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Library - Canonical work

Translations of comments, Tengyur (bstan 'gyur)

Tengyur (bstan 'Gyur) is one of the canonical collections of texts, which includes commentaries, hymns, and treatises compiled by Indian teachers of the past. There are several different editions of Tengyur. In this case, the work on compiling the catalog is carried out on the basis of Tengyur, Dege's edition. the catalog will gradually grow and new sections will open. Currently, the so-called. top cut by general content. In the course of the work, the number of texts and volumes will also be indicated. It should be noted right away that the Kangyur catalog may not coincide with the catalog presented to Tohoku. This may be due to the fact that when compiling a catalog on the site, the entire collection of texts is read, and the overview catalog, which is one of the volumes of this collection, is not translated.

Contents of the text collection:

Name Tibetan name Number of volumes Number of texts
Hymns bstod tshogs - -
Comments on tantras rgyud 'grel - -
Prajna Paramita sher phyin - -
Madhyamaka dbu ma - -
Comments on sutras mdo 'grel - -
Chittamatra sems tsam - -
Abhidharma mngon pa - -
Vinaya 'dul ba - -
Jatakas skyes rabs - -
Epistolary Genre spring yig - -
Pramana tshad ma - -
Grammar sgra'i mdo - -
Medicine sman - -
Arts and Crafts bzo rig - -
Ordinary treatises thun mong - -
Various texts lung - -
Catalog   - -
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