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Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

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     I prostrate myself before the Blessed glorious Vajrapani in blue robes! I prostrate myself before the Enlightened Ones and the Bodhisattvas of the three times!
     That's what I heard once. The blessed Akshobhya was in the palace of Atanatya, the enlightened one of the Vajra family, along with the bodhisattva Vajrapani, Vajranikaya, Vajradharan, Vajraparamanayakaran, Vajrabhrishahana, Vajravyadasarvanaya, Vajradhatukarmajina, Vajrakantaviharatra and others who surrounded him in the number of ten million.
     Then the bodhisattva-mahasattva Vajrapani pierced the heart three times with the vajra. Circling the Blessed One three times, he prostrated himself. He got down on his right knee and said the following:
     Blessed one! Tathagata! The great Vajradhara, who subdues all bhutas! Please explain the great tantra called "The subjugation of all Vajras, performing the subjugation of poisons that are under the ground"!
      Great vidyadhara! Please explain! Great all-encompassing Lord! Please explain! The great one who exercises the subjugation of all who are poisonous! Please explain! The great one that destroys all darkness! Please explain!
     Vajrapani said so and the Blessed One replied to Vajrapani:
     Great Vajradhara! It is good that you, who possess the sacrament, have asked for the benefit of living beings for a reason called " The Subjugation of everything by Vajra."
      Well done, O Lord of the hidden! All right, O great bodhisattva!
     Therefore, you and all of the Vajrapani family hear [the teaching] and keep it in mind! I will fully reveal [the teaching]. Stick to it thanks to the explanation of the tantra "Vajra that subdues bhuta in the Vajra dungeon"!
     Said so and the Blessed One plunged into the balance of samadhi called " The destruction of all demonic influences and bhuta from under the earth through the samadhi of subjugating everything by vajra." Immediately after the Blessed One had fallen into balance in this samadhi, from all the holes of the hairs on the body of the Blessed One, a multitude of angry [manifestations] appeared, bringing about the subjugation of all the poison. [Appeared] and filled three levels, underground, ground surface, and aboveground. As soon as the sounds of hūṁ filled the Naga's poisonous haunts beneath the earth, the eight Naga kings and their retinue obeyed. And they were called before the Blessed One.
     Then the king of the Nagas, Ananta, showed a poisonous mood and emitted a special heat on the exhalation. The Blessed One became aware of this attitude and bestowed his blessing on Vajrapani, the lord of the hidden. After that, a mantra called "Complete appeasement of the wrath of all the Nagas" was recited.»:

     oṁ nīla vajra krodha nāga hūṁ phaṭ

     So it was said.

     Then Naga Ananta completely calmed the mind, and by becoming enlightened, the mind and all the nagas were completely pacified.
     Then Ananta and the other great naga kings, who are under the earth, said the following to the Blessed One, the great Vajradhara:
     Blessed one! So that in the future future times will come, there will be no obstacles for living beings due to demonic influences from under the ground, we ask you to explain the ritual that pacifies all the harmful [that is present] there! All of us, the Naga kings and our entourage, ask for clarification [of such a ritual, so that] there is no possibility for obstacles for these great living beings! Please explain how [the manifestation] is good for us, the Naga kings!
     So they prayed. Then the Blessed One, the great Vadrjadhara, looked slightly at the great naga kings and said:
     Kings of the Nagas! Good! It's question time. Listen to the explanations that I fully reveal for the benefit of living beings!
     [Said so, and was answered:]
     Well, O Blessed One!
     So the nagas said, and all the others listened accordingly.
     Then Blessed One explained such a chapter as " The Subjugation of the Nagas."
     For the benefit of all living beings, this teacher, the great Vajradhara, took a special look at the entourage-the retinue [that was ]here and emitted rays of light in all [directions]. Having done so, he proclaimed a method that performs the destruction of demonic influences.
      On the eighth day of the white direction [of the month] or similar fourteenth and fifteenth - [come] to a place that is completely secluded. [While there,] perfectly imagine an angry Vajrapani showing a youthful form. [When you imagine,] Put in a precious vessel or clay bowl made pure seven types of jewelry, such as gold, etc. After doing this, repeat the secret mantra one hundred and eight times. By the truth of the commands of the Three Jewels, offer torma bhuta. When you completely hide in the ground, the stable [foundation] where they live, the poisonous nagas and bhutas will be appeased. If there is no benefit from appeasement, then at this time toxic weapons will break out in your own home and [there will be] a strong unbearable suffering. There is no doubt that you will achieve peace by remembering the past at this time.
     Then here the Blessed One in a special way proclaimed the ritual of the deity of deeds:
     Always have an enlightened attitude. Have all the heartfelt commitments and vows. Perform acts of ablution. On a perfectly pure land, compose a corresponding beautiful mandala. Imagine that the Enlightened Ones and the Bodhisattvas [are drawn] in front of you with an iron hook arising from the syllable hūṁ. Make offerings, etc.

