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10. General statement of the perfect

General statement of the perfect

    I bow before the Blessed One, the perfect sphere of great bliss!

    The enlightened mind is universally good. Because there is no separation between self and other, there are no changeable dharmas in the naturally perfect nature and there is no birth and death. Because of purity, the great nectar of immortality that shines invariably like gold is entangled with virtue and pernicious [deeds]. Therefore that which is entangled should be set free.
    Although ignorance corresponding to such follows meaningless words, the duality aspects of virtue and perception of the pernicious are perceived. Therefore, one should move by turning away from it [and abiding] without concentration.

    Because of purity, there is no pure sun. Because of darkness, there is no darkest night. In the drop-essence that shines with tranquility, there are no sublime deities. As one abides in the vastness [of space] without boundaries, there is unity in all things. In the essence that is like heavenly space, there are no enlightened or living beings. There is no guidance-consciousness, no Enlightened One, no decrease and no increase.
    Since the drop-essence of the three times is bliss, there is no benefit or harm to anyone. In the heart-essence of perfect purity, everything is spontaneously and directly realized.
    Since one surpasses method and wisdom in the absence of manifestation and change, there is no path or enlightenment. Thus arises the heart-essence of absence.
    Even the thoughts and deeds that speak of the essence that is manifesting happily give rise to the flower of practice that corresponds to everything by virtue of possessing a countenance that corresponds to the essence. Even this authentic text resounds in the realm of one's own awareness-guidance. Desiring [to acquire it], one should not spread to all, keeping in mind the realm of the mind.
    This concludes the general statement of the perfect.
    Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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