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496.5 Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes


     Then teacher Vajradhara got up on the seat of the great Glorious One and looked at Vajrapani. After looking, he explained the ritual of deeds. Make any desired shape from substances such as poison, etc. Put the mandala completely in your heart. Presenting yourself as the deity of deeds, put the incense-gau inside. Tie it with a five-color multi-colored thread. Fully capturing the iron hook from the heart, perform the recitation of the mandala of thirteen syllables. After the appearance of signs, such as shaking, swaying, perform the gift for the big water according to the text. If there are no such signs, then mix and smear dharura juice, blood, and poison. And burn in the fire the trees that have thorns.

    oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajra pāṇi stam bhaya mohaya bandhaya daha naya hūṁ hūṁ phaṭ

    Burning incense for three periods, you will form various bad words as a negative impact.
    Then throw yourself into the water with this mantra:

    oṁ caṇḍa mahā roṣaṇa hūṁ phaṭ

    Throw it away by tying it up with a multicolored [cloth]. [Having] intentions, throw it into the salty sea water.
    Then, for the disgust of the people daily, repeat this mantra:

    oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi hūṁ hūṁ stambhaya nan phaṭ

    This is recited daily.
    Then you will definitely carry out such acts.
    Thus ends the seventh chapter of the chakra of banishment from the tantra [subjugation] of the vajra dungeon.

    Then the Blessed Vajradhara recited this chapter of the mantra for the benefit of living beings:

    oṁ nīlāṁbara dhara vajrapāṇi hūṁ hūṁ phaṭ

    The root mantra of the Blessed One fulfills all goals. This is the mystery of the mind of all Enlightened Ones. This is how all actions are carried out, even if they were not carried out. When you have completed the compilation of all the mudras, make a vajra fist. For the practice of all heart commitments, lift the vajra completely. To manifest the passion of all living beings, [use] vajra and laughter. For the formation of stupor [speech] in all, use the vajra and the sounds of hūṁ. For the siddhi that radiate into the celestial space, use vajra and kumuda. To subdue all the nagas, use the feather from the peacock's tail. Use the yantra to destroy all enemies. If you want to get the jewels, then make an offering of Jambhala water. If you want to eliminate the hindrances, then use samadhi. To grab everything, use the vajra and the iron hook. For protection from contagious diseases, use the pustules of the kusha grass. If you desire the realization of the nagas, use the water of nectar and the wonderful willow. If you want to destroy the outer host, then use incense. For all deeds, perform one hundred thousand mantras.
    Thus ends the eighth chapter of the mantra from the tantra of the vajra dungeon.

    Then I will also explain the recitation here. Since one wishes to attain actual siddhi attainments, one must have full heartfelt obligations and vows. Because of this, meditate on yourself as the deity of deeds. Invoke the wrathful primordial wisdom:

    jaḥ hūṁ baṁ hoḥ

    Perform capture, etc. On the moon, in one's own heart, the garland of the mantra [manifests]. Imagine it completely like a silver snake. Quickly discard the obscurations of clarity and the lack of clarity. Perform recitation by concentrating with your mind. Also make offerings with five kinds of offerings. Through this recitation with perfect concentration, you will definitely achieve all the desired siddhis.

    oṁ āḥ hūṁ

    This is the mantra of blessing the body, speech, and mind.

    oṁ vajrapāṇi abhiṣiñca māṁ

    This is the mantra of empowerment.

    oṁ vajrapāṇi tiṣṭha hūṁ

    This is the mantra of mental stability. Thanks to all the mysteries of the body, speech and mind, you will quickly come into contact with enlightenment. If you have the zeal to practice everything in life, you will quickly find fruit in one life. The non-dual self-nature has vajra. The sphere of space completely covers the vajra. The essence of such a thing, which has no expression and is free from thoughts, is completely presented as spontaneous realization and purity. If you have the aspects of the syllables hūṁ and a, it is like the moon in the water. Meditate daily with a mind that is not distracted.
    How wonderful! Protector, Blessed One! The highest of the highest, the perfect Victorious!
    How wonderful! The body of the manifest aspect! You are completely invisible in the sounds! You are the object of all who have great joy! Perfectly pure in its own clarity!
    Thus ends the ninth chapter of certainty and perfect purity from the tantra of the Vajra Dungeon.

    Then Master Vajradhara looked with a special [gaze] at the protector of beings and fully proclaimed the protection ritual:
    Vajrapani! Pay full attention! Creatures are captured by [those who] possess poison. Put the image of animals in the copper [vessel]. When you have done this completely and graciously, hide it on your own body or the desired area, filling the cavity with silver, etc. When you do this, you will truly show protection. If you possess the bodily relics of Sugata, blessedly perform the consecration. If any vessel is completely hidden in the ground, then through the power of truth, there will be peace. For the beautiful and mind-pleasing animals of the cluster of animals such as mice, etc., recite one hundred and eight times over the silk and blue cloth the dharani mantras that have been proclaimed by the cluster of tens of millions of rivers of the Ganges of the Enlightened Ones. And fully present [the merit] as a symbol of truth. If you bring Torm, you will appease him.
    Put in a clean vessel, such as a cup, etc., medicine, silk, etc. Make offerings of flowers, incense, etc. If you hide it on the ground, all harm will be completely appeased. When you wrap the body with white thread [or cloth], make twenty-one knots. Do the practice and make the offerings. To win, completely tie it around your neck. So you will definitely avert obstacles.
    If you spread equal parts of mustard oil and sulfur on your body, you will be free from being captured by poisonous [creatures]. If you use it during [the appearance of the constellation] If the flowers of vasunada and the fruits of dahunada are critical, they will not remain in the right direction. By the hair of the tiger, the bear, and the jackal, you will be freed from the poison. And if you come to the end in the acts of protecting the body from the waterfall, the ocean, etc., it will be the highest protection.
    Vajra holder! You stick to it! When you have completed it, you will appear like the Moon, which is free from clouds and planets.
    Thus ends the tenth chapter of protection from the tantra [subjugation] of the vajra dungeon.

    Vajrapani said blissfully:
    This is the ritual of the assembly of mantras.
    Is this good, O Vajradhara! Fully listen to what is being said for you! Hear me!
    O Vajradhara! I'll explain to you how to collect mantras. When you are enjoying the experience of a triangular mandala, draw a lotus with eight petals. For the complete achievement of all the desired goals, there perform the collection of the secret mantra. Place the lord of the syllable in the center. On five of the four-make up the syllables i completely. On three places at the end-make up the edges of five. Then put the fourth out of the fifth. Then put the second one in the final place. Then put the fourth of the fourth. Then put the second one from the end. Then the third of the fifth, the third of the second — put together with the syllable ra. Then, on the first of the fifth, completely add the syllable a. Then, on the last of the third, put, linking, the syllable i. On the fourth of the seventh, write the syllable a. Thanks to the suppression of the void, they will appear as two. On the second of the fifth, write the first of the third. If you repeat the thirteen-syllable mantra with love and perfect diligence, you will definitely get all the things you want.
    How wonderful! Said by the vajra-wielder! The unsurpassed path of the King of mantra! May the siddhis of Vajrapani be found!
    Thus ends the eleventh chapter of collecting the mantra from the tantra of the Vajra dungeon.

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