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History of the Tertons. Part two. Justification

First. Argumentation and reliability of texts

     In the sutra of the Naga king's questions, it is said:"The great treasury of the indestructible bodies of the three Jewels is inexhaustible, the great treasury of the boundless great understanding of the Teaching is inexhaustible, the great treasury that satisfies living beings is inexhaustible, the great treasury that is equal to the heavenly space is inexhaustible, the great treasury that is represented by these four is inexhaustible." So it is said about the own nature or essence of the treasury.

     The sutra of deep concentration on the visibly Enlightened present says: " This deep concentration will be practiced for four thousand years after my perfect nirvana. It will be distributed. After that, it will go underground. Also, the subsequent periods [after reaching nirvana] of five hundred years [each Teaching] will come to an end. The teaching will be destroyed. Virtue will be destroyed. The Holy Teaching will be discarded. Living beings will be afraid. The realms will conflict. The time will come for a low type of behavior. The time will come for unacceptable behavior to spread. The time will come for lowly teaching. The time will come to spread the teaching that is not holy. When the time of disappearance comes, the root of virtue will be kindled for the sake of acquiring all that corresponds to the sutras by the living entities. They will act as the Victorious Ones of the past. The root of virtue will be born. The root of virtue will ripen. There will be few living beings that are marked with such a sign. And for the sake of such living beings, by the power of the Enlightened One, this deep concentration will come from the depths of the earth and come to Jambudvipa. It will spread, " etc.
     It is also said: " Later I will attain [the state of] nirvana. All bodily remains will be distributed. Because of this, they will adhere to the good as the enlightenment of the Buddha. Even if placed in a lamp in the form of records, the sutra scriptures will be kept in the hands of the nagas, the gods, mountains, caves, stupas. Then, because of the corresponding practice-the asceticism of the deity-all the varieties [of teachings] will be extracted and re-manifested in later times. And again they will adhere to the good as this enlightenment of the Buddha. Everything will be carried out in accordance with the intentions." Thus, the locations of the treasuries are amulets, the teachings of the treasuries, the vessels of the treasuries, stupas, and so on. Being in the hands of the gods and nagas, the treasuries are guarded. Appearing in various forms-a treasure trove that adheres to enlightenment and Buddha is demonstrated. "According to intent" means a way of manifesting for the benefit of beings. Accordingly, they contain all spiritual merit.
     In the sutra of deep concentration it is said: "Uncontaminated, majestic, the treasures of Learning are placed in trees, mountain stones and mountains for bodhisattvas who are hungry for learning. If you act with the volumes of the teaching on the basis of the teaching and the dharani, everything comes into your hands.". So it is said about the location of the treasuries, the teachings of the treasuries, and the necessary persons that are shown as good.
     Regarding the complete perfection of thoughts, it is said: "Even if there is no Enlightened One, the Teaching will arise from the heavenly space, the wall or the trees." So it is shown to the heavenly space and so on.
     In addition, many known and unknown sutras and tantras provide indications of the authenticity, nature, and necessary enumerations. As for all this, two of them are known everywhere in Tibet. And on the basis of them and relying on the essence and non-fabrication as something new - all the teachings of the three bodies of the Teacher are manifested from the oral transmission, the transmission of the symbol and the transmission of thoughts-the mind. Therefore, everyone does not give up the treasure troves. Even the instructions of a powerful sage in a manifest body, which is both ordinary and supreme, manifest as gradually gaining instructions. After this, the nagas come to the various places where the gods reside, in the form of ordinary assemblies, which were mainly the Great Chariot and do not manifest [to others]. The tantra scriptures are collected by Vajradhara and the celestial deities-dakinis and are buried in a vast place in Uddiyana such as Dhanakosha Lake and others.
     When approaching such places in later times, the chittamatra teachers received from the bodhisattvas of Nirvirana-nishkambin and others the scriptures of the Great Chariot. The noble Nagarjuna from the land of the Nagas brought the Hundred-thousandth Prajna Paramita, etc. The great siddhis Saraha, Hayagriva, Padmasambhava, Luyipa, Chilupa, and others-successively coming to the attainment of the highest real achievements, brought the main tantras Guhyasamaja, Hevajra, Kalachakra, and others. And since they were only deep treasures, they are special to India and Tibet. And they should be understood as having a single essence in all the gates that open to persons of later times.
     Regarding the necessity of hiding in the treasury, the Dharmasamgiti Sutra says: " Ananda! In order for the Teaching to last for a long time, write down the list of Dharmas in the book. If you present it as a hidden treasure, you will gain all ten of them completely. What ten? Through the acquisition of the Enlightened One, the treasury of the vision of utterances; through the acquisition of the hearing of gods and men , the treasury of the hearing of the Teaching; through the acquisition of the Sangha of the non-returning , the treasury of the vision of the Sangha; through the acquisition of precious goodness , the treasury of perfect enjoyment where desolation is not comprehended; you will attain complete perfection in signs and markings as a treasury of bodily form; by serving people , a treasury of service; by gaining wisdom , a treasury of remembrance; by cutting off disputes with enemies , a treasury of fearlessness; by helping living beings, a treasury of spiritual merit."
     The text of the terma of the Lord of the Ratna Lingpa Teachings says: "Because of the importance and ease [in performance] for most Tibetans and the heartfelt love for beings in times of decline, the heart of the absolute level, which is the deepest, abides, being extracted from the treasury of all extremes and the middle. Perform prayers of benevolence in order to meet a son who has good luck. In future times, understanding will become commonplace. Practitioners of great meditations and so on will have pride, a predilection for particulars. And even when they argue about treasuries and show pride, they follow through the ordinary treasury to the realization of the Teachings of the times of decline. Since the deep is completely unpolluted, it will spread to the edges. A variety of instructions will liberate individuals. Therefore, one should have purity, be aware of actions, and have a [corresponding] destiny. If you remember death, you will practice the teachings of the treasury. Those who did not find liberation in one lifetime and came later, all who have faith in the treasures of the time of decline - must fulfill prayers-wishes to see the face of the master. They should be happy to meditate because of the benefit of having a corresponding destiny. These stanzas of mine are a rare gem, being precious." Accordingly, an infinite number of statements from other treasures are shown.
     Drop the argument about it. Implement the acceptable. Spread the necessary good and benefit. This will correspond to the great source of the Ratna Lingpa treasury, the great terton.

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