     oṁ śūnyatā jñāna vajra svabhāva ātmā ko haṁ

     Meditate on the various samadhi of emptiness. In the sphere of celestial space, the syllable a [arises] and [from it arises] Moon. [It occurs] primarily the syllable hūṁ. Meditate that rays of light are flashing everywhere. All the obscurations-the flares of the six [species] of creatures-are cleared. Having established this at the level of perfect liberation, the light gathers [back]. Imagine it as an aspect of the syllable hūṁ.
      Imagine that its essence has a five-pointed vajra and radiates garlands of light rays. His light dissolves into the essence of the vajra of living beings. Out of it flashes the Great Wrathful's great bodily form, a body of blue color. With his left [leg] extended, he is sixteen years old. Decorated with eight [Naga kings, such as] Ananta, etc. It has a form of black flesh color. With one face, two hands holding the vajra. Has clothes that shine with blue [light]. Three beautiful red eyes look up into the sky. The braid rises up and unravels [with a stream of hair down]. It has a vajra diadem. Imagine it like this.
     Then the great wrathful primordial wisdom is invoked:

     jaḥ hūṁ baṁ hoḥ

     [Called] enters the foundation. The head, throat, and heart are decorated with the mantra of the thirteen syllables of the aspects oṁ, aḥ, and hūṁ. Imagine the chakra, the lotus, and the vajra. Imagine that you receive the Akshobhyavajra initiation and everything is destroyed in perfect purity.
     The Blessed One then proclaimed this root mantra for all acts:

     oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi hūṁ hūṁ pha

     Proclaim it. These garlands of mantras [are] shining white for appeasement, red for submission, yellow for magnification, blue-black for angry [activity]. Drop all thoughts and perform recitation. Through various radiations and gatherings, a meditative immersion corresponding to aspiration is realized. Completely give up yoga without aspirations..
      What are the benefits of zeal in this mind when the Wrathful King Vajrapani shows the stability of all virtuous things? Everywhere special joy is purified, etc. Fully implement invisibility, etc. You become virtuous in your particular behavior and stable in everything. With stability, one becomes completely detached from the connection [with the mundane]. You fully realize the highest among the real achievements-siddhi.
     Thus ends the first chapter of the realization of the acts of appeasement and deity from the glorious tantra of the dungeon by vajra.

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Dharani of the Eight Noble Goddesses

    I prostrate myself before all the Enlightened Ones and Bodhisattvas!

    Then Vajrapani [said]:
    Mother of Tathagatas, who purifies all harmful things! You soothe all diseases! You completely destroy all interference! You are realizing [the manifestation of] complete perfection! I proclaim this supreme queen of the great mantra-dharani!

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā he buddha mātari sarva pāvana aśani garja garja bhañja bhañja marda marda gambhari gambhari hasa hasa dama dama matha matha vidhānsaya vidhānsaya sarva śatūn tara ma ti vimale  pūraya pūraya prati jñāna sarva buddha paryū pasiti bhagavati gana gana jahi jahi vimasani kramaṇi dhavani ramaṇi mātaṁgi svāhā

    This is the dharani " Who has empowerment in the Blessed Mahajnana".

