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7.6 the Sixth cycle. Cycle of multicolored metal tiger

7.6 the Sixth cycle. Cycle of multicolored metal tiger

     Sixth. For men - "Cycle of a multi-colored metal tiger". Starting from the enemy's Tiger to the calculated element, the conflict is shown when [counting] up and down. Five began calculating: split or no arrow Sog; disappear or not three rounds tiger skin; or not be cheated by the teeth and the pommel of the sword; freed or not from the horse geiling; depleting or not the strengthening of heroes.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, then the hero's longevity incense will be stable, since the arrow of Sog will not split. You will be decorated with a pattern like a tiger. If you are black, you will die if you go to war. Since you and your brothers are surrounded by weapons, you can redeem the Sog, repeat nyeu. Avert the knife blades.
     If the white stone of Lu, then the line of men will increase. Since you can't get rid of three cycles-circles on your belt, it will be like decorating your body with parts of a tiger. If black, then the man will have both prosperity and decline. Since you will be damaged by arrows and a quiver of leopard and tiger skin, then install the chakra that holds the root of the human bloodline.
     If the white stone of Wang, then the male part of the genus will increase. There will be fame spread because of sons and flocks, for there will be no decline because of conversations at the top of the sword. If you are black, you will lose control of the wealth Treasury. There will be great desolation in everything, be it gold, turquoise, food, or jewelry. Make offerings to the male deity, increase success.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then there will be happiness in the country and time. Be bound by the sons of the occupation of the father, as you will not be free from horses gieling. If black, there will be controversy over scandals. You will die wandering in what is made by the human race. Perform service, restore good fortune, and subdue enemies and demons of si.
     If the white stone of Mewa, the family line will increase. You will stick to the beginning of the line of emptiness from enemies, because the trenches of heroes will not be emptied. If black, it will be devastated by the shining energy of the hero. You will shake in the middle of great speech sounds. Repress your enemies, repel your enemies, and ask for initiation.

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