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496.2. Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

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     Then bodhisattva-mahasattva Vajrapani said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! The teacher who holds the vajra! Please explain the supreme ritual of torma, which performs the pacification of obstacles! I will exercise for the sake of living beings, with zeal!
     Then the Blessed One replied:
     All right, chief of the Vajradharas! The ritual of appeasing obstacles and the ritual of methods and actual achievements-siddhis are explained as being the treasury of all tormas. The highest best beautiful vessel is completely filled with the best of food and drink, etc. Due to the promotion of emptiness in samadhi, a beautiful vessel arises from the syllable bhruṁ. Imagine that from the syllable khaṁ, the sphere of space becomes filled with food. Say this mantra:

     oṁ akāro mukhaṁ sarva dharmā ṇāṁ ādya nutpanna tvād oṁ āḥ hūṁ phaṭ svāhā

     Say so.
      Imagine it as nectar and fully magnify it. By means of two magnifications [for enlightened and ordinary beings], you are completely purified. Imagine that from the syllable hrīḥ in the heavenly space there are boundless eight lotuses. The chief is the protector of Vaishravan, surrounded by an assembly of tens of millions of Yakshas. The eight nagas perform offerings and invocations. These great Yaksha kings, such as Jambhala, Purnabhadra, Manibhadra, Kubera, Samprajnana, Guhyasthana, Pichikundali, are surrounded as the main entourage-retinue. Imagine it in the main and intermediate directions. A gathering of a retinue of ten million is common. The eight nagas are outside the yakshas.
     Then, when they were called by the iron hook ,they appear on the iron hooks, inseparable from the main thing. All of them, together with the assembly of horsemen, lions and horses, have one face, two hands. [All possess] the victorious standards of the Blazing Jewel, the vessel of rarities and jewels, the sword of the Blazing Jewel, the node, the spear, the building, the sword, and the armor. Meditate on what the different types of symbols bring up. When you perform a summoning, [use] the drum, etc. Bring a large conch shell, fruit, and incense.

     oṁ vai vaiśravaṇa sapari vāra samājaḥ jaḥ hūṁ baṁ hoḥ
     oṁ vai svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa ākarṣaya hūṁ jaḥ

     This was the invocation mantra.

     oṁ amṛita kuṇḍali hana hana hūṁ phaṭ

     This is the mantra of hindrance deterrence.
      Then offer all the offerings, such as flowers, etc., completely in the heavenly space and distribute them.

     oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi ā jñā payati i maṁ bali gṛihṇa tu samaya rakṣantu ma ma sarva siddhi mme praya cchantu ma ma karma amogha svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya svāhā
     oṁ jambhalāya svāhā
     oṁ pūrṇa bhadrāya svāhā
     oṁ maṇi bhadrāya svāhā
     oṁ kuberāya svāhā
     oṁ saṁ prajñā nāya svāhā
     oṁ guhya sthā nāya svāhā
     oṁ pāñcikāya svāhā
     oṁ cipi kuṇḍali ne svāhā

     These are the torma offering mantras.
      Then give these offerings to the guests. Having loosened the rays of light and the iron hooks, [stay] in balance in going [home] during the relaxation. When you rise from [being in this] balance, perform the ritual of [normal] activity.
     Thus ends the second, torma chapter of the tantra of [subjugation] of the dungeon by vajra.


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