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43 Sutra of the Chandra

Library - Kangyur - Paritta


Sutra of the Chandra

    With faith I praise the Three Noble Jewels!
    Thus I heard once.
    The Blessed one was residing in the garden of Anathapindada in the Jethavana grove of Shravasti. Then, at that time, Chandra, son of the god, was seized by Rahula, lord of the asuras. After that, Chandra, son of the god, remembered the Blessed One and pleaded with the following verses:
    I bow before the Enlightened One, the hero!
    [You are] quick to deliver all!
    So I come to you for protection,
    because I have fallen into the jaws!
    Then the Blessed One, for the sake of Chandra, son of the god, said the following verses to Rahula, lord of the asuras:
    Since the Enlightened One loves the universe,
    Chandra has come under the protection of the arhat, the Tathagata!
    Therefore let Chandra go, Rahula!
    Then Rahula, lord of the asuras, released Chandra, son of the god. When he did so, and everything was as before, the Asur lord Bimlachihra came up to him. When he approached, his mind was not happy, and his hair was up in sorrow. He stood before him.
    And standing before him, said the following verses Lord of the asuras Bimlachihra to Rahula, lord of the asuras:
    Why are you afraid?
    You, Rahula, hast let go of Chandra, whose
    The sight of his body is bad everywhere!
    Why, being afraid, hast thou come to that?
    Rahula said:
    If having heard the verses of the Enlightened One,
    I did not let go of the Chandra,
    my head would be in seven pieces,
    there would be no happiness in life!
    This is how the Sutra of Chandra concludes.

    In the presence of the great sage Anandashri, a translator who has heard many things, bhikshu Shakya Nyima Gyaltshen Palzangpo translated and corrected what was said in two languages at the great temple of Paltharpa Ling.
    May the Sun and the Moon be above the earth accordingly.
    Translated by lama Karma Paljor (O. Filippov).


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