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496.4. Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

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     Then also Bodhisattva Vajrapani said the following to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! Please, for the sake of the living beings of the future, explain the mandala of the destruction of those who possess poison!
     So He asked, and then the Blessed One, giving with his mind and without saying a word, let out from his own heart rays of light that cover everything. Having embraced all living beings through excitement, he said the following for Vajrapani:
     Vajrapani! I will explain the chakra of destroying underground obstacles. What I explain, you listen to one-way! Listen and understand accordingly!
     The Blessed One said:
     Anyone who wants to do yoga should do yoga Vadrzhapani in a clean and secluded place, which is a joy. Meditate on the vessel and its contents as on Vajrachandali. Imagine that out of the wind [arises] the perfect mount Meru and the bodily forms [Vajrapani], that the number is equal to its parts. Meditate in the yoga Vajrapani that is inside. Everything will be beaten by the rope of the moon. Meditate that on the moon, which is measured with three thousand [worlds, there are] terrifying great obstacles. Meditate that through the rays of unbearable light and the splendor of the body, which has the radiance of a thousand suns, all hindrances are burned without exception. Meditate that through the garland of the mantra that is repeated by the tongue, three thousand [worlds] are completely filled. The eight nagas that appear as ornaments emit a great breath. All the gods and nagas are afraid of them. Thanks to the radiation from the heart of the wrathful [deities] - everything will be scattered as if by the wind of the end of the era. Due to the complete destruction of the vajra with the hand, everything is destroyed like a catapult with nails. Everywhere sounds like thunder: hūṁ hūṁ. Imagine that everything is captured instantly. When you do it this way, you will realize everything. Actions will damage and eliminate everything. If one does not understand Vajrapani, then let another person do it. For the one who has a small destiny, everything will be realized. [Will appear] The best, ordinary and special.
     Thus ends the fourth chapter of the destruction chakra from the tantra of the vajra dungeon.

    hen Vajradhara also proclaimed the yantra yoga ritual. On birch bark or cinnamon, draw the full chakras from the twenty-one tables, doing this with the growing Moon of the month. Portray completely with a one-pointed mind. Draw an angry syllable in the middle. On the second-the syllable of the jewel holder. On the third - vajr. On the fourth, set the first syllable of water. On the fifth — fully set the syllable ṇi. In the four intermediate [directions], draw a syllable to kill the one for whom the practice is being performed. This is an internal table. On the twelve outer tables, there are twelve oṁ syllables to discard. This is his secret mantra:
    nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi hūṁ phaṭ

    A completely perfect chakra is tied as the heart of the one for whom the practice is being performed. [Having done so], put it down. First, perform the binding due to the extremes. Then perform the ritual of burning the gifts. But if you want to perform suppression, then by making the yantra perfect, as shown earlier, perform the ritual of suppressing extremes. When you make it up in a fresh clay cup, put it inside, draw a crossed vajra. Completely bound by the gift of the vajra, put it in the temple, etc. If you do not want any tables, make a chakra with twelve spokes. In the middle, set the syllable hūṁ, the name of the one for whom the practice is performed, [syllables] to increase. Set the remaining [syllables] on the spokes of the number twelve. When you finish drawing, put it in your heart. When you perform the summoning, dissolution, etc., burn it. This is how the ritual of suppressing the unwanted is carried out.
    When there will be a waning [Moon], is lucky. In accordance with the direction of the corresponding yantra, you will certainly perform all the desired actions. For example, it is like burning salt with the tongue of fire. And it will not appear as abiding anywhere.
    Thus ends the fifth chapter of the ritual of the painted mandala from the tantra [submission] of the dungeon by the vajra.

    Then also Vajrapani said the following to the Blessed One:
    Blessed one! Will everything be freed by burning the gifts with deep practice, etc.? Please dispel my doubts?
    The Blessed One said:
    Vajrapani! Completely destroyed by the power of faith and great mercy! Possess the yoga of mandala and substances. If you have the tantra of heartfelt commitment, when you connect with the acts of burning gifts and comprehending the essence of it, you will manifest the liberation of the soul. If there is no mandala, substance for burning, etc., then one should be diligent in the acts of burning due to the fact that one does not acquire siddhi.
    This is the realization of the wrathful stage of the acts of burning the gifts of the four activities. In the middle of the mandala [size] of four cubits, make a triangle, measuring the elbows. Make a half-elbow indentation. Externally, [it should] have three levels. Draw the vajra symbol in the middle. On three levels, draw three vajra peaks surrounded by a garland. In the intermediate [directions], draw iron hooks. Prickly sticks are very good if the size of one elbow. Consistently comprehend substances such as poison, blood, black mustard, etc. By the yoga of yourself as a deity, perform the invocation of the wrathful primordial wisdom. Imagine it as a form for subjugating the three worlds. Fully fulfill the gift of successive offerings. To do this, [use] this proclaimed mantra of burning gifts:
    oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara
    oṁ vajra jvala anala hana sarva a duṣṭa sarva bhirama maṁ kuru nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi <name> māraya hūṁ phaṭ
    Saying so, burn the substances.
    Fully prepare and make a form of poison, blood, black mustard and salt. Once done, burn it.
    oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajra pāṇi yakṣa khādaya khādaya bandhaya bandhaya mohaya mohaya śatrūṁ ānaya hūṁ phaṭ
    This is the mantra for throwing out the form.
    oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi śatrūṁ gṛihṇa ākarṣaya hūṁ jaḥ jaḥ
    This is the mantra for capturing creatures.
    By completely burning the gifts in this way. Dry up the river and destroy the Naga tree. The welfare of the elephant will fall, a great flame will light up.
    When diseases, contagious diseases, etc. appear, perform the act of supreme pacification. [Prepare] the hearth for burning is round in shape, completely white. It has three levels and is the size of an elbow. After digging a half-elbow depression, perform the ritual of pacifying acts.
    If you do this, you will certainly gain siddhi of characteristics.
    Vajrapani, who holds the vajra! With devotion, fully adhere to the essence of tantra! Act with perfect zeal for the good of beings!
    How wonderful! The supreme mystery of the great tantra appears as a great blessing from the past! It is proclaimed by the master as Vajradhara and is carried out with perfect zeal!
    Thus ends the sixth chapter, the burning of the gifts-homa from tantra[submission] by vajra.


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