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā amari amari taṭa bhañja bhañja jha jha mici mici sphoṭaya sphoṭaya matha matha durdānta damaka svāhā
    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā he he kinade sarva tathāgata bhaneke bhodhi nadada tvāṭa tvāṭa hūṁ phaṭ hūṁ phaṭ garja garja para mati vihu rike svāhā
    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā bhagavati prajñā pāramite a sarva pāpa kṣayaṁkari jñāna arci spharaṇi bhañja bhañja matha matha dama dama ānaya ānaya sara sara māraya māraya sarva buddha jane trīyai svāhā

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā garja garja matha matha dama dama bhañja bhañja dundubhi sarva nirghoṣe hana hana vidhvansaya vidhvansaya mo ṭa ya mo ṭa ya daha daha viphula nirmala nirjāte āhara āhara gaccha gaccha sarva buddha paryupa sati ma māvilamba svāhā

    This is the dharani of The Blessed Vajradhatvishvari.

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā oṁ bhagavati sarva tathāgata janika pūraya prati jñāna taṭa taṭa marda marda āhara āhara hūṁ hūṁ jati svāhā

    This is the dharani of The Blessed Mahapratisara.

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā hūṁ hrīḥ sarva buddha mātiri bhañja bhañja matha matha damani damani gargāri gargāri hrī svāhā

    This is the dharani of The Blessed Vajrajita.

    namaḥ sarva tathāte bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā trāṭa trāṭa muhu muhu  sarva pāpa viśodhani svāhā

    This is the dharani of The Blessed Sarvanivaranavahita.

    na maḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā dhaka dhaka moṭa moṭa daha daha sarva tathāgata jñāna nirjāte svāhā

    This is the dharani of The Blessed Durdanta.

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā haha mihu mihu dama dama khāhi khāhi dhuna dhuna mici mici durdānta damani svāhā

    This is the dharani of The Blessed Sarvamaraprasmardini.

    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyaḥ sarva mukhe bhyaḥ sarvathā mici mici garja garja sphoṭaya sphoṭaya matha matha dama dama svāhā

    This is the dharani from practice of the Blessed Anantamukha.

    Manjushri! When this mandala, which grants initiation into the great primordial wisdom, is on your hand — you will be freed from the obscurations-klesh. You will be free from all fears. And even if you stay among bandits, Rakshasas, warring parties-the body will not be damaged by their weapons. You will not be destroyed by bandits. You will not be damaged by rakshasas, etc. There will be no fear of untimely death. You will have permanent fame. You will completely purify all harmful things. You can even gather the roots of virtue of hundreds of millions of Enlightened People in this way in one day. Even at the time of death, the Enlightened and Bodhisattvas will be fully supported.
    If you die and go to Sukhavati, what else is there to stick to, to read, to ponder, to stick to without discarding? All that is harmful to him [who adheres to it] will be cleansed. By this means the gates of the lower states will be closed. It will be extracted from afar from lowly possessions and lowly states. A person who reads this once, starting in the morning-whatever he does that is terrifying in the world, will be freed from all that is harmful. And there will be no harm from enemies, weapons, bandits, such as Rakshasas, etc.
    You will be completely freed from an untimely death. You will always have the glory. Even if the time of death comes, you will be extracted from the lower existences. Being fully supported by the Enlightened Ones, you will be born in Sukhavati.

    Said so. The entire universe, along with the gods, humans, asuras, and Gandharvas, rejoiced and gave praise.
    Thus ends the dharani of the eight noble goddesses.
    Translated and verified — Indian teacher Shilendrabodhi, translator-proofreader Bende Yeshede. Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (O. E. Filippov).

