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34. Eight cemeteries

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur - Comments on tantras


Eight cemeteries

     I prostrate before the glorious Heruka!
     O glorious hero, Heruka! You are beautiful with co-born joy! You grant a special fruit of food and liberation! I extend to the lotus feet of the guru-teacher!
     The graveyard tree, the direction protector, the naga, the water-scattering [clouds] - are in the classification of names and directions. I'll write it down for remembrance.
     In the directions such as east on the left, etc., and in the directions of north-east on the right-inside the vajra tent there are connections of four and four [directions]. They are the essence of Gahara, the highest of the fierce, and possess a kapala with a seething flame.
     Absolutely terrifying indeed are, starting from the east direction and further to the left. To the northeast is Attahasa. In the [direction] of the southeast - Laksha. In the direction of the southwest-a frightening darkness. In the northwest, it sounds like Kilikila. In the graveyards inside the vajra tent, the terrifying forms of the living dead, bhuta, and the terrible sounds of jackals are heard.
     In this sequence of such [manifestations], eight cemeteries are a place. What is the tree, the protector of direction, the lord of the nagas, the lord of the rain cloud? Shirasha, ashwadha, kamkelle, chuta tree. In the intermediate [directions], as above, karanja, Indra, Vaisravana. From the side of the Naga lords [appear] Lord Yama. From the northeast, Lord Agni, Lord Rakshasa, and Lord of wind. [also appear sequentially] Vasukira, Taksaka, Karkotaka, Padma, Mahapadma, Huluhulu, Kulika, and Shankhapala.
     Garji, Ghurmito, Ghora, Apato, Ghana, Parhana, Purana, Chanda are the lords of the rain clouds.
     Translated by: indian teacher Ratna Sri Mitra and monk Shakya Yeshe. Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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