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2620 Water Offering Ritual

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur - Comments on tantras


Water Offering Ritual

    I prostrate to the Three Jewels!
    Anyone who has faith will be diligent in this, for water torma is easy in the performance of deeds because of its great benefits and great qualities. To do this, pour water into a beautiful precious vessel. Fill with various things, such as powders, flowers, etc., with five kinds of jewels, such as gold, etc., with various kinds of food that cannot be expressed, medicines, cereals, essences, etc. If you combine everything, it will be most favorable.
    In general, in the study of the fulfillment of the deeds of the torma [there are] six signs, such as purification, etc.
    There is purification - mudra and mantra of perfect purity, dharmata. Increase is the mantra and mudra of the treasury of heavenly space. The transformation of faith is the mudra and mantra of Amritakundali. Initiation into practice is the mantra and mudra of the powerful Vipula. Formation of acquisition is the mantra and mudra of the meteor of primordial wisdom. The exercise of submission is a common mantra and mudra of the protector, the deity. Control is the mantra and mudra of the chakras.
    There, in the stream of thoughts, you first generate the remembrance of yourself as Mahamudra, the body of a deity and protector. When you do this, with the help of the four immeasurable ones, guide the mind towards supreme enlightenment. When you do so, ask for Refuge in the Three Jewels. Exercise mindfulness of the purpose of beings through great mercy. In offerings [merit], also make an offering for great, unsurpassed enlightenment. Also in the offering of contemplation - you make an equal offering to guests of respect, such as the Enlightened Ones, bodhisattvas, shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, etc., to guests of qualities such as Brahma, Indra, four protectors of the universe, ten protectors of directions, protectors and [protectors] with heart obligations, guests of mercy, such as living beings of the six domains, but especially to their own protector and deity, the lords of the area, gods and nagas that reside in all countries, guests of karmic creditors, such as obstacles and conditions that longevity consider, all gods and demons, that do good and harm.
    Here, first join the palms of your hands, making a void inside, and say this mantra:
    oṁ svabhāva vi śuddhaḥ sarva dharmāḥ svabhāva vi śuddho haṁ
    When you connect the palms of your hands with the void inside, interlace the tips of your fingers. When you do it like a jewel that has corners of ties, say the following mantra:
    namaḥ sarva tathāgate bhyo viśwa mukhe bhyaḥ sarva tha khaṁ udgate spharaṇa i maṁ gagana khaṁ svāhā
    When you join the palms of your hands, straighten your [fingers] outward and cross your thumbs, say the following mantra:
    oṁ amṛita kuṇḍali hana hana hūṁ phaṭ
    When the right hand is tied into a vajra fist, straighten your index finger and say the following mantra:
    namaḥ sarva tathāgata avalokite oṁ saṁbhara saṁbhara hūṁ
    When the right hand is at the heart in the form of a vajra fist, with the left, make up the vessel of the highest talent and recite the following mantra:
    oṁ jñāna avalokite samanta spharaṇa rasmi bhava samaya mahā maṇi duru duru hṛidaya jalani hūṁ
    When you connect the palms of your hands with the void inside, interlace your fingers inside and straighten your thumbs parallel. Say this mantra:
    nama samanta buddhā nāṁ grahe śvāra prabha jyoti mahā samaya svāhā
    Recite a mantra with one mudra seven times seven times.
    Also, first bless the torma as flawless and of great purity. Secondly, bless the filling of the spheres of space with five objects of the sense organs, which correspond to the special unthinkable substances of offerings and ideas of all living beings. Having carried out the increase in this way, in the third place, bless that the corresponding to the ocean of nectar and the richness of food, etc. - [appears as] the conditions of wealth, the restoration of the five poisons and the five original wisdoms. Fourthly - bless for the full realization of thoughts, appearing like rain of five objects of the senses, which correspond to the objects of the senses of living beings and offerings, which are manifested by numerous accumulations of clouds of offerings on the path of the eyes of the Noble ones, such as the immeasurable palace, etc. In particular, you also bless, so that the thoughts of all living beings and numerous types of hungry ghosts are fully fulfilled. Fifthly, you make offerings for the Noble ones, showing your own body equal to particles of earth. When you bring it up, you bless for the acquisition, which corresponds to individual ideas without conflicts and battles, without victory and defeat thanks to the blessing for the satisfaction and [benefit] of sentient beings. Sixthly, contemplate as directly appearing [in the unity] of sound and emptiness and following, due to heart obligations, various types of guests of veneration, guests of qualities, guests of mercy and guests of karmic creditors.
    The implementation [or achievement] of everything prescribed as not corresponding to the deeds that appear as the goal of living beings, is subject to the wise and the Teaching in ten directions.
    Then the offerings follow in the following lines:
    This king of the gift of flawless offerings, thanks to the blessings of perfect purity, dharmata, great and unlimited qualities of the Jewels, certain heart obligations of the heart [mantra] and mudra, the strength and possibilities of accumulation of causes, conditions and interdependence, the realization of rishis and vidyadharas, my wisdom, samadhi and prayers - good wishes - shines with rays of light of the five primordial wisdoms, possesses all the necessary wealth of the five senses, appears as a great treasure, a vast heavenly space. I offer it like a spreading and increasing cloud of offerings in your palace, teacher-guru, place of offerings!
    May all living beings be happy! May everyone also be free from harm! May the desires proclaimed by the Tathagata also become perfect! Also, let all the thoughts of all living beings be realized in accordance with the intention! Let no harm arise anywhere from eating one of the snakes! Let the indestructible arise in the form of food, drink, etc. among hungry ghosts! May through the blessing of the gift of land out of merit - the minds of all those who are filled with the suffering of hell and those who [manifest] various aspects of the unbearable be quickly pacified! May the virtuous thoughts of the gods who are on earth or in the sky, all the many nagas, yaksas, gandharvas and bhutas who are [in the world] become complete!
    Then follows the realization of the most extensive gift of the Teaching.
    All phenomena arise from a cause. The reason for this was proclaimed by the Tathagata. And the great ascetic proclaimed that this is being suppressed. Do not do anything destructive, Act with the perfection of virtue. Submit your own mind completely. This is the Teaching of the Enlightened One.
    In the same way, numerous other verses said personally, the most extensive talent is realized without dividing into spiritual and material. Likewise, through the aspects of spiritual and material gifting, two kinds of veils are cleared and two accumulations are completed. Understand this as [necessary] to achieve unsurpassed enlightenment.
    Compiled by Acharya Jayasena. Translated and verified the translator-proofreader, the monk Rinchen Zangpo.
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (O.E.Filippov).

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