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A noble [teaching]. Dharani is the power of deep concentration of the Tathagata. Spell " Light of Lapis Lazuli»

    I prostrate myself before all the Enlightened Ones and Bodhisattvas!
    That's what I heard once.
    The Blessed One was in the place of the [highest of the] Healers, along with a large benevolent Congregation of monks and a large Benevolent Congregation of Bodhisattvas. At this time, the Blessed One was in balance with the samadhi called "The Prompting of the Enlightened One's Land". Immediately after, all the spheres of the universe of the great thousand of the three thousand worlds were violently shaken. Endless showers of divine sandalwood powder and flowers began to fall. The seven Tathagatas, along with their entourage, came to this sphere of the universe and began to reside on the lion thrones that arose from the roots of the virtue of the Tathagatas of the past. They were surrounded by all the bodhisattvas. They became completely surrounded by the gods, nagas, Yakshas, Gandharvas, asuras, Garudas, kinnaras, mahoragas, kings, ministers, brahmins, and householders.
    Then, impelled by the power of the Enlightened One, young Manjushri rose from his seat. Clasping his hands, he asked the following:
    Please think of all the Tathagatas [about us]! I ask you to purify all harmful living beings, to pacify all diseases, to fulfill all aspirations! Please explain the dharani, which was blessed with the prayers of the past and the names of these Blessed Ones, Tathagat!
    The Blessed One then expressed his approval of what young Manjushri had said:
    Good, O Manjushri! Good! Fully listen to the good stuff! Keep that in mind. I'll explain.
    Then young Manjushri said:

    It is so, Blessed One!
    After he had said this, he began to listen to what corresponds to the Blessed One. The Blessed One said:
    This is the [explanation]. I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, the glorious one, universally known as Namasukha! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, king of Tejasgirhosha, a sage fully adorned with the jewel, the Moon, and the lotus! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, the king of Vratasiddha, who illuminates the golden vault with a pure jewel! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, the glorious king of Ashoka-parama! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, the king of Sagarasvara, who proclaims the Teaching! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, the king, who directly comprehends the perfect play of the ocean of Teaching by the supreme mind! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata, the king of Bhaishajya-vaidurya! I prostrate myself before the Tathagata of Shakyamuni! I prostrate myself before the Blessed Prajna Paramita! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Manjushri! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Avalokiteshvara! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Vajrapani! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Surya, who is like the Sun! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Paramachandra, who is like the Moon! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Mahamati! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Maitreya! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Vajra! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Pratibhanakuta! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Viskambhana-amogha! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Darsana-abhirupa! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Niyatamhanamati-sarva-andhatamas! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Chintasadhuvichetana! I prostrate myself before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Merukuta! Prostrate before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Prabhaghosha! I prostrate before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Mahamerushirshadhara-raja! I prostrate myself before the noble arhat Shariputra and the great Maudgalyayana! I prostrate myself before the glorious Brahma and Shakra, the great upasakas of the gods! I prostrate myself before the four great kings! I prostrate myself before the Enlightened, Blessed, great upasaka of the Nagas! I prostrate myself before the twelve great upasakas of the Yakshas!
    Then these Tathagatas recited these dharani stanzas, uttering the melody at the same time:

    namo ratna trayāya namo bhagavate a prati hata bhaiṣajye rājāya tadyathā oṁ sarva tathāgata hūṁ ghume ghume i mi ni mi hi mati mati sapta tathāgata samādhi adhiṣṭhite a ti mate pāle pāpaṁ śodhani sarva pāpaṁ nāśaya ma ma buddhe buddha ut tame ume kume buddha kṣetra pari śodhani dhame ni dhame meru meru meru śikhare sarva a kāla mṛityu ni vāraṇi buddhe su buddhe buddha adhiṣṭhāna adhiṣṭhite na rakṣantu me sarva deva same a same sam anv ā harantu me sarva buddha bodhisatvā śame śame pra śamantu me sarve tyupa drāva vyādha yaḥ puraṇi su pūrṇi pūra yame sarva āśā me vaiḍūrya prati bhāse sarva pāpaṁ kṣayaṁ kari svāhā oṁ bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajye mahā bhaiṣajye sam udgate svāhā

