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Moral discipline. Vinaya

Library - Canonical work - Kangyur

Moral discipline. Vinaya

Number Name Tibetan Sanskrit Location Status Donate
1 Moral discipline. Base 'dul ba gzhi vinaya-vastu ka 1b1 – nga 302a5   need
2 The Sutra of selfliberation so sor thar pa'i mdo pratimokṣa-sūtra ca 1b1-20b7   need
3 Moral discipline. Divisions 'dul ba rnam par 'byed pa vinaya-vibhaṅga ca 21a1 – nya 269a6   need
4 Sutra of selfliberation of nuns dge slong ma'i so sor thar pa'i mdo bhikṣuṇī-pratimokṣa-sūtra ta 1b1-25a7   need


Moral discipline of the nuns. Divisions dge slong ma'i 'dul ba rnam par 'byed pa bhikṣuṇī-vinaya-vibhaṅga ta 25b1-328a6   need
6 Moral discipline. Small base 'dul ba phran tshegs kyi gzhi vinaya-kṣudraka-vastu tha 1b1-da 333a7   need
7 Moral discipline. Supreme text 'dul ba gzhung bla ma vinaya-uttara-grantha na 1b1-92a7   need
8 Moral discipline. Supreme text 'dul ba gzhung dam pa vinaya-uttara-grantha na 92b1 – pa 313a5   need


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