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Jonang. Naro-khechchari teachings. Special stage of completion of dakini practice

Naro-khechari teachings

Special stage of completion of the practice of dakini

    Praise to the Teacher!
    In the special and deep cycle of Naro's Teachings on the practice of the dakini, there is the stage of generation and practice of the dakini Varahi, the stage of completion and the central channel, the conditions of the path and the description of the mirror of predictions, the practice of yakshini, the (alchemical) nectar of the great medicine, and so on. But a short summary of everything is this practical guide to the special practice of completing Mother Vajrayogini.
    The preliminary practices of leadership correspond to the usual ones - coming to Refuge, generating a (enlightened) attitude, one hundred syllables (Vajrasattva mantras) and a mandala. In the practice itself, there are two points from the manual: meditation through the methods of the highest reality and meditation on the highest reality itself.

1. Meditation through the methods of higher reality

    There are three (points) here: the usual preliminary praises, the main body and the additions.

1.1. The usual preliminary praises

    If you meditate on these completion stages with the object for meditation and recitation (mantra) of Vajrayogini, then you should embrace everything. And even if you do not practice meditation and repetition (mantras), then practice only the completion stage. (First) a short or extensive coming to Refuge and the generation of an (enlightened) attitude should be carried out, which correspond to the usual.


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