    When this dharani and the names of the Tathagatas were said, a great radiance arose. After the great earth shuddered again, perfect magical manifestations appeared. Thanks to the powders and incense that gave freshness to the cyclical existence, offerings were made to these Tathagatas. Then the gratitude was shown with the words "Good!" and seven times walked around.
    Then these seven Tathagatas became invisible. The Blessed Shakyamuni said the following:
    If any son or daughter of the [noble] family adheres to these names of Tathagat and dharani, keeps, reads, makes offerings, then they will be purified. In the white direction of the [lunar month], when the eight branches of the noble [path] will be possessed, starting from the full moon when the month of Saga comes, by virtue of the compassion of beings, make an image of the bodily forms of these Tathagatas. When you do, keep a strict fast on the eighth, fourteenth, and fifteenth days. While in it, repeat this dharani forty-nine times or eight thousand times or forty-nine thousand times. Make offerings of flowers, incense, powders, oil lamps, garlands, musical sounds, umbrellas, victorious standards, and silk flags three times during the day and three times at night. If he does so, the Tathagatas will think of him. All bodhisattvas will reflect. Everyone, be it Brahma, Shakra, the four great kings, and the greatness of the upasaka of nagas, will also be fully guarded! All yaksha lords and vajra holders will protect in the right way! It will also completely clear all the veils of deeds, such as the five unparalleled [bad actions] and others! It will not be marked with all diseases. It will live for a long time. Completely free from all kinds of untimely death. Death, enemies, the harm of demonic influences, all strife, disputes, conflicts will be completely pacified. You will not move, forced by all the enemies. All intentions, whatever they were conceived, will be fully completed.
    Then young Manjushri said the following to the Blessed One:
    Blessed one! What are the names of this enumeration of Teachings? How to comprehend it?
    The Blessed One said:
    Manjushri! Therefore, generate the power of the Tathagata samadhi of this enumeration of teachings and adhere to the "dharani of the light of lapis lazuli". Also adhere to the " Complete binding and cleansing of all the veils of deeds." Also adhere to the "Demonstration of the magical Manifestations of the Seven Tathagatas".
    The Blessed One said so. Young Manjushri and everyone around him rejoiced and praised what the Blessed Ones had said.

    Thus ends the noble dharani called " The Light-lapis lazuli, which generates the power of the Tathagata samadhi."

    Translated and verified: Indian teacher Jinamitra, Danashila, Shilendrabodhi, translator-proofreader Bende Yeshede. Later, the Indian mentor Dipamkara Sri Jnana and the monk Tsultrim Gyalva composed in the new language in the house of Tholing Serkhang. Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (O. E. Filippov).

Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

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     Then bodhisattva-mahasattva Vajrapani said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! The teacher who holds the vajra! Please explain the supreme ritual of torma, which performs the pacification of obstacles! I will exercise for the sake of living beings, with zeal!
     Then the Blessed One replied:
     All right, chief of the Vajradharas! The ritual of appeasing obstacles and the ritual of methods and actual achievements-siddhis are explained as being the treasury of all tormas. The highest best beautiful vessel is completely filled with the best of food and drink, etc. Due to the promotion of emptiness in samadhi, a beautiful vessel arises from the syllable bhruṁ. Imagine that from the syllable khaṁ, the sphere of space becomes filled with food. Say this mantra:

     oṁ akāro mukhaṁ sarva dharmā ṇāṁ ādya nutpanna tvād oṁ āḥ hūṁ phaṭ svāhā

     Say so.
      Imagine it as nectar and fully magnify it. By means of two magnifications [for enlightened and ordinary beings], you are completely purified. Imagine that from the syllable hrīḥ in the heavenly space there are boundless eight lotuses. The chief is the protector of Vaishravan, surrounded by an assembly of tens of millions of Yakshas. The eight nagas perform offerings and invocations. These great Yaksha kings, such as Jambhala, Purnabhadra, Manibhadra, Kubera, Samprajnana, Guhyasthana, Pichikundali, are surrounded as the main entourage-retinue. Imagine it in the main and intermediate directions. A gathering of a retinue of ten million is common. The eight nagas are outside the yakshas.
     Then, when they were called by the iron hook ,they appear on the iron hooks, inseparable from the main thing. All of them, together with the assembly of horsemen, lions and horses, have one face, two hands. [All possess] the victorious standards of the Blazing Jewel, the vessel of rarities and jewels, the sword of the Blazing Jewel, the node, the spear, the building, the sword, and the armor. Meditate on what the different types of symbols bring up. When you perform a summoning, [use] the drum, etc. Bring a large conch shell, fruit, and incense.

