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9. Section of the Rebirth Stories , jatakas

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur

Section of the Rebirth Stories , jatakas

Number Name Tibetan Sanskrit Location State Support
1 Garland of birth stories skyes pa'i rabs kyi rgyud jātaka-māla hu, 1b1-135a7   need
2 Extensive explanation of birth stories skyes pa'i rabs kyi rgya cher bshad pa jātaka-māla-ṭīkā hu, 135b1-340a7   need
3 Garland of Haribhatta Rebirths seng ge zhabs 'bring pa'i skyes pa rabs kyi phreng ba zhes bya ba hari-bhaṭṭa-jātaka-māla u, 1b1-197a7   need
4 Performance of " Ananda in the World" 'jig rten kun tu dga' ba'i zlos gar zhes bya ba loka-ānandanā-ṭaka-nāma u, 197b1-225a1   need
5 Performance of "Naga Ananda" klu kun tu dga' ba zhes bya ba'i zlos gar nāga-ananda-nāma-nāṭaka u, 225a2-252a7   need
6 Proclamation of Bodhisattva Realization "The Vine on the tree of Wish fulfillment" byang chub sems dpa'i rtogs pa brjod pa dpag bsam gyi 'khri shing bodhisatva-avadāna-kalpa-latā ke, 1b1-khe 329a7   need
7 The Great Poem "The Behavior of the Enlightened One" sangs rgyas kyi spyod pa zhes bya ba'i snyan ngag chen po buddha-carita-mahā-kāvya-nāma ge, 1b1-103b2   need

Notes from the teachings of Bodhisattva rebirth

byang chub sems dpa'i skyes pa'i rabs kyi chos kyi gaNDi boddhisattva-jātakasya-dharma-gaṇḍī ge, 103b2-107a1   need


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