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496.6. Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes

Library- Canonical work - Kangyur - Carya-tantra


Tantra of the Blessed Vajrapani in Blue robes


    Then teacher Vajradhara revealed rays of light from the eyes. Having revealed the full maturation of the disciples, he fully explained the empowerment ritual.
    Vajracharya! Great ascetic! You have gained power and possess the mystery! The great one who disciplines, guides, and is a spiritual friend! You have found an enlightened attitude, a good nature with little hesitation! Fully versed in the rituals of the mandala!
    For the sake of the empowerment of true disciples, act kindly first in asceticism in a temple pleasant to the mind, etc. Having done so, then perform the ritual of the earth. Analyze, purify, set up [objects or altars], make offerings, perform prayers, analyze dreams based on signs.
    As for the burning of the gifts for the peaceful gathering ,perform the ritual one hundred and eight times. Make an offering and command for bhut. In the center of the mandala, perform the consecration [as follows].
    Meditate on the great vajra [that appears] from the syllable hūṁ. Meditate on the great immeasurable palace that arises from the syllable bhrūṁ. The rays of light from the Sun and moon from the two eyes completely cut off all interference. With the movements of the great vajra dance, go around the base three times. Blissfully anoint the cow with five secretions and set up the deity in the form of one pile. Make offerings, hymns, and euphonious readings. Put the vessel on a high place. The students will re-mature.
    In the ritual of lines and colors, act according to the ritual of deeds. After covering the face with silk, enter the students. And in a five-part way grant the vow-bearing initiation. This corresponds to the ritual of deeds, including the dedication of the vessel as the first, the vajra, the bell, the diadem-crown, the dedication of the name. On the fourteenth and thirteenth days, lead the disciples into Acts. Thanks to the blessing stage, there is a transfer [for merging] and a quick intention.
    This is the true empowerment into the root of all tantras, the heart of the jewel, the pure tantra. Since the highest tantra and initiation is proclaimed, which relies on the acts of maturation, one has a connection with sanctification and virtue. The satisfaction of the holy qualities will be revealed. When you come to deliverance in the end, sanctification will be revealed. This is the ritual of maturing students.
    Thus ends the twelfth chapter of the initiation of the disciples from the tantra [subjugation] of the vajra dungeon..

    Then Bodhisattva Vajrapani said the following to the Blessed One:
    Blessed one! Please explain the mystery of the mind for the benefit of living beings!
    The Blessed One said
    Vajrapani! You, O unbearable one, strive rightly for the good of others! Good Good! Since everyone wants to subdue difficult-to-subdue living beings in dark times, first one should create an enlightened attitude. When you do this, come to the final completion of all two accumulations. Through this, you will possess the essence of the sacrament in the midst of the lotus treasury as a precious vessel. On the eight petals [appear] the eight great nagas, which appear as the decorated heads of serpents. Having ablution and purification, with the help of the yoga of the deity of deeds, first perform the invocation and offerings. Having done so, perform a recitation to radiate and gather yourself and the deity. Thanks to the attitude that manifests itself as the pacification of the eight Nagas, manifest the accumulation of light as practiced, based on the syllables hūṁ and the rope hūṁ. Instantly appear as hūṁ.

    oṁ vajra krodha a hī caṇḍa phaṭ

    Read it ten thousand times and you will definitely be free from demonic influence.
    Vajrapani! The fact that you radiate and collect the mind is a mystery. The body of the one for whom the practice is being performed will be enmeshed in color. Everything will be stopped by the radiation and the gathering of the garland of the great hūṁ. If you fully analyze the great substances, you will definitely be free from negative influences. If you do not achieve [fruit] through this, then repeat the garland of the mantra for discarding. There is no doubt that by completely cutting off the vajra garland, you will achieve [the result]. Dropping obstacles from below is the ultimate ritual. It arises like a wish-fulfillment jewel. The ultimate level of the mystery of the great tantra, which definitely defeats the three Chariots, is the sanctity of the protector's mind.
    Then the Blessed One said so, and immediately the surrounding families, such as the Vajrapanis, etc., and all the assemblies of the gods rejoiced. They rejoiced and praised what the Blessed Vajradhara had said.
    Thus ends the thirteenth: the chapter of the establishment of the sacrament from the tantra [subjugation] of the dungeon by the vajra.
    Translated by the Kashmiri Pandita Chelu and the Tibetan translator Phagpa Sherab. Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (O. E. Filippov)

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