     oṁ vai vaiśravaṇa sapari vāra samājaḥ jaḥ hūṁ baṁ hoḥ
     oṁ vai svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa ākarṣaya hūṁ jaḥ

     This was the invocation mantra.

     oṁ amṛita kuṇḍali hana hana hūṁ phaṭ

     This is the mantra of hindrance deterrence.
      Then offer all the offerings, such as flowers, etc., completely in the heavenly space and distribute them.

     oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi ā jñā payati i maṁ bali gṛihṇa tu samaya rakṣantu ma ma sarva siddhi mme praya cchantu ma ma karma amogha svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya svāhā
     oṁ jambhalāya svāhā
     oṁ pūrṇa bhadrāya svāhā
     oṁ maṇi bhadrāya svāhā
     oṁ kuberāya svāhā
     oṁ saṁ prajñā nāya svāhā
     oṁ guhya sthā nāya svāhā
     oṁ pāñcikāya svāhā
     oṁ cipi kuṇḍali ne svāhā

     These are the torma offering mantras.
      Then give these offerings to the guests. Having loosened the rays of light and the iron hooks, [stay] in balance in going [home] during the relaxation. When you rise from [being in this] balance, perform the ritual of [normal] activity.
     Thus ends the second, torma chapter of the tantra of [subjugation] of the dungeon by vajra.


Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

1 2 3 4-6 7-11 12-13

     The Blessed One then entered into balance in the samadhi called "The emergence of all Worldly chakras for the sake of the desire to realize actual worldly achievements-siddhi". When he was immersed in it, rays of light appeared from the hairs on his body, which stimulated the mind of Vaisravana along with his retinue. Having prompted, I gathered the entourage into this retinue. He prostrated himself before the Blessed One, and scattering the powder of the jewels, said the following:
     Blessed one! I am the king who protects the teaching, named Vaisravana. Since I defend the teaching of those who have the Teaching, and act by staying for a long time, can I grant the chapter revealed to the Blessed if I explain the sacrament myself?
     The Blessed One said:
     Well done, O great king! Let my sacrament be properly explained. I will also rejoice and give a blessing. May you also, by the blessing of all the Vajradharas, proclaim [this teaching] properly!
     Then Vaisravana got up from his own seat. He prostrated himself before the Blessed One and proclaimed his own knowledge:

     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya hūṁ hūṁ paca paca cchinda cchinda svāhā

     Having said this, he said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! This is the practice of this mantra of mine. Let anyone who wishes to practice my practice set up extensive offerings in three periods of time. [When he makes] offerings for me and my entourage, he should have a one-pointed mind and stay in a secluded place. One who meditates on the Blessed Vajrapani should recite my mantra ten thousand times.
      Then comes the performance of the deeds. This [person who carries out] my practice and the practice of my deeds should carry out torma offerings and extensive offerings for me and my retinue. These are in this case the mantras for making torma offerings and extensive offerings for me and my entourage:

     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya svāhā
     oṁ jambhalāya svāhā
     oṁ pūrṇa bhadrāya svāhā
     oṁ maṇi phadrāya svāhā
     oṁ kuberāya svāhā
     oṁ saṁ prajñā nāya svāhā
     oṁ guhya sthānāya svāhā
     oṁ pāñcikāya svāhā
     oṁ pici kuṇḍaline svāhā

