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Rigdzin Sogdrub. Tsalung. Winds and channels



    With faith, I bow before Vajravarahi that the inseparable from teacher, who directly demonstrates the Dharmakaya in the form of my mind! Having received the power of love, I strive to write a deep and secret fast path!

    Here are the records regarding the yoga of channels and winds from the deep teachings of the heart practice of the Vidyadhara.
    First are the control of channels.
    Raising the knees of your bent legs, put your hands on them. Wipe everything down to your head. Then from the heels up with force on the inhale, hold (hands) and throw (forward). Repeat three times.
    Being tense, pat your hands and lower them down (with force), connecting. Repeat three times. Connect your fingers and forcefully massage your palms, eyes, and head. Jump three times. With your joined hands, massage three times from the front and back. Do three times in the opposite version and make the descent of the breath (beb).
    Second. Cleansing the body. Joining the elbows of the hands, with effort massage the armpits three times.
    Massage with the strength of the palms of the hands and eyes with the head. Jump three times.
    Joining hands, massage three times in front, behind.
    Then, placing your thumbs on your feet, massage three times on the left and right three times. In both cases, starting with the depressions under the knees, make an ejection and three times the descent of the breath. 
    The main practice.
    First. Six unions.
    In the state of sambhogakaya, there is a secret stopping of the path of the Sun and Moon. Brush in the threatening (mudra) put on your knees face up. Spend three times with force on the right, left and middle, performing the descent of the breath (beb).
    For rotation with four limbs, etc., put both hands on top of your knees. Turn your shoulders, head, and knees together three times to the right and left. As for the straightened body, the lower part of the body should be rotated three times to the right and left. Similarly, rotate the upper body three times. With your hands, tap twice three times on the shoulders. As for the crossed legs, press the base of the thighs with both hands. Bend your right leg and bend it three times, touching your head. Do the same with your left leg. When you get up, swing your legs back and forth three times. Perform the descent of the breath (beb).
    The third. The fox's laughter. Massage your legs and head three times with your hands on the right, left and middle. Perform the descent of the breath.
    Fourth. The position of a spiritual hero. With two hands, grabbing the lower parts of the legs, you should lift them three times. And holding with your hands, you should perform the descent of the breath (beb), saying hab-hab.
    Fifth.  The pose of a powerful lion.
    Then lower both hands down with force and bend your neck over your hands. When the original purity appears, place both feet on top of each other (in the lotus position). Both hands are joined at the top of the legs. Perform three times on the right, left and center. Then, along with bouncing, three times stroke the palms of your feet, leaning down. Having fulfilled, make the breath descend (beb). Having done so, hold your breath, Hold it so that (in the central channel) the winds enter.
    Sixth. Breathing is like a cat's belly.
    When you get up, you should grab your big toes with two thumbs pointing down. Having done so to the right, to the left, and in the middle, perform the great descent of the breath (beb) three times. Hold the winds together.
    Seventh. A bound turtle.
    When you get up, put your hands on the tips of your legs, your left hand on your right, and vice versa. While holding your big toes, bend three times to the right, left, and center. Perform the great descent of the breath (beb) three times. So you will link the movement yourself.
    Eighth. Hum breathing with the sound of metal.
    Connecting the legs (feet), hold. Say Hum three times, turning right, left, and center. Bending like a bow, make a great descent of breath (beb) three times. So you will bring the wind into a natural state of mind.
    The ninth. The lion's game.
    Placing your feet in the vajra position, press your index fingers over your eyes. Place your middle fingers on your nose. Ring finger and little finger — on the mouth. Place your thumbs on your ears, closing them. Turn three times to the left and right. Say Ha and perform the descent of the breath. Perform the middle descent of the breath (beb) three times and say A.
    Tenth. The descent of the breath.
    To make a great descent of breath, one should hold two winds. To do this, perform the small binding of the breath ten times at your level. Perform the descent of the breath with the syllable A and the breath So. Additionally, squeeze down and place your hands in a balanced position. Send your consciousness with the syllable A to the heavenly space.
    The eleventh. Vajra wave.
    Mainly fulfill a three-fold descent of breathing and squeezing.
    Twelfth. Control of the Sun and Moon sphere. Eyes-half-closed. The upper wind is balanced in the heart. To empty, perform the descent of the breath three times. Raise your tongue to the upper palate.
    The thirteenth. A young of female yak.
    Legs crossed. With your hands lying on top, massage with your thumbs. Do it left, right, and center. Tap your stomach with your crossed hands on each side. Run your hands from the shoulders to the armpits three times. Cross your arms three times in front and behind. Stretching out your legs, draw on the right, left and both three times. Put your head on top of the joined legs and arms. With your hands on the tips of your legs, turn them around, bending them again. Stretch and bend both legs three times. 
    Then the knees of the legs are pulled up to the level of the hands three times on the left, right and center, making a Ba sound. Then relax, shaking three times, hands and feet. Then, jumping up with your hands, connect them, extending and bending each leg with the sounds of king-king. Three times with the descent of the breath, perform bounces. The above is taken from old examples of the practice of "rhinos".
    Zeal in this way will subdue the winds, channels and drops during the day. Having subdued, you will completely increase the mandala of abilities. Ignorance ,the duality of the perceiver and the perceived, and all accumulations of darkness will be destroyed. The winds of the body will reside in the channel. Through this, the lotus garden of the four manifestations will be fully revealed by virtue of inherent wisdom. Then let your being be subdued and you will remain in an eternally young body!
    In an extensive version perform the yoga of the heart of clear light, the immeasurable clear light as the essence of the Seal, for of submission — the sprout of the mind of great bliss and the yoga of perfect vajra stanzas. By doing so, you will dissolve everything subtle in the vision.
    On the basis of this flow of sayings shown above and these profound teachings of my teacher, you will be able to subdue the mind and the wind and become knowledgeable in this. The sage who is powerful in the unparalleled speech of the kindest instructions of the master of practice has described the supreme reality. Accordingly, the belief in the secret mantra has become useful for those who have a small mind like mine. And living beings who reside as servants in the palace that unites all the Sugatas and profound texts as the great scriptures of the secret mantra practices. Make good that stems from recorded Ngatsun Ngagwang will be shown a profound way. May it spread in all directions and become a cause of purification for those who move in the three realms of being!
    May it be good!
    Sarva mangalam.
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (Filippov O. E.).

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