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15. Ordinary treatises

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur

Ordinary treatises

Number Name Tibetan Sanskrit Location Status Support
1 Chapter on the wisdom of the "Hundred" shes rab brgya pa zhes bya ba'i rab tu byed pa prajñā-śataka-nāma-prakaraṇa ngo 99b4-103a7   need
2 The treatise of the tradition "The Staff of Wisdom" lugs kyi bstan bcos shes rab sdong bu zhes bya ba nīti-śāstra-prajñā-daṇḍa-nāma ngo 103a7-113a4   need
3 The treatise of the tradition " The drop of healing of being" lugs kyi bstan bcos skye bo gso ba'i thigs pa zhes bya ba nīti-śāstra-jantupa-uḍaṇa-bindu-nāma ngo 113a4-116b4   need
4 Treasury of Poems tshigs su bcad pa'i mdzod ces bya ba ārya-akoḍa-nāma ngo 116b5-122a3   need
5 One Hundred Stanzas tshigs su bcad pa brgya pa śata-gāthā ngo 122a3-126a6   need
6 Questions and Answers of Vimala "The Precious Garland" dri ma med pa'i dris lan rin po che'i phreng ba zhes bya ba vimala-praśna-uttara-ratna-mālā-nāma ngo 126a6-127b6   need
7 Treatise of the Chanaka Tradition tsa na ka'i lugs kyi bstan bcos cāṇakya-rāja-nīti-śāstra ngo 127b6-137b6   need
8 A Treatise of Tradition lugs kyi bstan bcos nīti-śāstra ngo 137b6-143a7   need
9 Characteristics shown by the sea rgya mtshos bstan pa'i mtshan sāmudri-kavyañjana-varṇana ngo 143b1-150b2   need
10 A concise treatise on Human Analysis

mi'i dpyad kyi bstan bcos bsdus pa tanū-vi-cāraṇa-śāstra-saMkḍepa ngo 150b2-151a5   need
11 Human characteristics " Ocean of Analysis" mi'i mtshan nyid brtag pa rgya mtsho zhes bya ba sāmudrika-nāma-tanUlak-ḍaṇa-parīkḍa ngo 151a5-153a7   need
12 The Story of Obtaining siddhi from the Lord of the Universe 'jig rten dbang phyug las grub pa thob pa'i lo rgyus - ngo 153a7-154b6   need
13 Travel talks f Chandragomin can dra go mi'i gtam rgyu - ngo 154b6-155a1   need
14 Talks about the acquisition of siddhi Avalokiteshvara by Vikhyata Deva bi khyA ta de bas thugs rje chen po'i grub pa thob pa'i gtam rgyud - ngo 155a1-155b1   need
15 Talks concerning the Attainment of Siddha by Sunipuna shin bzo bas grub pa thob pa 'i gtam rgyud - ngo 155b1-155b6   need
16 Talks about the acquisition of siddhi by a woman bud med kyis grub pa thob pa 'i gtam rgyud - ngo 155b6-156a2 Translated  
17 Talks about gaining Siddhi Sukhadeva su kha de bas grub pa thob pa 'i gtam rgyud - ngo 156a2-156a7   need
18 Compressed by Schalihotra, which forms the knowledge of the life of horses rta'i tshe'i rig byed sha li ho tras bsdus pa zhes bya ba śālihotrīya-aśva-ayur-veda-saMhitā-nāma ngo 156b1-277a1   need



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