     Understand these mantras as the two mantras of giving offerings and torma to me and my entourage.
     Having then asked the Blessed One to bless my explanations of the practice of my deeds, I will explain such actions. Any person who wishes to perform [actions] must consistently comprehend the sacrament, the burning of the gifts, and the suppression. When you make a form of wax, etc., for angry [enemies] as the basis for the practice, perform submission by calling, staying, etc. fully perform the division over three periods with a mantra of eighteen syllables. When you do, show faith in what you will destroy immediately. There is no doubt that you will destroy the object of practice. But if you burn gifts, then in the case of acts that appease, increase, subdue, and destroy, then deliver them here by an angry act. Perform a special burning with salt and a gradual descent [of the flame]. The hearth can be special, medium, or ordinary. Special is measured with three fingers, medium with two, normal with one. As for the tree for burning, the tree with thorns is used as a special one for the everywhere angry one. Burn the dough and mustard seeds in the fire. Dissolve the wrathful body, speech, and mind in the substance, and perform the burning of the gifts. Imagine that the yaksha and his entourage are on fire. Make offerings of incinerated substances or scatter substances that harm the fire of deeds. And whatever you do in this way, it will be done. Also at this time, by means of the hymn, perform the praise with a one-pointed mind.:

     Angry and subjugating all yaksha, etc.! You completely destroy poisons with heat and glory! Known for great wrathful splendor! I prostrate myself before you and your retinue, and give praise!

     oṁ vaiśravaṇa puṣpe hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa dhupe hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa dīpaṁ hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa gandhe hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa naividye hūṁ svāhā

     Make offerings for the chief [deity] and offerings for the retinue.
      Then make the offerings consecutively and repeat, increasing for everything, the secret mantra. Perform radiation and gathering. This is common for anything that performs magnification.

     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya <name> māraya phaṭ svāhā

     Through your awareness-guidance, make offerings to the main one, as well as to the retinue. Imagine that by making awareness stable everywhere, you destroy [everything] like the smallest particles. Bring torm to the prescribed activity.
      In the sequence of spreading and [offering] torma, make offerings in accordance with the order. In the sequence of calming activity, completely bring the substances for burning, etc., in the hearth, which is commensurate with one finger. Having destroyed the pernicious in body, speech, and mind, the primordial wisdom appears as the nature of fire. Clean the vessel and the hearth. All demonic influences are burned there. Also perform calming acts for the greater hindrances. When you increase and subdue, show an understanding of the various forms of the hearth, which corresponds to the acts explained earlier in the sequence of actions and particulars. In the sequence for the yellow and red firewood, make an offering with the substances:

     oṁ vaiśravaṇā yadha naṁ puṣṭiṁ kuruye svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa paśaṁ kuru svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇā ye śīnta kuṁ ru svāhā

     For the respective chief [deity] and retinue, make an offering through the substances of awareness. Consecutively bring the dough, mustard seeds, sweets, etc. as a substance for burning. With the four aspects of action-activity, you will accomplish everything. Through diligence and love, you will bring realisation-realisation-closer. Thanks to the medium and small [level], realize the understanding of the essence of the medium and small.
     Then Vaisravana, along with his retinue, said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! May the one who practices these activities explained by all of us make daily offerings to the Blessed Vajrapani and Yaksham through the three white ones. Let him give up all wine, be sincere, successful, and satisfied with meat. If, thanks to one-pointedness of this kind, we do not perform the corresponding actions of such a practitioner that we should, we will hide from the Blessed One. We will not be able to support the Teaching. So these are the words of our promise for this.

     oṁ vaiśravaṇa artha kha tham

     Then the Blessed One said:
     Very well, O great Vaisravana! Very good! My sacrament is said for the sake of the faces of the future. It has a great essence. And since their goals will definitely be fulfilled by me, listen to what is explained as this mantra!
     Vaisravana and others said:
     Well done, O Blessed One!
     And then they began to listen accordingly [showing attention].
     Then the Blessed One said:

     oṁ vajrapāṇi nīlāṁbara dhara vajra sphoṭa hūṁ phaṭ svāhā

     This knowledge is the mantra that subordinates all actions. In accordance with what Vaisravana has promised, perform as one who has the sacrament. This is true.
     Having said this, the Yakshas became invisible.
     Thus ends the third chapter of Vaishravana from the tantra of [subduing] the dungeon by vajra.


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