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Library - Kangyur


Number Name Tibetan Sanskrit Location Status Donate
32 Sutra of the complete turning of the wheel of the Teaching chos kyi 'khor lo rab tu bskor ba'i mdo dharma-cakra-pravartana-sūtra ka 180b1-183a7. - need
33 An overview of the stories of incarnations skyes pa rabs kyi gleng gzhi или skyes pa rabs kyi gleng gzhi'i bshad pa jātaka-nidāna ka 183a7-250a5 - need
34 Sutra of the Adakavati Palace [Yaksha Anatya] lcang lo can kyi pho brang gi mdo āṭa-aṇāṭiya-sūtra ka 250a5-259b4 - need
35 Sutra of the Great Assembly 'dus pa chen po'i mdo mahā-samaya-sūtra. ka 259b4-263a4 - need
36 Sutra of love byams pa'i mdo maitrī-sūtra ka 263a4-270a1 - need
37 Sutra of Cultivating Love byams pa bsgom pa'i mdo maitrī-bhāvana-sūtra ka 270a1-270b7 Translated  
38 Sutra of the benefits and benefits of the five spiritual trainings bslab pa lnga'i phan yon gyi mdo pañca-śikṣya-anu-śaṁsa-sūtra ka 271a1-276a5 - need
39 Ananda sutra from the mountain ri'i kun dga' bo'i mdo giri-ānanda-sūtra ka 276a5-279a2 - need
40 Sutra of Submission of the Naga King Nandopananda klu'i rgyal po dga' bo nyer dga' 'dul ba'i mdo nandopananda-nāga-rāja-damana-sūtra ka 279a2-281b1 - need
41 Sutra of Maha-Kashyapa 'od srung chen po'i mdo mahā-kāśyapa-sūtra ka 281b1-282a6 Translated  
42 Sutra of Surya-Sun nyi ma'i mdo sūrya-sūtra. ka 282a6-282b6 Translated  
43 Sutra of Chandra-Moon zla ba'i mdo candra-sūtra ka 282b6-283a5 Translated  
44 Sutra of Great Good bkra shis chen po'i mdo mahā-maṅgala-sūtra ka 283a5-284a7 Translated  


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