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81. Ritual for the dead

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur - Comments on tantras


Ritual for the dead

    I prostrate to Hevajra!
    Any person dies. And if you wish to accomplish by burning [using] seven [days] according to the Hevajra tradition, then use one symbol as a base, such as clothing, etc., or also write the name on paper. Also establish the mandala, offerings and tormas according to the text.

    Then, when you meditate on yourself as an exalted deity, invoke the mandala of primordial wisdom. When you have made offerings with special gifts, make praises with hymns. When you offer the torma to the dakinis, perform the prayers for the desired goals.
    Then, with the help of the rays of light from the seed syllable in your own heart, grab the mind of the deceased with an iron hook of the rays of light in the form of the syllable a-small [Tibetan syllable]. Having done this, dissolve in that which is the base.
    When you imagine everything there as a fully ripe body, radiate rays of light from the seed syllable in your own heart. By dissolving in the heart of the one for whom the practice is carried out, all defilements-kleshas and deeds are purified. Imagine that the body becomes like a crystal.
    Then, with the help of the water stream of nectar from the vase vessel, which is in the hands of the goddess of awareness and the mandala of primordial wisdom, along with the dakini, empowerment is given. Imagine that with the help of ablution, all the habitual tendencies of defilements of the one for whom the practice is being carried out are purified.
    Then recite and visualize the spinning of the garland of repeated syllables [arising] from the syllable in your heart, in the form of a ball of snakes. By chanting all the mantras of this garland, rays of light are emitted from the mantra garland. These [rays of light] dissolve in the heart of the one for whom the practice is being carried out. Imagine that due to this, all the impurities of the veils of body, speech and mind are cleared and continue recitation.
    Then carry out a prayer of good will and turn into the root of virtue.
    Then the consciousness of the one for whom the practice is carried out is collected in a small syllable a. Imagine that after being shaken by the wind mandala of the syllable yaṁ, he dissolves in the heart of the main [deity], which is in the heavenly space. Leaves dwelling [in this world].
    Otherwise, if there is no reason [for practicing], imagine like the clearly visible itself fully ripe body of any [deceased being]. When you do so, act with a clear understanding, which is similar to what was shown earlier.
    Do this for everyone for seven days.
    Thus ends the «Ritual for the Dead», composed by the great acarya Krishnapada.
    Heard from the great sage Jina Karnapada. Shakya monk, translator Nyima Gyaltshen Pal Zangpo translated in the great temple Pal Tharpa Ling. Translated by Karma Paljor (O.E.Filippov).

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