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14. Arts and Crafts

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur

Arts and Crafts

Number Name Tibetan Sanskrit Location State Support

A treatise on the use of mercury

dngul chu grub pa'i bstan bcos rasa-ṣastra-siddha-nāma ngo 1a1-7a3   need
2 A concise treatise on the transformation of Gold gser 'gyur gyi bstan bcos bsdus pa rasāyana-śāstra-uddhṛti ngo 7a3-8b4   need
3 A detailed commentary on the dimension of the bodily form that is proclaimed by the perfect Enlightened One rdzogs pa'i sangs rgyas kyis gsungs pa'i sku gzugs kyi tshad kyi rnam 'grel zhes bya ba sam-buddha-bhāṣita-pratimā-lakṣaṇa-vivaraṇa-nāma ngo 8b4-11a7   need
4 Characteristics of the size of the body shape sku gzugs kyi tshad kyi mtshan nyid ces bya ba pratimā-māna-lakṣaṇa-nāma ngo 11a7-15b6   need
5 The realization of the eighty Siddhas grub thob brgyad cu'i mngon par rtogs pa - ngo 15b6-17a7   need
6 Increase the strength of the body, the destruction of all diseases, the essence of the lord of all thams cad kyi dbang phyug gi bcud len nad thams cad 'joms shing lus kyi stobs rgyas par byed pa zhes bya ba sarveśvara-rasāyana-sarva-roga-hara-śarīra-puṣṭaka-nāma ngo 17b1-18a2   need
7 Tables put together in the manufacture of incense spos kyi sbyor ba re'u char byas pa aṣṭā-padī-kṛta-dhUpa-yoga ngo 18a2-18b2   need
8 Explanations of the tables compiled together in the manufacture of incense spos kyi sbyor ba re'u char byas pa'i thabs bshad pa aṣṭā-padī-kṛta-dhUpa-yoga-vidhāna-bhāṣya ngo 18b2-20a7   need
9 Science " Detailed explanation of the great sage, Rishi Garga" thub pa chen po drang srong gar gas ltas kyi rnam pa bstan pa zhes bya ba'i gtsug lag mahā-muni-gargarṣya-kṣanimittā-kṛti-nirdeśa-nāma ngo 20b1-33b6   need
10 Arya-vyakarana. Explanation of the nature of the elements, planets-graha, constellations-nakshatras a' rya bya ka ra Na'i nang nas 'byung ba gza' dang rgyu skar gyi rang bzhin bshad pa ārya-vyākaraṇa-antarod-bhava-graha-nakṣatra-prakṛti-nirdeśa ngo 33b7-49a7   need
11 The King of tantra of perfect victory "rising sounds" g.yul las rnam par rgyal ba zhes bya ba'i rgyud kyi rgyal po dbyangs 'char ba zhes bya ba yuddha-jayārṇava-nāma-tantra-rāja-svarodaya-nāma ngo 49b1-91b7   need
12 The fruit of living conditions "The Occurrence of Harm" tshe'i gnas skabs byi 'bras bu gnod pa 'byung ba zhes bya ba'i las - ngo 92a1-92b1   need
13 Pearl gem gtsug gi nor bu zhes bya ba cura-maṇi-nāma ngo 92b2-96b7   need
14 Clarifying fetal life expectancy calculations tshe rtsis kyi 'bras bu gsal bar byed pa zhes bya ba āyur-gaṇita-phala-prakāśa-nāma ngo 96b7-97a6   need
15 The condensed essence of svarodaya dbyangs 'char ba'i don bsdus pa svarodaya-artha-saṁgraha ngo 97a6-99a1   need
16 Important fruits of the lagna of svarodaya dbyangs 'char ba'i dus sbyor gyi 'bras bu nye bar mkho ba svarodaya-lagna-phala-upadeśa ngo 99a1-99b3   need


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