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Rituals and questions

    You can order some rituals and divination from us, as well as ask questions about practices, philosophy, etc.. It is possible to perform various ritual actions, the list of which will be updated. Some rituals are performed once a week, because they are long in time, some can be performed in a few minutes after the request or during the day. All requests should be sent via Contacts. Offerings are free. However, please note that some rituals involve certain preparations. Accordingly, costs may be incurred. Everything can be discussed when ordering a particular ritual or divination by contacting the administrator or performer of the ritual.
     If you order rituals, you can consult on what action may be more favorable or successful for execution. Offerings for rituals will be accepted with gratitude.

  Of the person to whom you can turn to for performance of ritual actions:

- Eduard Oorzhak (Lama Tsultrim Gyaltsen)
- Oleg Filippov (Lama Karma Paljor)

 A brief list of rituals:

- Divination-mo
- Green Tara ritual
- Shitro (practice of peaceful and angry deities for the dead)
- Phowa (the practice of transference of consciousness, for the dead)
- Tshegug. The ritual of pulling the life force
- Yangug. The ritual of attracting wealth
- Tshedrub. Longevity practice
- Dogpa. the practice of discarding negative magical influences and obstacles
- Ozer Chenma. Practice for a favorable flow of cases
- Lutor. Offering Torma to the Nagas
- Luzung. Reciting the Dharani of peace-giving Nagas (with an offering)
- Serchem or the offering of the Golden beverage
- Jinseg or burning of the gifts
- Rabne. The consecration or blessing

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