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24. The mother of all Tathagatas, the Perfection of Wisdom. A single syllable.

Library - Kangyur - Prajna-paramita


The mother of all Tathagatas, the Perfection of Wisdom. A single syllable.

    I bow before the Great Mother, the Perfection of Wisdom!
    Thus I heard once.
    The Blessed One was on Mount Grithakuta in Rajagrha with a great blissful Assembly of twelve hundred and fifty monks and a great multitude of bodhisattvas. At that time the Blessed One said to the Venerable Ananda:
    Ananda! For the benefit and good of living beings keep [in your memory] this Perfection of Wisdom called "One Letter"! It is as follows:


    The Blessed One said thus. Venerable Ananda, all the monks and bodhisattva-mahasattvas realized the Perfection of Wisdom and rejoiced. Then they praised what the Blessed One had said.
    Thus concludes the Mother of all Tathagatas, the Perfection of Wisdom called "One Letter."
    Translated by Karma Paljor Lama (O. Filippov).

Translator's Note. This syllable in Sanskrit is used to indicate negation. It can be translated as "NOT."

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