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Oral instructions on the six teachings


Oral instructions on the six Teachings

     Praise the glorious Chakrasamvara!

     On the basis of liberties and gains, cause, fruit, and deed -
     The heart of yoga meaning is found.
     Accumulation of channels of the yogin's body -
     has subtle and coarse winds-energies.
     Through to Yantra yoga and methods that subdue them,
     (Work with) the breath, using breaths, retention, and pressure-compression.
     And the subtlest flame of Chandali that is in the navel,
     It will spread through the left and right channels,
     The Central channel-avadhuti and the four wheels-chakras.
     From the syllable ham, a stream of nectar descends and (generates) the four Pleasure,
     (what are) four fruits, such as the corresponding fruit and others.
     Increase this through the six types of Yantra yoga.

     These are the oral teachings of Caryapa.

     Vessel and contents, all three spheres of the universe –
     (Shown) using examples such as illusion, dream, and so on.
     And they are completely cleared on the way when you walk, stand, or act.
     The Assembly of deities is illusory as a bodily form (reflected) in a mirror.
     Vajrasattva is depicted as a good (deity).
     And its manifestation is also like the reflection of the bodily form in a mirror.
     Its essence is like an illusory bodily form,
     Perceived as twelve examples of illusion.
     The yogi must see the illusory essence.

     These are the oral instructions of Nagarjuna.

     Comprehend the dream and the essence of the dream.
     Daily meditate on the deep essence.
     Focusing on the seed of the five families,
     Such as channels, entity drops, and so on,
     You will look at the enlightened One and his pure country.
     This is the method of attaining great bliss during sleep.

     These are the oral instructions of Lavapa.

     This is the yoga of the Central channel.
     The mind must reside in the Central channel, avadhuti.
     Since the mind relies on the heart drop, the essence, then the mind is not the heart drop.
     Manifestations of light, rays of light, rainbows,
     Colorless, sunlight, moonlight,
     Like the rising of the sun or the moon,
     Bodily forms deities and other things –
     All this diversity turns into a clean country.
     This is the great path of the yogi.

     These are the oral instructions of Nagarjuna.

     The yoga of the time of death is this.
     At this time, the senses and primary elements come together.
     All the energy-the wind of the sun and the moon (channels) are combined in the heart.
     The yogi should manifest (at this moment) various deep concentrations.
     If ordinary consciousness will be directed to external objects, then
     There will be various (visions) that are similar to dream objects.
     They will appear after death for forty-nine days.
     Then you will be born again.
     At this time, practice the yoga of the deity.
     Also rest in the nature of the ultimate reality (the nature of the mind).
     Later, when you go to a new birth,
     Through the yoga of the deity, the mighty Lord,
     One should meditate in the yoga of the deity, the revealed world,
     Thus, you will cross the intermediate state.

     These are the oral instructions of Sukhasiddhi.

     Then follows the time of transfer of the yogin's consciousness.
     Through the seed and deity transfer of consciousness to a dead body
     One should practice the (yoga) of the deity when
     You move or stand, (imagining it) small or large.
     And when you transfer (consciousness), you should enter the city of everything you want.
     The deity, being the size shown above, will become a thousand times larger.
     When manifested, relate to the heart of the teacher, the deity, and the syllables Hik, Hu, and Hum.
     Thus you will appear in the desired place.

     These are the oral instructions of Sukhasiddhi.

     Thus ends the yoga of realization, compiled personally by the powerful Tillipa.

     The coach of the Indian sage Naropa and Marpa Lhodragpa Chokyi Lodro have translated it, being on the mountain Bushta, located in Kashmir.


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