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Offering lamps to the nine planets. Calculation

Offering lamps to the nine planets. Calculation

     According to astrology, every year of our life is influenced by a particular planet. These calculations are presented in various texts on Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan astrology. Also, such records can be found in such collections as "Notes from the jade box". What can such records be useful for? To gain the protection of the planets or reduce the amount of damage that the given planets (or the spirits of the planets) do) they can hit us.
     In this short article, we will not go into the ritual part (which is very simple), but we will show how to calculate the desired number of the planet, which we will have to work with throughout the year.
     So, a few notes on what to consider when calculating:
- the age of the person for whom the calculation is made;
- the calculation is slightly different for men and women;
- the numbering of the planets can be arbitrary. But it must take into account the calculation features you use (the planets must be arranged in order);
- in the text of " Notes. Jade box " indicates the period starting from 11 years. We will use numbering from the first year of life;
- "the planets repeat themselves cyclically at regular intervals. Accordingly, there is no sacredness in determining which planet governs a particular year.


     The actual calculation is based on determining the number of nine-year cycles and the remainder of the division by 9.
     For example, take the age of 21.
     The number of complete cycles of nine years will be [21/9] = 2.
     The remainder will be 21-2*9=21-18=3.
     Then, depending on who the calculation is made for, the following sequences are used.
     For men, the order is as follows: 0-Jupiter; 1-Rahu; 2-Saturn; 3-Mercury; 4-Venus; 5-Sun; 6-Mars; 7-Ketu; 8-Moon.
     For women: 0-Mercury; 1-Ketu; 2-Mars; 3-Jupiter; 4-Moon; 5-Saturn; 6-Rahu; 7-Sun; 8-Venus.
     Having determined which of the planets is currently the most relevant for us in terms of managing the age period, we can proceed to the actual ritual actions. These can also be lamp offerings from the collection "Notes from the Jade Box". These may be offerings taken from Grahamatrika texts. Your calculations can be compared with the table compiled on the basis of the translation of the collection "Notes. The jade box."

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