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31. The noble Prajna paramita. Sutra Of The Great Vehicle "Vajraketu"

Library - Kangyur - Prajna-paramita


The noble Prajna paramita. Sutra Of The Great Vehicle "Vajraketu"

     I bow before all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!

     So I heard once.
     The blessed one was in Rajagriha surrounded by the [good Assembly, Sangha]. At this time, the bodhisattva Vajraketu was also there, and when he got up, he said to the Blessed One:
     Blessed one! Possession of what teaching is the Perfection of Wisdom?
     The Blessed one replied:
    Vajraketu! The teaching in which one resides has four qualities. What are the four? They are as follows: all phenomena appear as empty; all components are impermanent; [all phenomena must] be conceived as [having the characteristic of] suffering; [Nirvana appears as] naturally having freedom from all speculations. Contemplate all this without object and without concept. If you additionally possess the four qualities of teaching, then [there is] a reason for the development of wisdom. What are these four? They are. First, the individual must follow the mentor who preaches the Teaching. The second is to listen to the Holy Teaching from him. The third is to reflect and delve into the meaning. The fourth - in accordance with the characteristics of others, to arouse [their] interest in the Teaching. These are the reasons for the birth of wisdom.
     Son of a [noble] family! In addition, Bodhisattvas must understand the following: all phenomena, by virtue of their perfect purity, are empty by their own nature, without substance, do not exist in fact, without characteristics, are not confused or free, do not appear by nature as the absence of light and the absence of darkness. So Bodhisattvas should be trained in the Perfection of Wisdom. One must learn in the Perfection of Wisdom that all phenomena are not born and do not reside [anywhere].
     The Blessed one said:
     Contemplate essence as non-existent. Believe in the reason for the birth of wisdom and learn in the essence of wisdom, which is free from all designations.
     The Blessed one said so. Vajraketu bodhisattva and others, the whole world, together with the gods, men, Asuras, and Gandharvas, rejoiced and praised what the Blessed ones had said.
     Thus ends the noble Perfection of Wisdom, the Sutra "Vajraketu".
     Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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