jewel" thod brtags gnod sbyin nor len    
Kapala practice "Treasury of realization of thoughts" thod sgrub yid bzhin bang mdzod    
10  Death analysis "Clearing the lamp of time" 'chi brtag dus kyi sgron gsal    
11  Instructions on the daily practice of longevity, important for yourself and others "Heart of Vajra" tshe sgrub rgyun khyer gyi gdams pa rang gzhan gnyis ka la gces pa rdo rje'i snying po    
12 The cycle of wealth practice that carries out an increase in wealth. The practice of the wealth of the deity "Treasury Vase without Decay" 'byor pa spel byed nor bsgrub kyi skor las: dang po lha'i nor bsgrub 'dzad med gter gyi bum pa    
13  Six instructions on increasing the existence of fools. The Descent of Being "Receiving the son of the Deity" rmongs po srid 'phel gyi gdams pa drug las thog mar srid 'bebs lha'i bu lon    
14  Six instructions on increasing the existence of fools. The ocean of being "a iron Vessel" srid mtsho lcags kyi bum pa    
15  Six instructions on increasing the existence of fools. Elimination of obstacles to childbearing. Oral instructions on freeing knot srid kyi gegs sel mdud dgrol gyi man ngag    
16  Six instructions on increasing the existence of fools. Protection of childbearing "Constant bubbling" srid srung g.yung drung 'khyil ba    
17  Six instructions on increasing the existence of fools. Genesis Suppression Bowl, Black Blows, and the Graveyard of Babies sri mnan lcog brdung nag po dang chung dur    
18  Six instructions on increasing the existence of fools. Discarding the Perfection of Being "The Movement of the Only Devourer" sri'u tshang bzlog sha za gcig rgyug    
19  Increase the mind "Sword of Wisdom". Small entries about the entanglement of the tip as a self blo 'phel shes rab ral gri : rnon po ngar 'dog gi yig chung    
20  Oral instructions on composing the words "Euphonious speech, Padma Karpo, Brahma and Gandhi deities" skad bcos kyi man ngag skad snyan pad+ma dkar po tshangs pa lha'i g+han De    
21  Method for composing eye medicine "Cutting off the line of blindness" mig sman gyi sbyor thabs long ba rgyun gcod    
22  Speech sounds "Radiating the light of primordial wisdom" ngag bkrol ye shes 'od 'phro    
23  Whipping up sleep "Eliminating the darkness of ignorance" gnyid skrog ma rig mun sel    
24  Proclamation of the recitation "Bringing Down the Power of Abilities" bzlas brjod nus pa stobs 'byin    
25  Sequence of signs and symbols of good and bad dreams rmi lam bzang ngan brda rtags kyi rim pa (gnas skabs rten 'brel gyi mngon shes drug)    
26  Sounding in the ears of "White Child Practice" rna sgrogs khye'u chung dkar po'i sgrub thabs    
27  Oral instructions on the practice of a man, a white little child. Small entries hidden separately skyes bu khye'u chung dkar po sgrub pa'i man ngag yig chung logs su gab pa    
28  Practice of the goddess of healing "The light of magic that is illumination" sman gyi lha mo'i sgrub thabs gsal byed 'phrul gyi sgron me    
29  Eye vision "The lamp of the Sun and Moon that clarifies the vision of the eyes" mig mthong mig gi snang gsal nyi zla'i sgron ma    
30  Analysis of predictions from an oil lamp that illuminates existence snang gsal mar me'i brtag pa 'od 'bar    
31  Instructions for making predictions "Recognizing thieves" pra 'bebs rkun ma ngos 'dzin    
32  Oral instructions that are beneficial for fruits and crops "A small vessel of nectar that brings down rain" 'bras bu lo thog la phan par byed pa'i man ngag char 'bebs bdud rtsi'i bum chung    
33  One entry. Supplement about the relegation of rain char 'bod kyi lhan thabs byang gcig    
34  Suppression of the Wind "Emission of light of Meru" rlung gnon ri rab 'od 'phro    
35  Protection from the cold "Screams of the Naga Dragon" sad srung na ga 'brug sgrog    
36  Cutting off the hail "Patra of fire" ser gcod me'i pa tra    
37  Protection of cereals "Reversal of the poisonous mouth" 'bu srung gdug pa kha bsgyur    
38  Protection from rust "Vajra diamond" btsa' srung rdo rje pha lam    
39  The Sutra of the noble Mahamegha. Chapter of bringing down the rain. What is associated with the addition of six types of benefits for the harvest of subtle deeds 'phags pa sprin chen po'i mdo las: char dbab pa'i le'u bla ma dgongs pa 'dus pa'i las phran lo thog la phan byed drug gi lhan thabs su sbyar ba    
40  Creating harm to Bad Directions "The Possibility of everything" phyogs ngan gnod byed kun thub    
41  Bad for demons and eight classes "The possibility of everything" sde brgyad 'dre ngan kun thub    
42  Head diseases, infectious diseases "The possibility of everything" 'gos nad yams rims kun thub    
43  Various entries about bad mantras "The Possibility of everything" ngan sngags yig sna kun thub    
44  Oral instructions about bad Kapala "The Possibility of everything" thod ngan nag po kun thub kyi man ngag    
45  Bad Diverse Substances "The Possibility of everything" sna tshogs rdzas ngan kun thub    
46  Protection aimed at the face of eight classes sde brgyad kyi gdong gtad srung ba    
47  Protection of the body from internal and external parasites lus phyi nang gi srog chags srung ba    
48  Protection from harm to horses and livestock rta phyugs la 'tshe ba srung ba    
49  Weapon protection in war g.yul ngo'i mtshon cha srung ba    
50  Protection against harmful damage gnod byed god kha srung ba    
51  Protection against eight fears 'jigs pa brgyad kyi srung ba    
52  Chakra of the door protection ritual from Tramen phra men 'dzul chog 'khor lo    
53  Protection. The text of the "Vajra Armor". Six Actions to Protect and Repel Powerful [Mantras] srung ba rdo rje'i go cha: drag po srung bzlog gi las drug    
54  Protection. The text of the "Vajra Armor". Drawings and mantras that were recorded separately srung ba rdo rje'i go cha'i gzhung sngags dpe'u ris logs nas tshur bris pa    


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