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496.3. Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

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     The Blessed One then entered into balance in the samadhi called "The emergence of all Worldly chakras for the sake of the desire to realize actual worldly achievements-siddhi". When he was immersed in it, rays of light appeared from the hairs on his body, which stimulated the mind of Vaisravana along with his retinue. Having prompted, I gathered the entourage into this retinue. He prostrated himself before the Blessed One, and scattering the powder of the jewels, said the following:
     Blessed one! I am the king who protects the teaching, named Vaisravana. Since I defend the teaching of those who have the Teaching, and act by staying for a long time, can I grant the chapter revealed to the Blessed if I explain the sacrament myself?
     The Blessed One said:
     Well done, O great king! Let my sacrament be properly explained. I will also rejoice and give a blessing. May you also, by the blessing of all the Vajradharas, proclaim [this teaching] properly!
     Then Vaisravana got up from his own seat. He prostrated himself before the Blessed One and proclaimed his own knowledge:

     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya hūṁ hūṁ paca paca cchinda cchinda svāhā

     Having said this, he said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! This is the practice of this mantra of mine. Let anyone who wishes to practice my practice set up extensive offerings in three periods of time. [When he makes] offerings for me and my entourage, he should have a one-pointed mind and stay in a secluded place. One who meditates on the Blessed Vajrapani should recite my mantra ten thousand times.
      Then comes the performance of the deeds. This [person who carries out] my practice and the practice of my deeds should carry out torma offerings and extensive offerings for me and my retinue. These are in this case the mantras for making torma offerings and extensive offerings for me and my entourage:

     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya svāhā
     oṁ jambhalāya svāhā
     oṁ pūrṇa bhadrāya svāhā
     oṁ maṇi phadrāya svāhā
     oṁ kuberāya svāhā
     oṁ saṁ prajñā nāya svāhā
     oṁ guhya sthānāya svāhā
     oṁ pāñcikāya svāhā
     oṁ pici kuṇḍaline svāhā

     Understand these mantras as the two mantras of giving offerings and torma to me and my entourage.
     Having then asked the Blessed One to bless my explanations of the practice of my deeds, I will explain such actions. Any person who wishes to perform [actions] must consistently comprehend the sacrament, the burning of the gifts, and the suppression. When you make a form of wax, etc., for angry [enemies] as the basis for the practice, perform submission by calling, staying, etc. fully perform the division over three periods with a mantra of eighteen syllables. When you do, show faith in what you will destroy immediately. There is no doubt that you will destroy the object of practice. But if you burn gifts, then in the case of acts that appease, increase, subdue, and destroy, then deliver them here by an angry act. Perform a special burning with salt and a gradual descent [of the flame]. The hearth can be special, medium, or ordinary. Special is measured with three fingers, medium with two, normal with one. As for the tree for burning, the tree with thorns is used as a special one for the everywhere angry one. Burn the dough and mustard seeds in the fire. Dissolve the wrathful body, speech, and mind in the substance, and perform the burning of the gifts. Imagine that the yaksha and his entourage are on fire. Make offerings of incinerated substances or scatter substances that harm the fire of deeds. And whatever you do in this way, it will be done. Also at this time, by means of the hymn, perform the praise with a one-pointed mind.:

     Angry and subjugating all yaksha, etc.! You completely destroy poisons with heat and glory! Known for great wrathful splendor! I prostrate myself before you and your retinue, and give praise!

     oṁ vaiśravaṇa puṣpe hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa dhupe hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa dīpaṁ hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa gandhe hūṁ svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa naividye hūṁ svāhā

     Make offerings for the chief [deity] and offerings for the retinue.
      Then make the offerings consecutively and repeat, increasing for everything, the secret mantra. Perform radiation and gathering. This is common for anything that performs magnification.

     oṁ vaiśravaṇāya <name> māraya phaṭ svāhā

     Through your awareness-guidance, make offerings to the main one, as well as to the retinue. Imagine that by making awareness stable everywhere, you destroy [everything] like the smallest particles. Bring torm to the prescribed activity.
      In the sequence of spreading and [offering] torma, make offerings in accordance with the order. In the sequence of calming activity, completely bring the substances for burning, etc., in the hearth, which is commensurate with one finger. Having destroyed the pernicious in body, speech, and mind, the primordial wisdom appears as the nature of fire. Clean the vessel and the hearth. All demonic influences are burned there. Also perform calming acts for the greater hindrances. When you increase and subdue, show an understanding of the various forms of the hearth, which corresponds to the acts explained earlier in the sequence of actions and particulars. In the sequence for the yellow and red firewood, make an offering with the substances:

     oṁ vaiśravaṇā yadha naṁ puṣṭiṁ kuruye svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇa paśaṁ kuru svāhā
     oṁ vaiśravaṇā ye śīnta kuṁ ru svāhā

     For the respective chief [deity] and retinue, make an offering through the substances of awareness. Consecutively bring the dough, mustard seeds, sweets, etc. as a substance for burning. With the four aspects of action-activity, you will accomplish everything. Through diligence and love, you will bring realisation-realisation-closer. Thanks to the medium and small [level], realize the understanding of the essence of the medium and small.
     Then Vaisravana, along with his retinue, said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! May the one who practices these activities explained by all of us make daily offerings to the Blessed Vajrapani and Yaksham through the three white ones. Let him give up all wine, be sincere, successful, and satisfied with meat. If, thanks to one-pointedness of this kind, we do not perform the corresponding actions of such a practitioner that we should, we will hide from the Blessed One. We will not be able to support the Teaching. So these are the words of our promise for this.

     oṁ vaiśravaṇa artha kha tham

     Then the Blessed One said:
     Very well, O great Vaisravana! Very good! My sacrament is said for the sake of the faces of the future. It has a great essence. And since their goals will definitely be fulfilled by me, listen to what is explained as this mantra!
     Vaisravana and others said:
     Well done, O Blessed One!
     And then they began to listen accordingly [showing attention].
     Then the Blessed One said:

     oṁ vajrapāṇi nīlāṁbara dhara vajra sphoṭa hūṁ phaṭ svāhā

     This knowledge is the mantra that subordinates all actions. In accordance with what Vaisravana has promised, perform as one who has the sacrament. This is true.
     Having said this, the Yakshas became invisible.
     Thus ends the third chapter of Vaishravana from the tantra of [subduing] the dungeon by vajra.


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