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History of the Tertons. Part One

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodre Thae

A brief description of the history of the appearance of deep treasures and tertons that found realization

Necklace of Precious Lapis Lazuli

     Praise be to the teacher, the enlightened Padmakarapada!
     You have gathered together all the qualities and activities of the three mysteries of the Lords of the Ten Powers and the Sons! You have kindness towards the beings of the [time] of decadence, surpassing all the Enlightened Ones! Revealed the honey of complete liberation of Samye as the realm of the ten directions and the four times! With unbreakable faith, I prostrate myself at the feet of Padmasambhava, who embodies all Jewels!

     The sphere of manifestation of the paramita of wisdom and Great Bliss, which holds the secret treasury of the master's equal thoughts and essence! You have the kindness as the only mother who protects the Tibetan people! I respectfully [praise] the heart flower-Tsogyal, the lady of space!
     Good protector, king of Learning, and Trisong Deutsen, father and son! The only eye of the world-Vairochana Translator and others! The highest of the realized [masters] and mentors who followed Padmasambhava! I praise with faith the unsurpassed defenders of the Teaching!
     By the power of the prayer of benevolence, you manifest innumerable manifestations in the Land of Snow, guard the treasuries, and support the Teaching! I bow to the tertens who came [earlier], who appeared as Kyobpei Pungnyen, Nyangral Chhewang and others!
     Since they all revealed the Teachings that came to spread, and held the teachings with a deep faith in the miraculous and the hidden - respectively proclaimed as the protectors of beings that manifest a variety of acts-activities, leading to the completion of two goals. And in order to spread with faith, even if it is not excellent, the speech that is presented by the son of the mother of an ordinary person as a vast completion and explanation of all the lives of the noble ones, should be explained in a small number of words.
     Although it is impossible for an ordinary person to measure everything in the manifestation of the vast primordial wisdom that transcends thoughts and expressions, and the innermost, which is a departure from the extremes of singleness and multiplicity, yet [it is] necessary to proclaim without speculation that which will bring the beginning of faith.
     As soon as in this land, the Land of Snow, the sages and the revealed interpreters, as well as the Mentor, Teacher and [the Lord], were united] The teachings that follow the instructions of the sage - the teachings of the Enlightened One, which is like the sun, were revealed. It was Nyingma, the early translations.
     Then the basis for the thoughts and comments of the three cycles of the chariot of characteristics Teaching was revealed through translations, explanations, storage, and listening. It is acceptable to believe that the oral instructions, essential explanations, and tantras of the three outer sections originated in the period of early translations. But as explained in relation to that period, the inner tantras of the Vajra chariot of the secret mantra were combined into three great transmissions of the Teaching: Kama as the long transmission in the tradition of early translations; terma as the short transmission line; and the deep teachings of pure vision.
     The first of them presents three sections of yoga. In terms of how their essence came to Tibet, being represented by the innumerable stages of oral instruction and tantra texts in each class, the Great Perfection or ati Yoga was represented by the seventeen tantras in the oral Instruction section, the most intimate of all the classes in the three sections. [It was also revealed] a cycle of ordinary and special [instructions] as the heart of the oral instructions of the tantras of the essential section (chiti) and the most essential [yangti]. They all came from the instructions of the three masters - Master Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, and Vairochana. Among them, the secret cycles of Vimalamitra emerged from the ordinary treasuries and the lineage of teaching.
     The oral instructions of the inner tantras of the division of space, given by the great translator Vairochana as the practice of the thoughts of the master Sri Simha [to his disciple] Pang Mipham Genpo-appeared in the form of a cycle of instructions of the Vajra Bridge of the oral transmission line. The line of transmission as founded from Vairochana and Yudra Nyingpo is the oral instructions of the eighteen later translations of the tantras of the outer section of the mind.
     All these teachings are contained in the lines of transmission of the three directions known as the Nyang tradition, the Aro tradition, and the Kham tradition. Immeasurable in number, they lead to the transformation of the skandhas into the body of light and have six liberations. Translations of everything represent the essence of all instructions and Teachings, which directly demonstrates everything clear and profound that arose from there. Among them, the transmission line of the omniscient Longchenpa, as the main transmission line of these practices, extends up to our time through the power of compassion.
     The oral instructions of the sutra of Knowledge-the knowledge that unites all the other texts of the anu-yoga section, together with the additions from Tshogchen Dyupa, are not suppressed until now, being passed on to the students. They were received by Nyuchen Sangye Rinpochhe from the four teachers of India, Nepal, and the place of Drusha [as instructions leading] to maturation and liberation.
     The Guhya-garbha Magical illusion as the root of all the eighteen maha yoga tantras, together with the additions, instructions and explanations of the root tantra, instructions for maturation and liberation, are transmitted in the lineage from the teacher Sangye Sangwa, the great sage Vimalamitra and the translators Ma and Nyag. The explanations of this tantra are widely disseminated with the practice of maturation and liberation.
     The Yangdag [Heruka] bestowed by Master Humkara for Namkhei Nyingpo of Nuba, the Kilaya bestowed by Guru Rinpoche for individual students, and the cycle of destruction from the Nubchen lineage-manifest themselves endlessly in the precepts of oral instruction, teachings, and tantra practice section with characteristics. And without stopping, they lead to the acquisition of the implementation and maintenance of the transmission line of individual teachings.
     The primary Teachings of the general and special Vajra Chariot were manifested from Ma down to Nyag, being revealed by an unceasing stream from So and Zur, the king of the mantra holder and the holder of the lineage of transmission known as the instructions from Nuba.
     Even though widely distributed, they spread in small lines later as a stream following from past times. And if you approach the dissolution in the sphere of higher reality in ordinary practices with the help of a stream of explanations, then they are constantly in the flow due to the energy of compassion and the creation of the mood of the great terten Gyurme Dorje. Being there, they are perceived with a certain effort. And are marked by the ubiquity of the tradition of guhya-garbha explanations of the magical network, which reveals the flow of offerings and special practices and is re-established in the numerous features of aspects and records of mandalas and practices. Being stored in the general Kama Nyingma, special sutras, instructions of the magic network-thanks to kindness, they arise and are collected by the Tshendrogpa as instructions in the religious school of old translations.
     Through my stream of instructions and explanations about maturation and liberation, what emerges from there is presented as a Teaching from instructions and training with diligence-I briefly describe the essence of what I have encountered here, making it clear to others in a vast way.
     Now it is necessary to describe briefly the history associated with the teachings of the deep terma, showing the essence. There are three points here: the argumentation and reliability of the texts; the method of receiving the Teachings of the students from the teacher; the biographies of the relevant persons.

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