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1 Noble [teaching]. Dharani of the Eight Goddesses 'phags pa lha mo brgyad kyi gzungs ārya-aṣṭadevī-dhāraṇī da 157a1-158a6 Translated  
2 Tantra of the blessed Vajrapani in blue clothes bcom ldan 'das phyag na rdo rje gos sngon po can gyi rgyud ces bya ba bhagavāna-nīlāmbaradhara-vajrapāṇi-tantra-nāma da 158a6-167a3. Translated  
3 Noble [teaching]. Vajrapani in blue clothes. Tantra "Vajra dungeon" 'phags pa lag na rdo rje gos sngon po can rdo rje sa 'og ces bya ba'i rgyud ārya-vajrapāṇi-nīlāmbara-dhara-vajrapātāla-nāma-tantra da 167a3-172a7   need
4 The King of Realization "Vajra Moving on Three Levels" rdo rje sa gsum du rgyu ba zhes bya ba'i rtog pa'i rgyal po vajrabhūmi-tri-caraṇi-rāja-kalpa-nāma da 172b1-176b7   need
5 Noble [teaching]. Tantra of subjugation of the three worlds "Vajrapani in blue clothes" 'phags pa lag na rdo rje gos sngon po can zhes bya ba 'jig rten gsum 'dul ba'i rgyud или 'jig rten gsum 'dul ba'i rgyud ārya-vajrapāṇi-nīlāmbara-dhara-triloka-vinaya-nāma-tantra da 177a1-181a2   need
6 Tantra "The King of the Description of the Three Heart Obligations" dam tshig gsum bkod pa'i rgyal po zhes bya ba'i rgyud tri-samaya-vyūha-rāja-nāma-tantra da 181a2-247a7   need
7 Great Vehicle Sutra. Noble [teaching] "Especially extensive prayer-well-wishes of the seven Tathagatas of the past" 'phags pa de bzhin gshegs pa bdun gyi sngon gyi smon lam gyi khyad par rgyas pa zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo ārya-sapta-tathāgata-pūrva-praṇidhāna-viśeṣa-vistara-nāma-mahāyāna-sūtra da 248b1-273b7.   need
8 Sutra of the Great Vehicle. Noble [teaching] "Especially extensive prayer-good wishes of the blessed Teacher of Healers, blue light lapis lazuli" 'phags pa bcom ldan 'das sman gyi bla beed'urya'i 'od kyi sngon gyi smon lam gyi khyad par rgyas pa zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo ārya-bhagavān-bhaiṣajya-guru-vaiḍūrya-prabhasya-pūrva-praṇidhāna-viśeṣa-vistara-nāma-mahāyāna-sūtra da 274a1-283b7.   need
9 Noble [teaching]. Generation of the power of deep concentration of the Tathagata. The spell "Light of lapis lazuli" 'phags pa de bzhin gshegs pa'i ting nge 'dzin gyi stobs bskyed pa beeD'urya'i 'od ces bya ba'i gzungs ārya-tathāgata-vaiḍūrya-prabha-nāma-baladhana-samādhi-dhāraṇī da 284a1-286a7. Translated  


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