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33. Eight cemeteries

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur - Comments on tantras


Eight cemeteries

    I prostrate before Hevajra!
    In accordance with the sequence, look at the eight protectors of the universe on the eight lands, etc., the eight families of the nagas, the deities of the lords of the lands, the trees, the rain clouds.
    First, everyone should see in the east - the nagapushpa tree, Attahasa, Indra, the king of the Nagas, Mahapadma, the rain cloud of Ghor, and a color like saffron.
    In the south are the villages of Amra, Charitra, Yama, the king of the Nagas, Kulika, and the rain cloud Chanda. Blue color.
    In the west — ashvattha tree, Kolagiri, Varuna, king of the Nagas Karkotaka, rain cloud Ghana, white color.
    In the north — punnagara tree, Jayanti, Vaishravana, Naga king Sankhapala, Aparto rain cloud, yellow color.
    In the direction of the northeast — nayagrodha tree, Ujayani, Rudra, king of the Nagas Takshaka, Garjita rain cloud, black color.
    In the south-east direction — karanja tree, Prayaga, Agni, king of the Nagas Padma, rain cloud Gharmita, multicolored.
    In the south-west — latajata tree, Sama with twisted ears, Rakshasa, king of the Nagas Ananta, rain cloud Parhana, black color.
    In the north-west direction - udumvara tree, goddess fortress, Vayu, king of the Nagas Vasukira, rain cloud Purana, black and white color. Comprehend in accordance with this sequence of lands.
    Translated by: indian teacher Ratna Sri Mitra, monk Shakya Yeshe. Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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